Potty training…

We started the ‘process’ of potty training Sophie at the beginning of the year, and she’s done very well. It was a rough first few weeks, as is to be expected. Now she proudly announces to everyone “Need to go pee pee!!” and rushes off to the bathroom. The other day she was chillin’ on the potty, and when I came in I knew I had to try to get some pictures. I know, she’s gonna hate me someday for these :)



  1. redmaryjanes says:

    We’re just starting with Eli. I wish us both luck!

  2. I love how Sophie’s hair is growing out. It looks so stylish!
    Proud of her potty skills. Wish we had the same success here. K refuses to sit on it at all. So I’m not rushing.
    I think Sophie is going to accomplish anything she puts her mind to!

  3. Oh how cute are these… and yeah, that one will probably be a wee bit embarrasing for her when she’s, say, 16. Fun though!

  4. Patricia/NYC says:

    Stefanie, I’d LOVE to know your “potty training secrets”! lol!
    Kiara has hit “the wall”…goes when SHE feels like it yet HATES wearing diapers!

    Sophie looks SOOOOO grown up these days! Love her hair!

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