While we were down in Tampa, we went out to eat for breakfast one morning and the restaurant offered, interestingly enough, a balloon ‘artist’. She made a balloon of choice for each of the kids. The girls each chose a multicolored butterfly, Dalton chose a sword with a parrot for his shoulder, Asher chose a Spiderman and Zach got a car. The wheels of the car were made out of one balloon, twisted in the middle to make two bubble wheels. After a day or so in the hotel, the balloon figures were slowly dismantled and the wheels came undone from their balloon host. As Isabelle is wont to do, she found something new and different to do with the balloons. She stuffed them into her shirt. Soon our girl was sporting a nifty set of nice, round, ahem… balloons. Of course, she did get a bit of help getting them ‘just right’. I know, we’re naughty parents. We were all cracking up and the game ensued. Gotta love a 2 year old with balloons like that.



  1. Oh.My.Gosh. I am cracking up over here!! That is so funny!! And maybe, a little bit scary?

  2. My Three Girls says:

    I needed the good laugh this morning! Isabelle is just so cute (with or without the “balloon chest”)

  3. Too Cute!!! Isabella is just too precious! She just has a smile that brightens the room! Enjoy!

  4. Isabella's mommy & daddy says:

    That is too funny.. She is cute..
    Kim-from Arizona

  5. Mike, Hayley & Piper says:

    Wow, no more episodes of Dr 90210 for you guys! I have to say that she looks like she is enjoying them.


    p.s Piper calles hers blueberries??? weird.

  6. Wow…. you are naughty..but lots of fun

  7. Yes, Minister... says:

    I don’t know what to comment because I am laughing so hard. At least she looks pleased with her “rack?” That is too cute!

  8. BWAAAAAHAAAHAAA…that’s supposed to be my guffaw. Sooo funny. My girls do the same thing, except it’s often a big balloon right in the middle. Scary picture too. They play bumper cars like that. :o)

    BTW, that’s a fun kids’ party game. Two teams, one guy on each puts on a stretchy tshirt and sweatpants over their clothes. In a given amt. of time, the teams blow up balloons and see how many they can stuff in the sweatpants-person. It’s hysterical.

  9. Uummmm…how did I miss this post? She is way too cute!

  10. Sophie's Mom says:

    Nice… balloons! 😉 Very funny. We’d do that at my house, too! My Sophia was wearing her bikini top today, (didn’t end up getting we in the water slide), and wanted to wear it as a ‘booby bra’ like her big sister & mommy! Cute!

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