Beach ~ revisited

Since we have a new Mac, I have been playing around with some of the pictures, seeing what I can do with what I’ve got. Tori and I decided we liked the pictures with a bit of fade and the edges blurred… gives the whole thing a more dreamy and weathered look. Here are a few of my favorites :) I have installed Adobe Photoshop but, hello?!? it’s a BIT complicated and since I’m not much of an instruction manual type of gal, I thought I’d wait until hubby gets home.



  1. Mom of 5 says:

    Great pictures !
    It looks like such fun !

  2. Awesome pics! That last one is great! Definitely worthy of a frame and on the wall. What kind of camera are you using? They are awesome pictures!

  3. Steffie B. says:

    Great pictures….I have got to get more creative with mine!

  4. Mike, Hayley & Piper says:

    Stefanie…please come and help me! You are a super photographer! I just love the last one of Belle. She is ‘joy’ unleashed.

    Cant wait to see some of Jude!


  5. Beautiful, as always!

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