Christmas List 2009 ~ over 20

Not gonna lie. Running. out. of. steam. here.


Today is the last day.

The last list.

Welcome to my most current version of Christmas List 2009 for peeps over 20.

If your idea isn’t listed, or you’d like to add something feel free to do so in the comment section. You’ve got until 8:00 tonight.

Then I’ll select a winner and post it sometime after 8:00.

Again, the winner gets one of these. For $25.00. I’ll be sending the gift card electronically, so you’ll have it in time to do some last minute shopping.

Which is a very good thing.

Without further ado. Christmas List 2009 for the over 20 crowd.

The Nook from Barnes and Noble
Anything from
Digital Picture Frame
Just Love Coffee ~ adoption fundraiser, too!
Bead For Life Jewelry
Invisible Children ~ shop to make a difference in Uganda
Sharper Image Laptop Essentials Kit
Canon Rebel
Hand Stamped Personalized Necklace for Grandma
Lego Stormtrooper Cuff Links
NFL Party Tailgating Pack
Pottery Barn Monogrammed Pitcher
Burton Wheelie Travel Bag
CrazyBoy Handmade Bags
Personalized Lenox Dish
Retro Measuring Cups
Button Up Scarf/Neckwarmer
Susan Bijl Bags
Fireproof DVD
Shenaiai ~ Chinese Handmade Purses and Totes
Anthropologie Florist Measuring Cups
Adoption Bug Fundraising T-shirt
Southern Living Cookbook
Mother and Child Necklaces
Handmade Personalized Note Cards
Shutterfly Photo Book
Raven and Lily Handmilled Soaps
Casting Crowns: Until the Whole World Hears
Scarlet Threads
Suzanne Myers Name Charm Necklace
The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Bath and Body Works
SCC ~ Beauty Will Rise
Macbook Pro
Hand Stamped Jewelry
King of Queens on DVD
Memory Maker Picture bracelet
Family Metal Pool set ~ from my friend who lives in Australia :)
Child Bike Seat
Nativity Set pattern
Amani ~ support women in Africa!
Land’s End Personalized Tote
Sticks and Stones
Wild Olive Tees

P.S. Don’t forget that when you shop at to go through the Love Without Boundaries Amazon icon at the bottom of their homepage, or through this link at New Day Foster Home. That way LWB or New Day Foster Home receives a small portion of the proceeds of your purchase!

P.P.S. PLEASE price shop as well. Sometimes Amazon’s prices are ridiculous. Just sayin’. Check around.



  1. Oh Stefanie, I have really enjoyed these posts and appreciate ALL the time it took to put them all together.

    I would love it if you would put some sort of link on your sidebar so we can refer to these lists throughout the year for birthdays, mother's day & other gifts!


  2. Girl, I can't tell if you're just really sweet, or totally crazy. HA!! I'm guessing really sweet….with maybe a hint of crazy. :)
    You put so much work into this…thank you so much!

  3. Patricia/NYC says:

    Lemme just say…you have done so many of us such a SERVICE with these posts!!!! I appreciate ALL of the hard work this job alone entailed!! Whew!!!

    Now…with all this list making for us, I sure do hope you made YOUR list 'cause Santa owes you big time! 😉


  4. Love love love all the lists. Thank you!

    I do have an idea. Digital Picture Frame. This is something that we got for my mother-in-law for Christmas this year. She is living in an assisted living home, and it will be perfect. All her fav pictures all in one place. Whenever we visit, we will be able to add very easily. Also, hubs said he so enjoyed setting the one up for her, he'd love one for his office. Twoer on this one!

    There are a lot of them out there, but this is the one we really liked:

    Cheers, and really, thanks again. I simply cannot imagine doing all this – at this time of year!

  5. Anything from or It benefits adoptive families, AMAZIMA.ORG, feeds orphans in Uganda, working with Ugandan women in Africa on sustainable income from their handmade necklaces, promoting adoption, and much more. They have tshirts for men, women, youth, and toddlers, plus handmade items from Uganda, like beaded necklaces.

  6. I have an idea. A gift to a charity of your choice. We all have way too much when there are plenty of people with way too little in this world. :)

  7. the nook on would be a really nice present

  8. Deanna, (aka Dj, and Deej.) says:

    I've ordered the book for my head-chef at work! (thanks for the heads up on the lower price at! it's almost $30 at the local bookstores…)
    also, I went through the LWB site to get to amazon, hoping part of my order helps out some little ones! (the lwb tag in the address bar disappeared after leaving the front page of amazon… hmpf.) Just praying that proceeds are on their way, regardless of what the address bar was saying!
    Thanks for all of your hard work!

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