Christmas List 2009 ~ 8-12 year olds winner

From the first mention, one idea that stood out to me was the World Vision idea. I love the thought of giving a gift that benefits someone who really needs it. And the thought of teaching selflessness and generosity in the process.

But after a bit of internet research, well, I recommend doing some investigating of your own before going through World Vision to give a Christmas gift.

I really hate it when a few apples spoil the whole bunch.


Okay, done with the yucky stuff…

Onto the winner!

Here’s an idea I think is fun for the whole family. At least for my whole family.

‘Cuz we love us some popcorn.

And I just read that microwave popcorn is actually unhealthy. Something about the lining of the bag disintegrating into the popcorn.


One more reason why this is such a great idea.


I think this is another great idea. So I’m mentioning it, as an honorable mention.

A devotional for boys or girls, based on their age.

We have done devotionals with our children and have found it to be time incredibly well spent. As their parents, if we don’t mentor them, spend time with them and teach them about the world, someone else will.

I bought one for each of my boys, as well as one for my girls. At $10.99, it’s an excellent investment in your relationship with your child. And, obviously, in your child’s spiritual growth.


And, just because we had one and I know how stinkin’ fun these are, here is another honorable mention.

Of course, mine was homemade. And not nearly as safe. Or well built.

I do not recommend making one yourself.

Your oldest daughter might just agree to be the guinea pig for said homemade zipline’s maiden run. And end up falling 12 feet onto her hiney.

Thus igniting uproarious laughter from her mother.

And that’s not good.

Unless you’re the mom and you still laugh at the thought of it. (I love you, Tori :))


So there you go! Congratulations to Sara at Football and Fried Rice for some truly fantastic ideas. Girl, if you didn’t win a gift card for best idea, you’d have deserved a nod for best shopper :)

As an aside, I have also purchased Settlers of Catan and Killer Bunnies, as well as Scribblenauts for my kids this Christmas.

I can’t speak of how wonderful they are, yet, but I am grateful for all the wonderful ideas that been generated by the compilation of Christmas List 2009. It’s definitely made my shopping a whole lot easier!



  1. The Gang's Momma! says:

    Ugh. I hadn't heard about the issues that WV had. I'm always so sad to hear about those. It doesn't just hurt the organisation (I love it spelled that way. So very British!), but in the end, it hurts the children the most. Ugh. But thanks for the heads up.

    And about the popcorn thing: we have a Orville Redenbacher Presto Pop that you plop in the microwave. 2:27 later and I have hot fresh popcorn with which to carry my salty butter. Safe enough for the kids and I don't have to stand there whirling the thingy ma-bob. Which is important considering how many batches we make at once here.

    We eat a lot of popcorn. A. LOT.

  2. Our Family says:

    I almost ordered the popcorn thingie yesterday, but you know, I'm really suppposed to be DONE shopping. I need to find a good excuse, maybe I forgot someone, I don't know!! And I'm glad to hear you've bought those board games, I'm sure your family will love them!! Settlers of Catan in particular is highly addictive, so don't say I didn't warn you!

  3. Table for Six says:

    We LOVE settlers!! we also just bought the version from Family Christian that is based in Israel.
    AND bob and I play on our laptops – across from each other.. we just don't let anyone else in the "gameroom". :O) fun fun. yes we are dorks.
    I will get up with you soon.. been on bedrest for 3 weeks – heavily medicated. yikes!

  4. Actually found the Whirley Pop at the Rural King near my parents' house yesterday afternoon (went looking for winter boots for my oldest.) I'm also supposed to be done, but I got it and we used it yesterday afternoon. Still working on the popcorn/oil ratio–ours was a little too dry for the salt to stick, but we'll figure it out!

  5. Amy Parodi says:

    These are great ideas – I may check out the popcorn popper – we do popcorn and movies a lot!

    About World Vision, I work there, and can tell you, WV cracked down hard when they discovered what happened in Liberia. They've closed the office and the people involved are being prosecuted. No organization can prevent individuals from doing horrible things, but I'm actually really proud of the integrity and transparency WV's leadership has when they respond to issues. Just my two cents.

    Thanks for the other gift ideas!

  6. Thanks for the info, Amy!
    Great to hear WV has worked so hard to correct the issue :)

  7. Football & Fried Rice says:

    Oh my. Well, I for one, will NOT be the one turning the whirley pop – but alas, I have a few kids that the job will be PERFECT for.

    I really wanted the one that costs $99 at target and looks like the "real deal" – but the hubs did NOT go for it :)

    I think you will like just buying different kinds of kernels – who knew there were so many!!

    Thanks, girl for starting the whole Christmas shopping frenzy!!

  8. ngstsWe LOVE Settlers!!! Even trying to figure out a way to play between Charlotte and Omaha…if you have any ideas, let me know. We made a robber rule – first 7, roll and robber goes to that #. If a second 7 is rolled, then you pick. When the number is rolled twice that the robber is on, he returns to the desert to wait. Makes it more fun for us. Enjoy!!! (and don't forget the expansion packs!)

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