Sophie and her candy necklace

I had bought candy necklaces for the girls for Valentine’s Day. Well, Valentine’s day came and went and I forgot about these necklaces. This weekend I have been doing a bit of housecleaning and when I came across these I gave them to the girls to play with. As soon as the necklace was placed around her neck, Sophie started trying to figure out how to eat the darned thing. She finally figured it out, it took some serious stick -to -it -iveness, but she managed to polish a good portion of her necklace off before noon. I didn’t get any picture of Isabelle wearing her candy necklace, she seemed content with wearing her jewelry instead of eating it 😉



  1. Too funny!
    Thanks for your comment Stef on my blog. I love you guys and you and Patricia in particular have been really amazing throughout all these changes in my life!

    Sophie is so adorable, and wow her hair has grown!

  2. What a cutie! Those candy necklaces are yummy!

  3. Yes, Minister... says:

    I remember those candy necklaces – what a great idea!

    Okay, I have to ask about the hair – because evertime I see Sophie’s picture, I feel like I’m looking at LiLi! LiLi has the same strands on “bangs” that just seem to elude the clip! I noticed that in some of Sophie’s pictures her hair is all nice across the front of her face – how do you do it?

  4. Sophie is so cute!

    Brinley received one of those necklaces recently and decided it was a headband and got it tangled in her hair. Lots of bathtub time that day! :)


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