Good times

My mom came down to spend part of the weekend since the kids had a holiday on Monday. The kids were in rare form, the weather was perfect and everyone was on a sugar induced high. We spent a good bit of the day outside and when evening fell we started up the mini fire pit and cracked open the mallows, grahams and Hershey’s bars. Isabelle spent much of her time protecting her hastily made wire hanger -turned -marshmallow roaster with one lone marshmallow perched on the end. In fact, she never did eat that marshmallow and the poor thing ended up covered in sand and bits of grass. It eventually landed in the trashcan, much to Isabelle’s dismay. Sophie kept busy by arranging and rearranging the Hershey bars on the plate. Occasionally she would stop to reward herself for a job well done with a square or two of chocolate. Dalton and Asher had us time them as they raced from the back porch to the fence and back. It’s only about 100 feet to the fence so the races were short, but since they raced approximately 500 times, they were well worn out by the time we finally called it a night. The marshmallows were wonderful, everyone discussing their preferred level of ‘cooked-ness’. Asher roasts his slowly, making sure the entire marshmallow is hot throughout. Zach and Tori, both like their mama, prefer theirs cooked quickly (basically set on fire), charred black and crispy. Dalton was too worn out from all the racing to have a preference and Sophie and Isabelle wanted theirs uncooked, straight out of the bag. Although Belle didn’t want her mallow cooked, she did manage to blow out anyone’s fiery marshmallow she could find. Zach was kind enough to burn his over and over, just so she could blow it out. Times like these remind me that a family this size (+1 of course!) is just right for us :)



  1. Melissa & Scott says:

    Times like these remind me that a family this size (+1 of course!) is just right for us :)

    Hmmm… Is it only me, or does anyone else have a vision of a blog entitled “Eight is Enough”?

    Hugs and happy thoughts being sent your way, and to sweet baby Jude!

  2. Steffie B. says:

    Looks like wonderful memories to me! Those kind are the best kind!

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