Watching Jude run fills my heart with joy. Like just about any mama, watching her child.

But it also fills me with indebtedness, gratitude and thankfulness.

Jude couldn’t even stand on his own when we met him in China as a 16 month old with uncorrected bilateral clubfoot.

His ankles were bruised from his attempts to try and stand, and after just a few minutes of effort, he’d have to give up, exhausted.

But that has all changed, thanks to one extremely special man.

Dr. Ponseti, the man who developed the Ponseti Method of clubfoot casting, revolutionized the way clubfoot is treated around the world.

And he changed the lives of countless children, like Jude, born with a deformity that was once considered a strictly surgical matter, and made it incredibly effective, non-invasive and virtually painless.

Jude has no limitations.

Jude has no pain.

And he can run like the wind.

On this day, the day of Dr. Ponseti’s passing, we are filled with gratitude for our son’s unlimited future. We mourn the loss of this brilliant and benevolent man, but rejoice at the fact that a bit of him will live on through the little ones whose futures he changed.



  1. Team Houston says:

    OH NO!!! I did not know that, what a sad day!……

    xoxo Michele

  2. Wow. I didn't know either.
    What a legacy to leave behind. What an honor you had to meet him!

  3. Valerie and Jeff says:

    That IS a beautiful picture to see him running!
    As a mom of a 16 month old it breaks my heart to envision what you have just described … and with such a painless, effective treatment available … Oh my goodness … why aren't all children running??! Thank you for reshaping your children's futures and for educating others (like me) who didn't know about Dr. Ponsetti and his technics for clubfoot castings (I was reading back through your site and got a crash course.) And the U of I is literally less than an hour away from me. Such a small world.

  4. Andy and Amy says:

    What a legacy he left!

  5. Sally- That Girl! says:

    I was so sad when I heard this morning that he had passed, but thankful for his legacy. We were at Shriners today and they only knew of his stroke. I was the bearer of the news. Tears were flowing there as well. What a special man he was and seeing Jude running in those pictures is such a beautiful tribute to him! Thanks!

  6. A sad thing to hear, for sure. But at the age of 95 this man has left an amazing legacy that we have SO much to be grateful for. I first learned about him through you and following your journeys and reading your sons' blogs. It's wonderful to know that so many lives have been positively changed because of him! What a blessing to know that he had such a profound affect on your boys lives!!


  7. I know this is a very sad day for your Stef. What a blesing that your children are part of his legacy!!!!

    Great big Hug to you!


  8. This is sooooo beautiful!!! I love these pictures of him. God is so good!

  9. Stefanie,
    So sad to hear of Dr. Ponseti passing away….but WOW…what a legacy he left when he departed this world! We all want to make a difference and what a difference this man made in the lives of his patients and in the lives of patients who are treated with his methods.
    The world is a better place because of him! Imagine how many people he has touched! Amazing… :)

  10. Sue Mom of Two says:

    It was SO special seeing the pics of Jude running towards you, his feet SO straight and perfect. I was just thinking about both Jude and Shephard's feet when I saw your pics of your family outing this weekend and what amazing things Dr. Ponseti developed for treating club foot. He changed lives, opening up new doors, for SO many children. So sorry to hear he has died, but we know that his method will live on through his teachings….all over the world.

  11. Stacy in New England says:

    Our sincere condolences on Dr. Ponseti's passing and thank you for the links so that we could learn just how special he was for so many. You, Jude and your entire family are in our thoughts and prayers today ~ Blessings, Stacy

  12. Beautiful post. What a wonderful gift to the world- the Dr.'s great foresight and of course your beautiful Jude.


  13. The Gang's Momma says:

    Wow. What a loss for the medical community! And what a blessing that he devoted his years to sharing his experiences, education and passion with others, so that lives can continue to be changed. You were blessed to know him.

  14. I saw this in the a.m. and you were the first person that I thought of. Can you imagine changing the lives of so many for the better. I would have loved to have met him.


  15. My friends daughter was born with bilateral clubfoot. She tried a local doctor in Florida to no avail. After researching the internet, she found Dr. Ponseti and set out in the middle of winter to Iowa! She described him as a dear kind man! He made her feet straight. Words cannot describe what an amazing Man and Humanitarian he was!! The lives he touched and transformed in the past will live a life that could have been so much harder….and through his dedication to teaching his method, the lives he will continue to transform will be infinite! What a legacy he leaves behind! I think he should be given sainthood!!

  16. I love watching him run…what a beautiful tribute to Dr. Ponsetti!

  17. Oh, so sorry to hear about his passing. You have mentioned him so often that I feel like I knew him. What a beautiful post in his honor.

    Go Jude, run… run like the wind!!!!


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