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How come kids throw up in their beds the night that you changed their sheets? And poop in the tub the day after you scoured it with Comet? Yeah, that’s the kind of week I’ve had. Actually, the ‘sickness’ has been around a few weeks, moving from Dalton to Asher and then, woefully, onto the girls. A fever. A cough that sounds like a barking seal. Sophie has been on her breathing treatments for a week. Add to that steroids, antibiotics, prescription cough medicine (thank goodness for that!) and Motrin. Yeah for Motrin. Isabelle was the one who mussed her sheets (and her hair, sleeper, bumper pads, pillow, blanket AND somehow hit the floor) in a coughing fit that caused her to throw up earlier in the week. I had just laid the girls down about a half hour before and Isabelle just wouldn’t settle down. So after about 30 minutes I went in there to tell her to go to sleep and when I opened the door …BAM! It was like a frying pan in the face. Who vomited? YEEEWWWWW! WHERE is my HUSBAND?!? Sadly, Chris has been away and hence, I had no back up. Actually Chris is the frontman when it comes to things like this. I managed to get her up and into the tub without too much damage. Then, while I changed her sheets I put her on the couch. The sweet thing was so tired she crashed right there. Suddenly my heart was full of love for this child who has caused me so much work and nose-pinching. Tonight Isabelle sent me on another adventure. I was sitting in the bathroom while the girls were in the tub, laptop in hand, blissfully unaware of what was in store. Sophie started fussing and I looked up to see Sophie standing up in the tub, pointing with a horrified look on her face. Before it even registered what might be going on, she yelled “Mei Mei poo poo!!” Allrrighty then! Enter Comet once again, and some bleach for good measure. Good bye bath toys. After one more bath the girls were finally ready for bed. Later on, Sophie was taking her breathing treatment, she fell asleep. Still holding onto the inhaler -thingy. Poor baby. Thankfully they seem to be on the up-swing. At least Isabelle does. Note she was NOT sleeping but running around playing while I took the picture of Sophie asleep at 10:30. Yeah. It IS family fun night.



  1. I am so sorry -that is NOT fun – and to me, vomitting is the worst!! And I totally agree – Joe is my right hand man for all things – sickness!! He cleans while I comfort and calm – that’s team effort. My mom always reminds me when the kids are sick – and you want another one???? Yep, it’s odd, but even when they are SO sick, I wouldn’t trade any of them!! I wholeheartedly agree with you – they are so sweet – even sick!!

  2. I hope everyone feels better soon. Last year Hana had a bad cough for month, and her wonderful gag reflexes made her throw up constantly during that month. Never fun to wake in the middle of the night to gave an impromptu bath. Feel better to the entire family.

  3. I have to admit at laughing at your post. The “hit me in the face like a frying pan” was so funny. Vomit is gross. I hate it. I feel for you. I hope everyone feels better soon!

    Our Three Daughters

  4. Steffie B. says:

    Yes we have been down with the yuckies here too. Hope you guys get better soon!

  5. Wow Stef! What a week… I’m glad Belle is feeling better and hope Sophie catches up soon, poor girls.
    Had to laugh at the post though- hard not to!

  6. Patricia/NYC says:

    Oh my goodness, Stefanie!! SO sorry the girls are sick…but thankfully it sounds like they are on the mend!

    I must confess…your post DID make me laugh! Especially the “hit in the face like a frying pan” comment! :)
    I’m such a wimp, that everytime Kiara throws up…I get the dry heaves too!

    Hope EVERYONE is better SOOON!!

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