Isabelle and Magnolia

Last week sometime Isabelle decided that Magnolia was alright. In fact, she decided that she wanted Magnolia to be HER baby. So she started pushing Magnolia around in the shopping cart (came complete with baby seat) and decided to try to put HER shoes over Magnolia’s sewn-on mary janes. Then she figured Magnolia was ready for a snack so she sat her at her little table and tried to feed her some imaginary tummy -yummy from her little play dish set. It was all too cute, totally uninspired by either myself or her sister Sophie. Raising Isabelle has given me a whole new appreciation for ‘normal’.
P.S. After seeing these pictures of Magnolia, I think she might have gotten into some real tummy -yummies. Looks like it’s time for Miss Magnolia to meet Mr. Washing Machine.



  1. Chloe loves Magnolia too – hey, let us know how the washing goes – I am thinking that is a good idea!!!

  2. Yes, Minister... says:

    How cute! I love the shot of her put the shoes on! Tip on washing – put her in a pillow case and tie it shut 😉

  3. I just love Isabelle. It’s weird to feel so close to you Stef having never met, and to feel like I know your kids through you. One of these days I’m coming for a visit! I’ll need lots of “China” fixes for the next 2 years!

  4. My little sister Sophia absolutely loves her Magnolia as well! It’s just such a cute little baby!

  5. These are adorable! Where did you find the dolly?

  6. Steffie B. says:

    This is Sophia’s favorite baby. She goes everywhere in the house with her. Sleeps with her, goes to the play room with her, watches videos….the whole nine yards! I have an extra for “back up” just in case something ever happens to “baby”.

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