half a year with Clementine

It’s been six months, y’all.


Since she came home in November, I’ve shared a few updates, detailing her adjustment into our family and the numerous milestones our girl has reached.


Two weeks.

One month.

Two months.

Three months (or so).


Yep. We’re pretty proud of this little bug.


But right now Clementine health depends on a major surgery. And sooner than we’d thought.

Chris and I struggle with knowing how much to protect her story, because it is her story. But we know y’all love her, too.


You partnered with us in bringing her home. You’re part of her God-sized story.

We absolutely saw your prayers answered for her health and safety as we waited and then as we traveled to bring her home.


At this point, we expect her surgery to take place in the next month or so. As soon as we have set a date – and a hospital – we will share more on her condition, and how you can join us in prayer for our fearfully and wonderfully made girl.

With lots and lots of love,


to China for Clementine – my favorites: the Great Wall

(continuing on with posting my favorites from China – you can see the first post here.)

It was six months ago, yesterday, that we were standing right here.



In fact, it was on the Great Wall that we got a phone call with the news that Clementine would be well enough for us to meet her the next day.



It was completely surreal.

Turned out she would not be able to meet us the next day, due to her needing an extra day in the hospital to complete her course of treatment, but on this day, we didn’t know.



And I’m actually really glad we didn’t.

We were on top of the Great Wall, filled with hope and excitement.



We didn’t need to know what we didn’t know.

Because He knew.


We would have to wait one more day to meet our girl…


a dirty secret in adoption

My heart is naturally bent toward encouragement. Focusing on the good stuff. And as an adoptive mama, I can’t even begin to put into words all the ways that the Lord has blessed me through my children. The work He has done in them, and in me… good stuff. But I have learned that sometimes the […]

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Jude and Shepherd played soccer for the first time this spring. It was really their first time to play an organized sport of any kind. They were pretty excited about it. I was a smidge worried, though. Neither had any experience beyond our back yard and both are on the *ahem* smaller side for their […]

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to China for Clementine – my favorites: Beijing


I know. We’ve been home with Clementine for almost 6 months. But when we traveled to China, I brought along my camera. And I brought along my iPad. But I didn’t bring along my PS6. That was here at home. On a desktop that most definitely wasn’t going to make the trip. And since we […]

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Clementine came home last November at 19 months of age. And five months later, so much has changed. I’ve done my best to blog about all the changes, but honestly, she’s learning and doing and changing so quickly, I really can’t keep up. Five months. When I think about the amount of time she’s been […]

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guess who is two.


We got to celebrate Clementine turning two the other day. Her first birthday with us. And I’m not sure who had more fun, Clementine or the rest of her crazy-for-Clementine family. As she always does, Victoria wowed with a beautiful cake for the occasion: a four-layered, pink, polka-dotted cake, just for our girl. We tried […]

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a family for Rosie


I first read about this precious girl on the Down Syndrome Adoption FB group and was immediately smitten. And when you see her picture, I’m sure you’ll agree. Those chubby legs. That black hair. Those pink cheeks. Oh my. Now that we are home with our Clementine I have a huge soft spot for these very special kiddos. Before […]

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co-sleeping is king.


As a mom of a large, relatively conspicuous brood, I get a lot of questions. One question I’m asked frequently is how we manage so many little ones, specifically, how we are able to foster attachment considering the size of our family and how quickly our family has grown from 4 kids to 12. I […]

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her new love.


This child. She babbles constantly. But speaks rarely. So rarely, we’ve been putting off pronouncing her official *first word*. Sometimes she says Dada. Sometimes she says Mama. But nothing you could say for sure. (Chris and I might both be a smidge biased.) But now. Now she has a new love. And the love is […]

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