his big day

Today was a big day for my husband.

So big, his parents even came to town. All the way from Texas.

So big that the littles missed their nap and I was forced to substitute M&Ms for sleep.

It didn’t work, by the way.

So big, I had to wear lots and lots of rubbery undergarments.

The kind that are so thick and cumbersome, you wonder if your dress is tucked into your undies, because you’d never be able to feel it.

I also re-discovered some panty hose I hadn’t seen in years.

It wasn’t a joyful reunion.

But we endured a 1.5 hour ceremony in which my husband was honored.

And in turn, our family, as much as we might have preferred not to be, was in the spotlight.

Spotlights and big families aren’t terribly compatible. Throw in some suffocating undergarments, missed naps and sugar overload and you’ve got a real recipe for disaster.

My dress was pulled up. Twice.

Shepherd threw a screaming fit. He had boogers everywhere. And not a napkin in sight.

Jude almost pulled me over trying to make a dash for some chips.

Sophie kicked some unsuspecting passers-by in the reception line.

Isabelle couldn’t keep her dress down.

It ain’t always pretty, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Congratulations, baby. I am so proud of you.



  1. I love your posts.. they so make me LOL… and look closely… one of your precious children had their shoes on the wrong feet! After your wonderful day, with a house full of company, I imagine, I hope you too can LOL!!

  2. Oh my gosh, Tiffany. I spent all DAY with Jude and although I clearly didn't put his shoes on, I DID dress him, carry him around and sit next to him. And I had NO idea he had his shoes on the wrong feet.
    My husband and I just died laughing when I read your comment because neither of us even noticed 😉
    I AM laughing out loud! :)

  3. Oh yes children, have a way with keeping moms and dads down to their proper size.
    I wear a skirt all the time and have shown more leg than comfortable too many times esp. with little ones
    They actually look like they did pretty good.

  4. You guys look really cute!! : )

  5. Your family looked gorgeous!
    Your hubby is handasome in those "BLUES".
    Congrats to the WHOLE family.


  6. Congrats to Chris! Thank you for serving us! Stefanie ~ you and your precious family look fabulous! Thanks for keeping it real ~ I always know I'll get the real deal when I read your posts! 😉

  7. Patricia/NYC says:

    Congratulations, Chris!! And THANK YOU for protecting us & keeping us safe!!

    GREAT post!! I LOVE the family photo!! There is so much spirit in that photo, it's just beautiful!!

    By now, I hope you are in your "relaxing clothes"! 😉

  8. If nothing else all those adorable high jinx simply make for a more memorable day! :) Congrats to your hubby!

  9. Great family photo – Christmas card maybe ? Oh, and your dress is so cute ! Love it !

  10. Congrats! Promotion comes from the Lord :) Way to go Chris!
    And Stef…b/c you serve alongside him…really you know you do!
    You have been blessed with much and in turn you have been a big blessing to others!

  11. How great!!! Big congrats to Chris!!! And a BTDT for you Stefanie:) I feel your pain:)

  12. Wife of the Pres. says:

    You were cracking me up with the undergarment bit. Yeah, I have some of those and they just don't get the job done … I still have to remind myself, "Suck in, suck in" while I'm wearing certain dresses at church. Yes, I even gave away a dress after being asked one time too many while wearing it if I was "expecting." And I was NOT!

    I have to say with Andrea, if I were you, I'd be not only proud of my husband but … well, there is just something about a uniform! The Prez worked for the Army once, but they never gave him a uniform. I only dreamed about it!

    Congrats to Chris! Does he fly that big plane?! Wow!

  13. adoptionroad says:

    Ah, the love/dread relationship with the COC. Congratulations! You all look beautiful and I hope you got to enjoy some of the food and the band. I know it takes a lot of work, but it is good to see our men in their best and remember how honorably they serve each day even when their boots aren't as shiny as today. 😉

  14. Congratulations!! You should be so proud. The pictures are great…and as always, your family is beautiful. I'm sure you were sweating…been there..a balancing act…and when do mamas get to rest. It's all good. They grow up so fast. Vivi will be in the mix next celebration.

  15. Congratulations, Chris!!! I just love to see the men and women who serve our country be honored and so glad to see Chris was honored in a big way!! Very well deserved!!

    Great post. Yes, I, too, love that you always keep it real. :)

  16. Valerie and Jeff says:

    You are hilarious! I thought only that kinda stuff happened to me because I had 3 boys! And it's good to know that's just kids being kids … whether you have 3 or 6–that's so encouraging … and heartwarming.
    Thanks for the reminder and the laugh!
    Congrats too.

  17. Another beautiful post that is heart felt and real. So love your transparency. The photos are precious!
    Congratulations to your husband. We are grateful for his service!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  18. Congrats from another military family! BTDT….Fortunately, I have not had to be at the last 2 'cause they were done in theater. My lil guy was up in stage for one and my hubby made a joke that he was practicing his plf s. Thank goodness others usually thinks kids' antics are adorable…

  19. DANG MAMA, you look HOTTT! (:

  20. How awesome!

  21. Congratulations Chris!
    Thank you for all you do for our country.
    And Stephanie, I love your blog!
    Nancy in MN

  22. Lost and Found says:

    Wait so what was he honored for? How fabulous!

  23. You don't need rubbery undergarments! But I cracked up at your description of them — specifically how you'd never know if your dress was tucked into your underwear! Gosh, that's so true!

    Your family is beautiful! Every perfectly imperfect one of them!

    What was your husband honored for? Can you share or is it Top Secret?


    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  24. You say it isn't pretty, but it looks pretty beautiful to me! What great photos of your gorgeous family. I love the way you tell a story…you always crack me up…you are so bright and funny and real! Congrats to Chris. It looks like it was a great day…in the photos at least!

    Love the comment about Jude's shoes. I have to go back and check it out. Big families are fun and crazy and chaotic. Mine's not nearly as big as yours but it feels insane a good deal of the time, but we love it!

  25. First, Congrats to your hubby!
    Second, I want to frame the picture of your family and tell everyone that y'all are some of our best buddies. heh. Everyone would be jealous :)

  26. Hey…I don't have any rubbery undergarments! I'm missing out on a tummy-tucking thingy??

    You crack me up!! I also loved the comment about Jude's shoes being on the wrong feet. I can't tell you home many times that has happened to me. One time we went out of town for a special adoption banquet and one of my daughters was wearing filthy, way-too-big flip-flops with her beautiful Chinese silk dress. Ack!

    Congratulations to your husband–and thank you both for serving our country. My oldest son is leaving for bo*t camp in Jan. 2010.

  27. CONGRATS, Mrs. Commander! We are so sad we missed Chris' big day!!!! And I loved Tiffany's comment…that is hilarious. You looked lovely, by the way…

  28. congrats Chris!! all good memories, especially with the kiddos making it "extra" fun :O) (i don't see any shoes on the wrong feet tho, maybe i'm blind?)

  29. Nicole A. says:

    Congrats to your husband, and a huge thank you for his service to our country!!

    I bet he was thrilled to share the day with his family, no matter how much kid-induced-chaos they bring to it!

    All the best,
    Nicole A. in OH

  30. What a GREAT family picture!!! You all look GREAT!

  31. How wonderful that hubby (and the family) was honored. Please give him a great big thank you for his service to our country!

  32. Miss Anna B says:

    What did Chris get honored for? I love that you are such a supportive and proud wife 😉 SHoes on the wrong feet, boogers and ALL………….

  33. You look GREAT, rubbery undergarments and all!!!
    Hectic day, but awesome pictures!
    And Congrats to Chris!!!

  34. I have to say I was laughing all the way through this entry – just wonderful and what a way to celebrate! There's a programme over in the UK called Outnumbered and this could have been a script from it! Wonderful photos though and wonderful memories

  35. Congratulations Dad! You must all be so proud!

  36. Stefanie, you are simply beautiful, elastic garments & all. Hee,hee!!!Congratulations to your husband. Tell him thank you for serving our Christian nation. I enjoy reading about your life. Life: it's just so stinky daily. I thank Jesus for His Strength. Blessings to you & your sweet ( and boogery :)) family.

  37. Congratulations! Wow…he can wear a uniform, Mama…..can't he?!

    Speaking of wearing…I can't believe with your fantastic shape that you'd even consider the toxic tuckers. You look amazing….do yourself a favor…NO MORE of those to ruin your day.

    What an incredible role model your hubby is for the children…all children!

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