Christmas List 2009 ~ for toddlers

I just could not do it.

I had to break it down. I had to spread it out.

Too many ideas swirling in my brain.

That’s the long, incoherent version. Brought on by many days looking at many internet sites and purchasing many toys for many children.

Here’s the one sentence summary: I’ll be posting over the next 5 days, one ‘category’ of Christmas List 2009 per day, giving you guys one last chance to see all the great ideas, and to add an idea or two of your own, if you haven’t already.

Today I’m posting my most current version of Christmas List 2009 for toddlers.

That’s kiddos 1.5 to 3.

If your idea for toddlers isn’t listed, or you’d like to add something at the last minute (my favorite technique), feel free to do so in the comment section. You’ve got until 8:00 tonight.

Then I’ll select a winner and post it sometime after 8:00.

In case you forgot, winner gets one of these.

For $25 smackers. $25 skanootins. $25 buckeroos.

Just in time for some Christmas shopping.

Here it is. For toddlers. The list.

Ugly Dolls
Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera *3+
Penelope Peapod Babies *3+
Coal Train Railroad CD for kids
Dr. Seuss ~ Beginner Book Collection
Sesame Street DVD ~ Old School
Little Einstein DVDs
Little Tikes Waffle Blocks
Little People Nativity Set
Tow-A-Car Fishing Set
Tub Finger Paints
Princess in the Tub Set
Sassy Bath Set
Little Mommy Doll
Radio Flyer Tricycle
Leap Frog TAG Junior Book Pal
Mega Blocks
Little People Princess Ride On
Disney Princess Plush Rocker
Mei Mei DVDs
Dressy Bessy
Glitter Ballet Shoes
GeoTrax Remote Control Railway
Leap Frog Text and Learn *3+
Elf on the Shelf
Handmade Apron
Retro Fisher Price Cash Register
Knuffle Bunny Books
Electric Toy Violin
Fisher Price Little People
Itsy Bitsy I Spy Bags
Fisher Price My First Dollhouse
Rose Petal Cottage and Accessories
Melissa and Doug Lacing Beads
Leap Frog Fridge Phonics
Handmade Playhouse (fits over a card table)
Parents Bristle Blocks
Leap Frog Zippity *3+
Plasma Car
Steve Songs CD
Corolle Asian Doll *3+
Real Wooden Blocks
Haba Orchard Game *3+
Crayola Color Me A Song
Snap ‘N Style ~ like Polly Pocket, only for toddlers
Wikki Stix
GeoTrax Train Set
A Mother’s Crochet hats and booties
Little Tikes Bumble Bee Buggy *QueenoftheClick says use BYAH2006 for 15% off
Little Tikes Push ‘n Ride Doll Walker *QueenoftheClick says use BYAH2006 for 15% off
Little Tikes Push ‘n Ride Racer *QueenoftheClick says use BYAH2006 for 15% off
Many Colored Blessings Books
Parents Animal Hospital
Bunnies By the Bay Bao Bao Bear
Bunnies By the Bay Bao Bao Blanket
Step2 Party Kitchen
Girly Girl Bows
Leap Frog Scribble and Write
Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart
China Adoption Christmas Ornaments
Baby Be Blessed dolls
Shape Sorting Clock
Crochet Hats and hair accessories
PB Kids Polkadot Pram
Melissa and Doug wooden food
Indoor Playsets
Zubbles ~ colored bubbles!
Mini-Glider Balance Bike
Baby Stella
Laser BOB Helmet
A Bundle of Promises – book
Johnathan Park CDs

P.S. Just leave a comment with any additions to this list. I’ll add them as I get them.



  1. our favorite toddler toy (that they still love at 5,5 and 7!) is snap n style by fisher price.

    Like huge polly pockets with WAY easier to put on clothes!

  2. mylilchunkymonkey says:

    We got our 2-year old a Crayola Color Me a Song for Christmas. The faster you color, the faster the music goes, teaching cause and effect. It also has buttons to push – fun, fun!

    Here's the link:,COLOR-ME-A-SONG

  3. Here are some of Emma's favorites. She's 3.

    Haba Orchard Game – we play it every day! (Make sure you look at the board game for about $35..there is also a simple card game version and we've never tried that).

    Blocks, blocks and more blocks! We have a big set but Emma builds such elaborate structures that I got her another 100 piece set from Santa :)
    Most sets aren't maple anymore….I don't want rubberwood or soft woods. This company still uses northern maple hardwood!

    Haba Play food. The girls have a Selecta grocery store which they love. This play food is so much nicer than plastic…the girls play with it constantly. I watch for sales (oh…and the stuff is small so if you buy, be prepared) Melissa and Doug has cute wooden food but some of their stuff is being recalled due to high levels of some hazardous substance…one thing you don't usually have to worry about with European toys which have higher standards than the US, but you pay extra for that!

    New Corolle Asian Doll…we don't have her yet, but the girls think she is VERY cute:

    Steve Songs CDs…both Hannah and Emma love him. My favorite CD is Marvelous Day. They will be getting another set of concert tickets in their stockings!!!

    Plasma Car…another huge hit:

    Then the old standards of art supplies, playdoh, goop, and lots of books. In fact, we do a book each day as an advent calendar type thing. Every night at bedtime from Dec. 1st-24th, they each open a book which we read before we turn their lights out. They really look forward to it each day.

  4. I have two ideas….
    The first is the Leap Frog Zippity. It is for kids ages 3-5 yrs old so it could go in both this category and the older category. I am a kindergarten teacher and love Leapfrog stuff. Love educational gifts.

    Bristle Blocks is another one. My nephew LOVES his and he is 2. Here's one type they have at Target:

  5. richmomma says:

    Here's another idea:

    It's a playhouse that fits over a card table. Super cute and can be personalized with child's name, home address, etc. A friend of mine used to make these as gifts, but I found someone selling them on Etsy:

  6. richmomma says:

    BTW, that same Etsy artist has a bunch of other buildings that would likewise be perfect for this age group. The concept is "Card Table Playhouses" and she has buildings like:

    post office
    fire station
    fairy house
    princess house
    and MORE!

    Here's her Etsy address:

    (And, no, I don't know her! Just think her stuff is CUTE!) đŸ˜‰

  7. Aaron and Erica says:

    Here's a good one…

    it's from Leap Frog and teaches letter's and letter sounds. We had one of these for my boys but I donated it and then had to buy another one this year for our new daughter.

    Merry Christmas Stephanie!

  8. I suggest a dressy bessy doll. It will be a favorite for a long time. It teaches dressing skills and is really cute.
    Love your lists as it gave me ideas for my three grand kids.

  9. Love Letters To China says:

    My 2 and 7 year old are always playing with Little People by Fisher Price. Most of them are hand me downs from my daughter. It seems that these toys have brought the two of them closer together during play time. They've been a life saver!

  10. My favorite gift isn't actually on a site (except mine LOL) But I made my girl an apron and matching chef hat to go with her new kitchen. She loves wearing my apron so I igured making her own would be a hit.

  11. Ladybugsmom says:

    Our 2 year old loves music especially a "fiddle/violin" well she is too young for any lessons but this little instrument makes her feel like she has the real deal…so cute

  12. I love buying books as a gift and our favorite by far is Knuffle Bunny, by MO Williems. And the second Knuffle Bunny is equally as good. They also make a cute stuffed knuffle bunny to go with the book.

  13. The Christmas gift that my toddlers have enjoyed AND has warmed my heart the most is the Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set. We love to get a Christmas story, read it, and act out the nativity scene together. Now that I have two kiddos, they like to tell the story to each other. For us it has been a wonderful way to keep Christ centered in Christmas as His story becomes part of play time.

  14. I found the greatest cash register. It is so retro! Here is the link:

    I remember playing with one of those when I was little. It rocked!

  15. Shelly and Family says:

    Our Annabelle LOVES her "Elf on the Shelf" book and personal elf! I found it early this season and it has been a HUGE hit in our house (even with Francesca). Here is the link…

    In our house, Annabelle can't wait to head down stairs every morning to see where our elf has landed for the day (after a night of flying to & from Santa's).

    BTW – our elf's name is Erine

  16. my son is getting the LeapFrog Text and Learn for Christmas:

    He's also getting more mega bloks. And he's obsessed (almost) with anything having to do with trains so he is getting a FP Geotrax set:

  17. Shelly and Family says:

    another one of our Annabelle's favorite is her GLITTER shoes from Target! We can't go anywhere without her hot pink glitter shoes…and seeing how they come in other colors (besides pink) I did order her a pair in red as well for Christmas!

    Here is the link…

    (ok it seems kind of long when I copied it to here but they are at and type in the search box ' "glitter shoes"

    Right now they are $12.99 but I got ours on sale for $7.00 back in November (can't bet that lol)!

    Oh this is so fun!!!!

  18. The Gang's Momma! says:

    Oh! Don't forget about the updated version of the classic Dressy Bessy and Dapper Dan. I found one for my neice and she got ALL her toddler years out of it and then some. Is it just me, or is it totally cool that they are re-releasing the toys WE loved? Or am I showing my age with that question?! Anyway. . . here's the link.

  19. The Gang's Momma! says:

    Ooops, hit enter before I was done.

    We also love the Little People Nativity set. So fun to hear them playing with Jesus and singing Happy Birthday!

  20. My daughters love the Dancing with Mei Mei Chinese DVD. We got just that one from friends who were done with it. I think the Day at Kindergarten With Mei Mei would be one they would enjoy as well.

  21. Football & Fried Rice says:

    If you are like me – your toddler spends a lot of time in the bathtub (supervised..of course) I think when Mya first came home she took 2 (1 hour each) baths a day…she needed a place where no one else could bother her đŸ˜‰ And bath tubs toys ALWAYS need replaced and are ALWAYS popular with the kiddos – some of my favorites –

    The Sassy Bath Gift Set:

    Princess in the Tub Set:

    Tub Finger Paints:

    Tow-A-Car Fishing Set:

    Scrub – A – Dub – Dub!!!

  22. Beach Mama says:

    The Queen and The Princess l-o-v-e their "tooter scooters" known otherwise as Plasma cars. I've even had a few rides on it in spite of our neighbors!

  23. Take a look at these most adorable dolls. They're are probably best suited for ages 3+.

    Sooooo CUTE!!!!


  24. Chelsea Gour says:

    I have to agree with someone else on the list. One of the best things we ever got for our pre-schooler was the Leap Frog Fridge Phonics .

    We brought Claire home from China at 2 1/2 in May and by July she knew all her letters and sounds! Now she is using the Leap Frog Fridge Word Builder to spell three letter words and loves it!

  25. Little Einstein Videos

  26. Has anyone suggested the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital camera?
    I guess it would be better for the older group. My girls are getting one each for Christmas as their "big" gift. They always pretend to take pictures of the family! Too cute…

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