Making cookies

One day last week we were hanging out when we got a call from Isabelle’s speech therapist that she was sick and we wouldn’t be able to see her that day. (Geesh, I hope our family didn’t get her sick!) Soooo, that meant we didn’t have ANY appointments or obligations for the afternoon! Oh yeahhh! So I decided to do something fun with the girls and we got out the Ladybug Cookie Mix that Cynthia gave us when she brought her beautiful family to visit last summer. I know, it’s been a long time, but the cookie mix didn’t have an expiration, so I figured we were okay (right?). I must admit, I was a bit worried about how crazy the girls might get with helping out.. but they did great. And had a lot of fun in the process. While we didn’t make the cookies into ladybugs (I didn’t think the girls would get much further than sticking the black icing container straight into their mouths) we did do some free form decorating. I think each of the girls was happy with the end result. I think there might be some more baking in our near future :)



  1. Those are great – so much fun!! I think you have two little bakers on your hands!!

  2. Adam and Cynthia Farley says:

    Yeah!!! I am so glad the girls got the make the cookies! I miss you guys terribly……..I will call soon!

    Much love,

  3. Yes, Minister... says:

    What fun! It looks like the girls had a good time – much more fun than going to speech!

  4. Chris & Deb says:

    How cute! They seem like such great playmates! This is such a great age too!

  5. Victoria says:

    what adorable pictures! and delicious cookies!

    lots of love,


  6. That looks like so much fun! Yummy!! 😛

  7. The Ferrill's says:

    Your girls are SO precious..thank you for posting these makes me SO excited to get my babies! Those little almond eyes…I LOVE THEM!
    P.S. I’m glad everyone’s better…those pics of when they were sick made me say “bless their little hearts!” And yours too…I’m acquainted with throw up and poop!

  8. Looks like alot of fun. I have to try this with Hana!

  9. I love checking in on you guys… always makes me happy. And I’m always shocked at how fast the kids are growing up!
    Can’t wait to be emailing you my DTC, thanks for all of your support over the years Stef!

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