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Isabelle has just been making progress by leaps and bounds lately. I don’t know the cause for this sudden burst in language and play, and I am completely in awe and amazement at her. No, she isn’t ready to take her SATs yet, but she is definitely closing the gap on where she is and where she needs to be in regards to speech. In the last few days she has begun to say a few 3 word sentences! She has and continues to do a lot of babbling that for the longest time made no sense to me. In the last month she has started to babble in a sentence like structure with an occasional distinguishable word thrown in. Her speech therapist was convinced that eventually more and more of her words would become recognizable and she would then be speaking in full sentences! Well, she was right because yesterday she said to Asher (when he asked if she wanted to jump on the trampoline) “No want jump!” Asher and I both looked at each other wide-eyed and I am sure we surprised Isabelle with all our commotion over three little words :) Then today she was crying in the other room and she started running for me and I for her and she said, holding out her index finger, “I got boo boo!” You can bet I made one huge deal over that wonderful boo boo 😉 She still has areas that she needs to work on, but it is so awesome to see her taking such huge strides in such a short time. Chris, who has been away for 2 1/2 months, comes home tomorrow (YEAHHHH!!) and I am sure he is going to be shocked at all the changes in his baby girl!



  1. "Virtual Twins" says:

    As the mother of a daughter who is almost four and who has been home for one year, I celebrate with you because I know how HUGE these milestones are. Bella is extremely delayed and some days I feel so frustrated and overwhelmed with her and wonder if she’ll ever “catch up”. Reading your post about Isabelle reminds me to celebrate the simple things (which really are not simple, but huge!).

    Thanks for your post and hugs to Isabelle for her resilience!


  2. Yes, Minister... says:

    That is awesome for Isabelle! Everyday brings new things :-) and major acomplishments!

    BTW – The picture is incredible :-)

  3. aggieleist says:

    She is so precious; this is awesome for her and for you. I’m sooo glad that Chris is on his way home (PoPo shared the email) – Noah & Kade prays for him and all the troops every night.
    Give everyone a hug for us.
    Love to All,

  4. I’m crying Stef, I feel your joy and I celebrate it with you and Isabelle. I hope you’ll post about Chris coming home, and I’m so happy he is on his way!

    Oh, and that photo needs to be in a gallery. And on your wall. And in some book that celebrates life. Or adoption. Or both. It rocks.
    Put it on our homepage, everyone needs to see it!!

    SO happy for Isabelle. Soon you’ll be hearing, “I love you mommy”.

  5. Steffie B. says:

    She is just precious and it is a breath taking picture of her!

  6. Victoria says:

    dang, that picture is so tight.
    you must a professional or something.
    love you mum.

  7. Jewels of My Heart says:

    Beautiful picture of her and hooray for the exciting accomplishments. My daughter is 17 months and says only about 4 words that only I can understand but I think this is not uncommon in internationaly adopted babies.
    Enjoy your homecoming

  8. Its always fun to watch our girls grow and learn more! Very cute pic! Glad to hear she’s doing well!

  9. That is soooo wonderful to hear she’s starting to be more verbal. You can almost hear the clicks and whirrs in their brains. :o)

    Our first daughter suffered a lot of neglect, and we understand that her baby room was almost silent; ergo, no language skills developing in the babies’ brains. Makes sense. She turned three in March (home for 2.5 yrs.), and is finally making leaps in language. We were told that she may still have more hurdles with enunciation, because of above reasons.

    Wishing you continued blessings for your family.

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