Pretty please?

Please consider giving a donation to Love Without Boundaries to help purchase air conditioners for Gutian, Jude’s orphanage. He lives in Fujian province, on the south coast of China where, needless to say, it gets hot. The orphanage recently requested 4 small A/C units to cool the rooms where the babies sleep and play. The units cost $260 each and so far, the Gutian group has raised almost enough for 2 units. Please consider donating to our fund, even $5 or $10 can make a big difference if we have lots of people willing to contribute. Love Without Boundaries is an excellent charity with very low overhead (3%) and you will receive an email that is printable for tax deduction purposes. I know the children at Gutian will have a much happier and healthier summer if we can grant their request!
To donate click here. Be sure to specify “For Gutian Air Conditioner Fund” in the ‘note’ section. And PLEASE leave a comment if you donate, I’d love to be able to thank you personally :)



  1. Done deal! I wasn’t able to contribute a lot, but hopefully every little bit will get them to their goal.

    Hey, did you get my email? Maybe I don’t have your correct address. I doctored up a couple of the girl’s pics!

  2. Stephanie-
    I just donated!

    fellow Guilin Mom

  3. Stefanie says:

    Thank you so much, Rachel! I truly appreciate it!

  4. Stefanie says:

    Kris, you are such a good friend! Can’t wait to see those pics you fixed up!
    Thanks so much for helping out with the A/C fund :)

  5. Stefanie – Does the donation have to be today or can I wait until payday? I know I won’t be able to donate a whole lot but I would love to be able to be a grain of sand to build a beach.

  6. Hey Michelle! Anytime between now and April 15 would be wonderful! We’ve set that deadline so we can get the units to the orphanage before the heat arrives in full force.
    Thanks SO much! I love the analogy :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I just contributed to LWB for your little guy’s air conditioner fund. I hope he and all the precious ones stay nice and cool this summer. I love following your blog.

    Mom to 3 bio kids and 1 Guizhou girl!

  8. Great news Keri! I am so grateful for your support, it really means a lot to me, and the babies at Gutian!!

  9. With that cat photo, how can I not donate? :-) We made a small donation; sorry that it’s not more. Good luck!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dear Stefanie,
    I loved reading the information on “Love Without Boundaries” – what a wonderful charity. Thank you for the opportunity to make a donation for air conditioners for Jude’s orphanage. You made it very easy to do so. I cannot wait until this summer to see our sweet little Jude. I am looking forward to seeing all of you next week.

  11. Epin! You’re awesome! I know you raise funds for Wenzhou, thanks SO much for helping out with our Gutian effort :)

  12. Thank you, mom! And thanks for finally leaving a comment! I’m so proud of you for braving it in blogworld :)

  13. aggieleist says:

    Hey Stefanie, I left a comment yesterday, but I guess it didn’t go through. We also made a small donation to the fund. Hope the goal is reached soon! And we hope that Jude is home before he can enjoy the new AC’s too much. As always, you are awesome!
    Love to all,
    Denise, Brian & boys

  14. Anonymous says:


    I was able to contribute to the fund (it wasn’t too much but every little bit helps, right?). Please do update if you happen to find out if they reached their goal, or how far off they are. I’ll try to donate a little bit every so often when I can.

    Please let me know if there are specific projects I should donate to. I can’t do too much, but even $15 or $20 here and there can hopefully make a difference. I’d love to help out a little bit when I can.

    You are so wonderful! I think it’s great to inspire and motivate others the way you do. You are such an inspiration to me! I can just tell through this blog that you are an amazing person and of course an amazing mother!



  15. Stefanie says:

    Yeah, Denise! Thank you SO much, you guys are so good to ALL of us :) Give those beautiful boys a hug from me!

  16. Stefanie says:

    Danielle, thank you SO much for your generosity :) You are so right, that even a small amount of money, multiplied, can do wonderful things! Thank you for being a part of this effort!!

  17. Michelle says:

    Stefanie – I made the donation for the orphanage. Please let us know if they are able to get the air conditioners.

    Hint **If reminded again, I could probably add a bit more later!


  18. Stefanie says:

    Thank you SO much Michelle!! I will definitely keep everyone posted on the fundraising! I really appreciate your generosity :)

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