Peoples Park

It was a beautiful afternoon, and if I’d have had a more willing subject, there would have been a ton more pictures. But he’s a cutie, even from behind :)

It’s the middle of the night in China, I fell asleep after overindulging in noodles and red chilis at the crack of 7:30. And it was New Year’s Eve. I know, I am a party animal. The problem was that I woke up 2 hours later, wide awake. So I got up and here I am. My sister eventually woke up to the sound of all the firecrackers going off and we laughed while we churned out another update for Cole’s website. Either we are punchy or this trip is full of hilarious moments, but we’ve spent a lot of time laughing hysterically.

Onto the travel tip of the day…

Tip #2: Be prepared for a very disrupted sleep cycle. I have tried all sorts of ‘remedies’ for jet lag and haven’t happened upon one that alleviated it completely, but lots of fluids, time spent out in the sunshine, support in China or phone support back home, and an Rx of Lunesta will help greatly.

Not only prepare for how to handle jet lag, but the affects of jet lag. If you’ve never been to China, or some place in a completely different time zone, let me tell you, it’s like PMS. Times twenty. It hasn’t failed yet, every time I’ve been to China I have had at least a day or two when I just come undone. I cry. I weep. I miss my kids and husband so badly it’s all I can do to not get on a plane back home. Heck, on those days I miss everything about home, even down to the crumbs on the kitchen floor and the laundry piled high. And reminiscing only brings more tears. But then you sleep, at last, and the fog lifts and it’s a new day. Just keep in mind that if you are having ‘one of those days’, to be kind to yourself. Seek out help whether it’s your travel partner, or a person you trust back home. And remember not to take your feelings too seriously. When I was in China for Jude I honestly contemplated, for just a milli-second, “what the heck have I gotten myself into? Our family into?” And it was just because I was so anxious, so sleep deprived and so ‘out of my element’. Of course, it didn’t help that Jude was covered in a fungus and bug bites and had a completely misshapen head, but it was truly all me because after a long talk with my husband and my sister followed by a good night’s sleep, all of my anxieties had melted away. And I couldn’t love that little buggar any more than I do, he adds so much joy to our family. Nuff said ’bout him because I’m gonna start to cry.

Of course, there are people who seem to be impervious to the effects of jet lag. My husband, for one. Which makes all my symptoms appear that much more acute. It really stinks to be surrounded by the sound of snoring when you’re counting tiles on the ceiling. But if you are prepared for it when it strikes (and chances are it will) you’ll be able to handle the affects better. And that is better for everyone :)



  1. a Tonggu Momma says:

    Oh, the memories of People’s Park. The birthplace of Communism. Aah…

    Loved the photos… your nephew is a cutie. And as to the jet lag… PMS sums it up quite well. The husband is impervious, but I – Tonggu Momma – turn into a raving psycho. The only thing that helps is to not go to sleep the night before departure. Then I am so exhausted by the time we arrive in China, I fall asleep at the “correct” local hour.

    Keep sharing stories and photos!

  2. Rebecca of "China, Baby!" says:

    Oh my, am I ever worried about the jet lag. My hubby – not so much. He sleeps anywhere, anytime. I will be the one counting ceiling tiles! Is Lunesta Rx only??? Wonder if I should call my dr. about that.

    So much to do, so little time… must go. Love you bunches and LOVE the photos of that handsome man!


  3. Rebecca of "China, Baby!" says:

    PS. Speaking of PMS, my little friend is due to arrive WHILE we’re in China. I’m freaking out wondering if it will start while I’m sitting there in a gov’t office signing papers… or walking around in a crowded marketplace, or what. Between jet lag and REAL PMS, should make for a lovely mood. Ha.

  4. Patricia/NYC says:


    And on the jet lag note…I caught up the first 2 days we were in Hong Kong & couldn't believe I didn't feel any effects! I found it to be 1000 times worse once we got back home…no one prepared me for that & I wished I would have known how bad it would be upon arrival home.

    Stefanie's right…the better prepared you are, the better you can handle it!

  5. We were just in Nanchang in September. Not too much to do there. I saw that you already toured the Pavilion. Other than that… we spent a bit of time at WalMart, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut. We were there when it was much warmer so we just spent a bit of time walking around, exploring, and getting gawked at. We had our 8 year old Korean born daughter with us and our new 2 year old Chinese son. People just couldn’t figure us out.

    -Kerri (mom to 8 kids)

  6. Shannon of "Room for More" says:

    i couldn’t even handle the jet lag from TX to Hawaii. I will have to be prepared for China! Your nephew is so stinkin’ cute!

  7. You crack me up!!!! My only advice on the pre-jet lag is AMBIEN on the flight, and every night until you get your peanut!!! It was the only way I got any rest at all. Of course, once we met Her Rubiness the prescription had to be shelved… I miss that little bottle and those tiny blessings in it! :)

    I love following along with the three of you. He is just too cute. From the front on the back!!! Sideways too!

    Happy New Year Stef!


  8. SUCH a cute little blessing!! Thinking of y’all and lifting you in prayer!


  9. Truly Blessed! says:

    We enjoyed the People’s Park in Nanchang, too.

    And, like you, I had one of “those” moments when our new daughter started hitting and scratching our first daughter — it only lasted a half a minute, but I felt horrible. Thankfully, I got past it quickly and haven’t looked back.

    Glad I’m not alone in that, though!

  10. He is so adorable!!! The jet lag really got us all on our second trip!!


  11. Why do you think my hubby didn’t go to China with me? He would have been the one counting ceiling tiles…he is not a traveling man! I , one the other hand, can sleep anywhere anytime and had no trouble with jet lag…maybe I should go back…don’t you think?

    Love following your trip…Happy New Year!!

  12. I am so thankful for a fellow traveler who gave me a magic pill the night before Mia’s Gotcha Day. I hadn’t slept for days and I slept all night through. It was wonderful. Next time, I’m definitely taking a sleep aid.

    Your nephew is so darn cute. Just adorable!!

  13. The Gang's Momma says:

    Oh, I wish I had known about jet lag and its effects ahead of time. I was so mad at how emotional and wrung out I felt. Plus, my cycle was totally screwed up (likely from all the stress) and I was wiped out from that. I had one day where I just demanded that we stay in all day and hibernate – which is exactly opposite my norm. (The Boss was impervious too.) And that day, he took Li’l Empress out for her first coffee date with Daddy while I read and napped.

    What I also had NO idea about was the sleep deprivation due to the hard beds. Given how hard we pushed and how fast we had to move to get to China for our expedited CA, I went into the whole experience wiped out and depleted.

    I hope to do it differently next time. But right now, next time feels too overwhelming to contemplate! :)

  14. Let me tell you that you never need to suffer jet lag again. I have been an acupuncturist and herbalist for 10 years and last year launched a jet lag formula that does the trick. You can see it at Email me if you want a sample.

  15. What beautiful photos! We hardly saw nor remember Bejing! Yep, I think the entire trip was a blur due to sleep deprivation. What a gorgeous child!

    Hugs to all,


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