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**Proceed with caution. Clicking on any of the links contained in this post might prove to be exceedingly time consuming. You might want to wait for a rainy day, when you have no particular place to be. If you choose to proceed, be sure your children are duly occupied and you have a large cup of coffee within reach**

Y’all probably remember my trip out to the Pioneer Woman’s ranch last March. Where I met and actually hung out with the Pioneer Woman and Bakerella? Well, even if you don’t remember like it was yesterday, I do. It’s etched in my memory. I will be recounting it in the old folks home as one of my favorite days.

I mean really. Cake pops? Tenderloin? Nikon cameras? Two of the most outrageously talented and creative bloggers on the planet?

It was a recipe made in heaven, I tell ya.

But why am I walking down memory lane today? When Shepherd is sitting next to me asking me for chips? And the dogs are barking outside because they want to be let in?

Because Bakerella wrote to ask if it was okay that she used one of the pictures I took that day for her new site. Yeah, she asked to use one of my pics. All is not right with the universe when something like this happens. I am so not worthy.

But, then again, I am not worthy of a whole lot of things.

I love how God works that way.

If you haven’t already, you have to check out her ::newly::overhauled site. She’s moved it from blogger to wordpress and it is smoooooth. Filled with recipes and eye candy of the highest order. You can even buy stuff she recommends… right. there.

My name is Stefanie.

I love Bakerella.

And I love the internet.

Another thing y’all have got to check out is the Pioneer Woman’s newest creation: Tasty Kitchen.

Be prepared to be greeted by some of the most beautiful food you’ve ever met… and plan on spending a good part of your day there.

Consider yourself warned.

If you happen to stumble across my profile (“Stefanie”) or my lonely ‘Salsa, baby!’ recipe (good thing PW doesn’t discriminate by number of recipes submitted), be sure to say “hi!”… I’d love to be your Tasty Kitchen friend :)

AND, in case you didn’t know because I’m sure the entire planet must already know, The Pioneer Woman is *almost* ready to release her long awaited cookbook: The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

On October 27th, all will be right with the world.



  1. Well lets say I've just added them to my favorites. I'll be checking both out when my kids go to school tomorrow. 😉

  2. Patricia/NYC says:

    This very second, I JUST finished making "chicken spaghetti" from the PW site….mmmmm that is good…thanks for the heads up re: Bakerella…another site to stalk! 😉

    And I am so not surprised that Bakerella asked to use one of YOUR photos…you got an eye, girl! 😉

  3. seriously?! The About page no less! Major props there Stefanie! Does a snowy day count because then today just might be my day to linger in candyland.

  4. I love the PW and Bakerella…I'll never forget your big 'win' to her home…what a fun fieldtrip indeed!! YOU are the one who introduced me to both of them…and since then I have introduced (and HOOKED!) several others!!! :)

  5. Jo Whitehurst says:

    Love Bakerella, Love PW (and Tasty Kitchen), Love your sites, and the Hubs just pre-ordered PW's cookbook for my birthday! The only thing that would make it better, was if I had won a trip to the Lodge!! :)

  6. a Tonggu Momma says:

    Jealous all over again. Just so you know. (Wait – did I just say that out loud? I meant – still so HAPPY for you. REALLY.)

  7. One of the best things I ever got from PW and Bakerella was YOU :)

    I've stalked their blogs for many moons now, and when I saw your picture and was intrigued by your story, all it took was a few clicks to bring me here. A place where I have been inspired, mentored and encouraged without you even knowing it.

    One more reason to love the internet!

  8. Gina (Caleeo) says:

    What TM said! I so love them both – just yesterday I was having dreams of cake pops. And a PW cookbook is too amazing for words!

  9. The Barfield's says:

    well you wre right. shouldn't have clicked while kids were still getting ready for school. hope they aren't late!!! haven't been stalking you lately, seems i get twinges of desire to travel to china and bring back a blessing whenever i do. so i've been staying away. ::sigh:: it seems so overwhelming……

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