Christmas List 2009 ~ toddler winner

First, I’d like to mention an Honorable Mention.

I mean, just look at it. I’m a mother to 4, soon to be 5, children aged 5 and under. Of course I’d mention this.

It’s pretty much kid heaven. And it lives inside. Which means there is no bug repellent, no bath time, no snow boots required.

I might have chosen this one, if I had even the teeniest, tiniest inkling that I could ever, ever afford it.

But, I’m thinkin’ NO.

Thanks, Concierge Mom for not just this awesome idea, but for putting together such an amazing list of gift ideas. And for making me wish my husband either made a lot more money or wouldn’t lose an appendage to a wood saw in about 2 seconds flat.

That leaves us with the winner.

I just have not been able to get over this one. That’s how I knew it was the ONE.

It was a very early entry, and while there have been a lot of good ideas that have crossed my bloggy path since then, this one stands alone.

Bao Bao Bear by Bunnies By The Bay.

Incredibly, I received one of these darling little fellows in the mail just yesterday. As a gift for myself Vivienne (thank you, Kelly!! I’d squeeze ya if I could!) And it’s even more snuggly, soft and adorable in person. If that’s even possible.

Between the ladybug embroidered on the foot, the red thread blanket clutched in it’s arm and the name Bao Bao, it’s the perfect gift for any child, but especially one adopted from China.

So there you have it. The first winner of the search for the perfect Christmas gift 2009 is Maia from Wanderer’s Daughter. Who is now richer by one $25 Amazon gift card.

See y’all tomorrow.

And have your ideas ready. We’ll be tackling ideas for 4 to 7 year olds.



  1. Suzanne at The Concierge Mom says:

    Stefanie!! Your post makes me laugh. I don't have an indoor playset like this either, although I did ask for a catalog and perused it over wine (which is what I needed when I saw how pricey it is!) It is a fun concept though and if someone has a handy husband, maybe they could knock off a design! Thanks so much for coordinating ALL these ideas- (so much work!) I have loved checking the other sites and getting ideas. Have wonderful holidays!

  2. Patricia/NYC says:

    That sweet little Bao Bao is just tooooo cute for words!!! OK…I think it's safe to say that sweet gift idea fits ALL age categories! lol! I want one!!

  3. Awwww, Bao Bao is sooooo sweet! Maybe next Christmas I will buy a little Bao Bao for my Dan Dan! Fantastic ideas!!!!

  4. The Wanderers' Daughter says:

    Thank you Stefanie!! Especially for loving the Bao Bao. Bunnies by the Bay and its founders are close to my heart.

  5. The Wanderers' Daughter says:

    ps – Our Qiu sleeps with her Bao Bao hugged tight every single night. It was a gift to her from the owner of the company, who has been tied into the adoption world since she was a child (she was born and raised in Taiwan, though she is not Chinese). Qiu loved everything about BaoBao – the blankie, the ladybug on the foot (I had to draw a ladybug on the sole of her foot after she saw that) and the adoption story. First time she's ever actually reacted to the mention of an adoption (she's only two). The whole thing is tied together just perfectly for an adoptive child to identify with, and it's such a lovie, you can't help but hug it.

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