Known By Heart: an update

Wow, lots has happened since we launched Known By Heart 18 days ago, and I wanted to give an update since, well… it’s all good stuff.


We got the shirts. All 840 of them and I love, love, love them. We traveled to Atlanta for the press check, just to be sure I’d love them as much in person as I did virtually and, in an answer to huge prayers, they turned out even sweeter than I’d envisioned.

Oh my goodness, I can hardly stand it.


Not only do I have the shirts in my happy little hands, but I have – with the help of many small hands – managed to pack up and ship out every single one of the 551 shirts that have been spoken for so far, each with a little note from one of my babies. (Which is great news if you’re one of the 268 folks waiting on a package… it’s on the way, sweet friend <3)

And we still have lots of shirts that are ready to go, just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you want to join us in this effort to bring our sweet Magnolia home, we’d love to have you.


And, because easy is good, we’ve made it as simple as possible to participate.

1. Complete the short form here with your name, donation amount, mailing address and color and size shirt(s) you’d like. It even has sizing charts included to make it as easy as possible. Because easy = good.

2. Then go over to our You Caring page to make your donation.

3. And then share, tweet, and text to help us spread the word about this seriously fun fundraiser. (This one is optional, of course.)


So far we’ve raised over $12,000. $12,190, to be exact y’all.

Amazing and wonderful and beautiful. Each and every donation is such a blessing to us in this journey.


Praying y’all love your Known By Heart shirt – and that it is a tangible reminded of His perfect love and intimate knowledge of you. If you’re on FB or IG, it would make me smile so big if you’d take a selfie (or your littles) in your Known By Heart and tag it #bringMagnoliahome. I’d so love to see the sweet faces of the precious people who are helping us bring our girl home.


Known By Heart

Y’all are the best. So much excitement as we grow by one – so thankful for the sweet messages and emails I’ve received, sharing in our excitement as we step out to bring Magnolia home!

Soooo, I mentioned that there would be another way to link arms with us as we bring Magnolia home and well… here it is.

We so hope you will join us on this God-sized adventure. Pray with us, on behalf of our girl. Partner with us and play a part in funding the (crazy!) expense of adoption. We also hope you’ll share. Tell your friends. Share this post on FB. Donate for another t-shirt to give to a friend or loved one. These shirts are beautiful. Super-soft. And proudly declare God’s word to a watching world.

We have created a shirt just for this effort. As a way to represent this journey to bring our sweet Magnolia home and reflect how she is already Known By Heart by the One who created her. Also, we hope to use it as a way to express our deep gratitude to those who step out to partner with us in prayer and support. We hope it will remind you, every time you wear it, that you are intimately known and perfectly loved. Known By Heart references 1 Samuel 16:7 on the back: “For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

We just finalized the design today. And honestly, I just can’t wait one more day to share.

Meet Known By Heart.


We have been so crazy blessed by each and every one of you who has walked alongside our family over the years. And when we stepped out to bring home Clementine, y’all overwhelmed us with love, support and prayers that carried us all the way to China and home again.

And now, here we go again. Just as anxious as we were the first time, and still having no idea what the Lord might do, but trying to be faithful to do what we can do. And this time, to make it even more fun, we’ve partnered with Morning Star Foundation to donate 20% of the proceeds from this fundraiser to their amazing program that loves on and cares for the neediest of broken-hearted babies in China. So your donation will be doing double-duty for good things.

Okay, so now for the nitty-gritty on the shirts. When we fundraised for Clementine, I had the shirts in my hands before I shared. This time I’m giving y’all a chance to get the shirts you want in time for some fun Valentine’s Day gift-giving. These would make such a sweet gift, don’t you think? I know my kiddos had such fun getting a gift that blessed an adopting family at Christmas… a truly tender way to help our kiddos process adoption and experience the joy in loving others.

The Known By Heart design will be on two colors this time: navy and black. Below is just a mockup but it’s very close to what the actual shirts will look like – here is the design on navy. Seriously, navy + pink = *swoon*


The text will be textured for a soft, vintage-y feel and the women’s shirts are a tri-blend crew which has a slightly heathered appearance – the combination should be just dreamy. Sooo excited to see these in person.

And the back. One of my favorite verses.


Our printer has promised to have the shirts to me by February 4th and I promise to have the shirts in the mail to you by February 8th, in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day. I plan to order puh-lenty of shirts, but if there is a specific size or color you want, be sure to complete the form and make your donation soon – any form submission that I receive before noon on January 21 will be guaranteed to get the shirts you want, in your sweet hands, by Valentine’s Day.

So, are you ready to join in?

Or maybe you still have a question. I’d like to quickly address a few frequently asked questions here, because we hit a few bumps in this process for Clementine and, hopefully this will help clarify everything before anyone gets confused.

1. So, when does this start? Right now. We do not have the shirts in hand yet but are going ahead and launching the fundraiser early for anyone who wants a Known By Heart for Valentine’s Day. Our faithful printer has promised that we will have the actual shirts in our hands on February 4th, and they will be shipped out to you by February 8th. I’ll share images of the shirts then, but most of y’all know what our shirts look like – soft, purty and proudly proclaiming God’s word across the back.

2. What are the colors/sizes you have available? The women’s fitted and classic shirts are available in either vintage navy or vintage black in fitted (sizes S, M, L, XL) and classic (sizes M, L, XL and 2X) on a tri-blend crew that will not shrink and is crazy soft. The girls’ shirt is available in sizes 4/5, 6/6x, 7/8 and 10/12 on a fitted 100% cotton crew in either navy or black, the same adorable style as we used for Found.

3. How much is appropriate to donate? We have purposefully not set a required dollar amount to donate to get a Known By Heart shirt because we don’t want money to keep anyone from participating. Of course, we still have to purchase the shirts, wrap them up and buy postage to send them out – and all of that costs money. So a donation of $20-$25 or more per shirt would be wonderful, but absolutely any donation is deeply appreciated.

4. Can I get more than one Known By Heart shirt? Absolutely. We would love it, in fact – the more the better. We hope you’ll not only get one for yourself, but for your kids, your mom, your friend, or your neighbor. Because adoption is a really cool thing, and this t-shirt is a surprisingly fun way to start a conversation about just that.

5. When does this fundraiser end? We haven’t set a date yet, but if you’d like to get a certain shirt in a certain size in time for Valentine’s Day, we suggest you don’t wait to let us know which one(s) you want!

6. Will you ship overseas? This is set up for folks with US addresses. But if you do not have a US address, and would be willing to help cover the extra expense of getting your shirt(s) to you, please contact me and we can work something out.

7. What if I want to donate but don’t want a t-shirt? No problem! Just make your donation and then complete the form with your name only.

8. How do I participate? Great question. We’ve done our best to make it as easy as possible – just a few simple steps!

1. Complete the short form here with your name, donation amount, mailing address and color and size shirt(s) you’d like. It even has sizing charts included to make it as easy as possible. Because easy = good.

2. Then go over to our You Caring page to make your donation.

3. And then share, tweet, and text to help us spread the word about this seriously fun fundraiser. (This one is optional, of course.)

Once again, my girls have their paper and markers ready to begin crafting their very own brand of Thank You cards. When I asked them if they’d be up for helping bring their little sister home – in this very important way – they immediately said, “Yes!” and began dreaming up what they might want to draw for their first Thank You card.

Good stuff.

Simply giddy to see what the Lord is going to do. Because this should be fun. God is good and He sets the lonely in families as only He can. And being a part of the body of believers as we follow after Him in caring for the fatherless is a beautiful thing.

And you get a sweet t-shirt to boot.


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