My new ‘puppies’ :)

The girls were stringing beads the other day and Isabelle came to me with one of the lacing strings and communicated to me she wanted me to put the string on her in some way. Then she stuck her tongue out and panted like a dog. Immediately I knew she wanted me to ‘walk’ her like she walks Velvet. It was SO cute and I was bursting with pride that she had initiated her first imaginary game! We all dropped everything and I got the little pink leash we use for Velvet. Isabelle was thrilled to be the ‘puppy’, complete with wagging tongue :) The girls ran around and around the house, laughing hysterically. You can even tell by the expression on her face how proud she is to be playing ‘her’ game!
After a few dozen trips around the house, Belle got tired of running and laid down for a quick read of “Oh, David!”, her VERY favorite book series (read: the only books she will sit down to read!) Then Sophie had her turn as the puppy, and the laughing ensued again. It was so awesome to witness Belle using her imagination! Makes a momma proud :)



  1. aggieleist says:

    I would like to know why kids find it so fascinating to pretend to be puppies – Kade always does it too, but him being All boy, he’ll walk up to me and lick my arm.
    Anyway, that is awesome, yeah Belle!
    much love,

  2. That makes me chuckle – we are into that at our house too – Chloe thinks she is a kitty most of the time!!! Meow!!!

  3. Wonderful!! I’m glad she’s showing us a side we’ve not seen… you must have been jumping for joy…

    I’m still amazed at how FAST these girls are growing up. Kinda makes me wish you’d go back for number 8 too… haha!!

  4. The Ferrill's says:

    How fun! Yay for Isabelle!
    Yeah, EIGHT is such a nice big fat even number???????


  5. Okay you two, you’re cracking me up! Really! I would NOT say ‘no’ to number 8, but I think God would really have to work on my hubby šŸ˜‰ And I agree, 8 IS a wonderful number, but isn’t 7 supposed to be the ‘perfect’ number?

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