Christmas List 2009 ~ 8-12 year olds

Back to business. I took a day off, in honor of receiving word of our Article 5 (insert wild dancing and happy arm flailing). It was actually received on December 4th, we just heard about it for the first time yesterday. And that’s a-okay with me since it means we’ve got almost an entire week of waiting under our belts.

And we didn’t even know it. I love it when that happens.

So, here we go…

Today’s post is the third of five, each post representing one ‘category’ of Christmas List 2009. I’m giving you guys one last chance to see all the great ideas, and to add an idea or two of your own.

Welcome to my most current version of Christmas List 2009 for 8-12 year olds.

If your idea isn’t listed, or you’d like to add something feel free to do so in the comment section. You’ve got until 8:00 tonight.

Then I’ll select a winner and post it sometime after 8:00.

In case you forgot, winner gets one of these.

For $25 bananas. $25 greebacks. $25 dinero.

Here she blows. Christmas List 2009 for 8-12 year olds.

Domino Race by Haba
Sklz Pro Mini Basketball Hoop (over the door)
SET Game
Chronicles of Narnia CD set
Harry Potter Limited Edition DVD Collection ~ thank you, Francesca :)
Nintendo DSi
Judy Moody Book Collection
American Girl Doll
Taylor Swift Tickets
Keva Planks
Ling from China World Collection Doll
Marble Aim Carpet
Crayola Crayon Maker
Land of Nod It’s A Draw Art Box
Lego Mindstorms NXT
Handmade Jewelry (boys and girls)
My Sims Agents
Diary of A Wimpy Kid Books
Lego Technic Rally Truck
Shenaiai ~ Chinese Handmade Purses and Totes
Personalized Paper Lantern Necklace
AntWorks Ant Farm
World Vision Life Changing Gift
Lego Space Police
Bamboo Chinese Yo Yo
Snap Circuits
Moon In My Room
Mei Magazine
Guitar Praise
Flip Ultra Camcorder
Piano Gloves
Stiga Spider Tennis Table Set
Youth Archery Set
Jokes on You! Prank Kit
Shutterfly Photo Book
Killer Bunnies
The Settlers of Catan
Scribblenauts for Nintendo DS
Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker
Razor Electric Scooter
Gotta Have God ~ Cool devotions for guys
Bible Marking Kit
Texas TeePees
Wooden Nativity Set
Motobike Bicycle
The Ultimate Gift DVD
Magic School Bus books
Mario Kart for Wii
Scrabble Tile Pendants
Land’s End Personalized Tote
Custom Chinese Character Necklace
Personalized Note Cards
A Bundle of Promises – book
Johnathan Park CDs
Fun Ride Zip Line
Amphibious Remote Control Tank
Crayola Glow Station

P.S. Don’t forget that when you shop at to go through the Love Without Boundaries Amazon icon at the bottom of their homepage, or through this link at New Day Foster Home. That way LWB or New Day Foster Home receives a small portion of the proceeds of your purchase!

P.P.S. PLEASE price shop as well. Sometimes Amazon’s prices are ridiculous. Just sayin’. Check around.



  1. My kids are getting into marbles this season!! I love how they're so collectible, easy to store and inexpensive (at least the ones on this sight) Not mention the fact that they can be utterly dazzling and beautiful!I'm getting them the rug

    and a few sets to get them started. I'm hoping it becomes a favorite on family game night and collecting the marbles new and old become a passion! This is the best sight I've found "Land of Marbles"
    Happy Holidays everyone!

  2. Okay, I just found this and I am in LOVE…perfect for a girl in this age range :)

    (or for a waiting Mommy maybe?)

  3. So many great ideas. I have purchased over 10 items from your lists for my grand kids. This has been a real help.
    A gift certificate for time alone with Grandma is always a hit.

  4. Keva planks! we first saw these at a kid's museum in San Diego–and played with them and just HAD to buy them for us (and our future kiddies). You can build some amazing structures with these.

  5. Taylor Swift tickets!

  6. The Gang's Momma! says:

    Oh my. Don't forget about the wonderful world of American Girl!

    We're particularly fond of this one:

    because she looks so much like our LadyBug.

    But I can see that this one:

    might be a "saving for" kind of gift soon, too.

  7. Lilly's Family says:

    Maybe Judy moody around the world in 8 and a half days.The series.KATIE BRYANT

  8. My son asked for one thing and one thing only, the Nintendo DSI. He said and I quote "they are so cool mom, they can be an MP3 player, a camera and I can go online, so I wouldn't need and ipod or a computer or a camera just this"

  9. Shelly and Family says:

    The minute I saw "this" on TV ~ I (that should be in BOLD writing) so knew I wanted one for myself! If "this" was ever around when I was a kiddo, it would have been at the top of my list! All kidding aside, I really have "this" on my Christmas list this year (and I am pushing 40)! Can't wait any longer to find out what "this" is…

    Well, it is Crayola Crayon Maker Machine. (bet you thought it was going to be something expensive and one-of-a-kind) Seeing how I love creating with color…all COLORS…this would be perfect for my little world. Forget the easy bake ovens…making your own color custom crayons ~ totally rock…in my opinion…

    Here is the link…

    Now I know it is not a trip on the Polar Express or and Indoor Mega Jungle Gym, but it is my pick and seeing how it is for children ages 8 & up…figure "this totally cool gift suggestion" would fit perfectly here…

    Here's to a great weekend!!!!

  10. Shelly and Family says:

    PS – my daughter wants me to add (as she is sitting here next to me while I am typing) "this" to your list! Now Francesca is only four (will be 5 in Jan), but when I told her what I was doing on your blog – she has a suggestion to add as well…

    The Harry Potter Limited Ed. Collection DVD set!

    (here is the link)

    Francesca is really into Harry Potter this year…actually it started this past month when ABC Family Channel had a "Harry Potter" weekend. She watch EVERY-SINGLE-MOVIE and was 100% into them! I told her that it was a treat for her to be watching them because they are really for children a little bit older than her. When she asked me how old, I told her 8 (which seems to be my magic number to just about everything lol) so when she heard that I was placing my suggestion on your blog for holiday gifts starting at age 8 – she had one to share as well…(and trust me ~ this is all her!)

    So there you have it…Francesca's Suggestion!

    (I so wish you can see how proud she is over this…Thank you for making my little girl's day)

  11. BTW, the Chronicles of Narnia CD set is RADIO THEATRE. It's not the movie and not a reading of the book, but true radio theatre. Amazing voices. It was a huge hit with my son at about age 8 and he listened to it for years.

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