it’s my birthday and I want to do something wonderful. join me.

I love it when it’s my birthday, because I get to do special stuff. Ask for special stuff. And usually, because I’m the birthday girl, I get what I ask for.

Last year I asked y’all to join us in celebrating a new little one who would be joining our family. (Can you believe it’s just been a year?) And before that I asked y’all to join me in supporting a sweet friend in bringing her daughter home.

And y’all have never disappointed. You love others in a big, beautiful way.

So here I am again, on my birthday, asking for something. But this year, I’m giving something, too.


So what am I giving?

Six So Loved shirts. (Already have one? Give one – I’ll send one to whoever you choose with a US address.)

What am I asking for?

Help spreading the word about So Loved.

Help raising funds for broken-hearted babies.

Help raising awareness about orphans and orphan-prevention.

Help shining a light on the amazing work Meredith and her team are doing at Morning Star Foster Home.


The fundraising cycle for Morning Star Foster Home and So Loved is coming to a close. July 31st is the date we have set to end the So Loved fundraising year.

It’s also the date we’ll tally up the totals and grin from ear to ear thinking about the little one at Morning Star Foster Home that will be blessed by the funds that have been generated by the sales of So Loved. And the date we thank God for the big-hearted people who have come alongside us in this adventure to love the broken-hearted in a big way, even halfway around the world.

It is also the date we would have celebrated my beautiful girl’s 6th birthday, if her heart had not been broken.


So we’ve got 4 weeks to kick this thing into gear. The store is stocked up in girls’ sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10. And women’s sizes fitted S, M, L and XL as well as classic sizes S, L, XL and 2XL.

Clementine is wearing a 4 in these pictures and at all of 31″ and 21 pounds, I think she’s pretty much killin’ it, so even if you have a little one, they can probably still rock the So Loved for Morning Star.


So what do I want for my birthday? Join me.

1. Take a picture of yourself or your kiddos in their So Loved tee, or, if you’re shy or don’t have a So Loved yourself (yet!) you can download and use one of the images here.

2. Share it on FB or Instagram and tag it with BOTH #solovedtee and #msfh (for Morning Star Foster Home) along with a bit about So Loved (why you bought yours or what it means to you or what each purchase goes towards etc).


The fun will run for one week – now through July 10th at midnight EST. At that time I’ll randomly select three winners who have shared on FB and three winners who have shared on IG. Entries must be of the So Loved design, include a comment about So Loved and have both hashtags – so be sure to tag your posts properly. I can only ship to US addresses.

If your Instagram account is private, be sure to let me know you’ve shared by commenting on one of the So Loved posts on my IG account.

You can share as many So Loved images as you’d like, for as many entries as you’d like. And if you post to both FB and IG, you’ll have twice the chance at winning and, even better, you’ll have shared with twice as many people who might have their eyes and hearts opened to the orphan. And who knows what the Lord might do with that.


He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
He determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names.
Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.

Psalm 147:3-5


sixteen is pretty sweet.

Be forewarned. This is the first of several similarly themed posts. Between June and July, we celebrate four birthdays around here.

But they’re all important. The older I get, the more I see time rushing past. I can’t stop it. But I can do all I can to squeeze every bit of joy out of each and every moment.

Anyway, you might have guessed by the title, he’s 16 now.


And, around here, the birthday boy gets to do whatever he wants to do.



Okay, not anything. I’m pretty sure his anything would not have included coloring the kids menu while being critiqued by his brother.



Or eating at a table as the oldest child, surrounded by eight younger siblings.


But it definitely would have included this, his favorite Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.




And, for sure, his much-doted-on baby sister.

Heck. It might have even included the whole crazy crew.


Or maybe not.

I’m not asking. Because either way, I think you’re an incredibly cool kid, Asher. Big and strong on the outside and sweet and silly on the inside. And I’m so excited to see the plans the Lord has for the next 16 years.

Lots and lots of love,
Your Mama (who feels like she should be celebrated on your birthday too because you weighed over 9 pounds and she was unmedicated)


a mama’s gotta do…


School’s out. Which means I have all of my babies, from the littlest to the biggest, home. As must as I wish it were otherwise, this is rare. Due to Zach’s college schedule, sometimes this phenomenon only occurs twice a year. Which leaves a mama with only one thing to do. Insist on taking pictures. […]

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to China for Clementine – my favorites: Clementine day


Continuing to peck away at all my pictures from our trip to China for Clementine. It’s getting harder and harder to pick favorites – so instead of being pickier, I’m plucking out more and more. But it’s for a good reason. Once I have them all edited and organized, they’ll be saved here. I’ll also […]

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a family for Scout


A few months ago, I posted about a little girl named Rosie. I had seen her on the Down syndrome adoption FB group, and was simply taken with her. She was precious in every way and I was surprised that a family hadn’t already come forward for her. She continued to wait and I began to wonder if maybe […]

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what 10 years looks like.


We spent this weekend reminiscing. A lot. It was 10 years ago that we were in China for the first time. Holding a feisty, determined, pint-sized survivor, with a half-dollar sized hole in her heart. I still remember how it felt as those last moments inched by before I would finally become her mama: standing […]

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it’s official.


He’s a teenager. To be completely honest, he’s been a teenager since December. But we got home with Clementine 8 days before he turned 13. I’m just glad he actually had a cake. And presents. Because mama was jet-lagging. Bad. So bad, I’m not 100% sure I remember everything that was actually going on at […]

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half a year with Clementine


It’s been six months, y’all. Since she came home in November, I’ve shared a few updates, detailing her adjustment into our family and the numerous milestones our girl has reached. Two weeks. One month. Two months. Three months (or so). Yep. We’re pretty proud of this little bug. But right now Clementine health depends on […]

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to China for Clementine – my favorites: the Great Wall


(continuing on with posting my favorites from China – you can see the first post here.) It was six months ago, yesterday, that we were standing right here. In fact, it was on the Great Wall that we got a phone call with the news that Clementine would be well enough for us to meet […]

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a dirty secret in adoption

My heart is naturally bent toward encouragement. Focusing on the good stuff. And as an adoptive mama, I can’t even begin to put into words all the ways that the Lord has blessed me through my children. The work He has done in them, and in me… good stuff. But I have learned that sometimes the […]

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