Christmas List 2009 ~ winner 4-7 year olds


I thought I was having a hard time last night choosing a winner.

But tonight is a whole ‘nother ball game. I was in an indecision nightmare.

So I asked my husband to come and help me decide. He managed to narrow it down to four. Out of those, I was able to narrow it down to two.

But then we were stuck. I mean, these two are so different. So completely different.

But both equally wonderful and certain to elicit squeals of joy from little ones this Christmas.

But there can only be one winner.

This one’s a doozie. But unfortunately, it’s the runner up.

I’m still sad about that.

A ride on the Polar Express.

You get to wear your jammies. And meet the conductor. You’ll have the Polar Express story read to you as you wind around on a real train for an hour long ride to the “North Pole”.

You even get to meet Santa. Er, I mean, your child even gets to meet Santa.

Right? This is for the kids.

Be sure to check out the schedules page to see if the Polar Express is operating at a train station near you this Christmas. I know I’ll be doing just that. Tomorrow.

But here’s the one that did it for me.

The winner.

I just can’t look at that face and say “no”.

Meet Smores Pony. It’s a little girl’s dream come true.

In a fuzzy, carrot-eating package.

As a child, I would have fainted with excitement at the mere thought that something like this even existed. And I simply cannot resist the idea that my girls will do the same.

You’ve got to take a second and watch the commercial for this thing. It’s, well… it’s worth watching.

So worth it, in fact, that my husband is putting on his boots now to go grab a Smores Pony from our local Toys R Us (did you know they’re open ’til midnight?) to give to our squealing daughters on Christmas morning.

If he couldn’t resist it, I am way out of luck. No one around to talk me down. No one to tell me it’s positively and utterly unnecessary. And excessive. And unnecessary.

Good thing my girls can share it. And it’s on sale.

They are gonna love it.

Suddenly, I can’t wait for Christmas to get here.

So the winner of the Christmas List 2009 for 4 – 7 year olds is Mari from In The Hands of the Lord! Who is buying her own little girl a Smores for Christmas this year.

Thanks for takin’ me down with you, girlfriend.



  1. Our Family says:

    I had suggested Smores just this morning. I'm so excited I can't stand it – and I'm SO glad you loved Smores as much as I do!!!!! You must promise to post pics of your Christmas morning excitement : ) I tried to email you but I think your address was missing something….
    Anyways, here's my email:

  2. Well, I missed the deadline but will tell you any way…
    the BEST money ever spent on any toy (except the Wii) was the sandbox to put in the house. That gets played with more than any other toy in the house!!! I put a tarp under it and just vacuum around it after they play. All 6 of my younger kids play in it all the time!!!

  3. I wonder if they sell Smores over here in the Toys R Us in England!! I just showed my 6 year old and she thinks it is amazing!! I have never seen anything like this!!

    Some great ideas were posted…. I should have checked in before I bought our gifts!

  4. Valerie and Jeff says:

    We got a second horse last Oct. –A wee colt 4 months old (the same age as my youngest son, however he has definitely grown faster and is now more horse than colt.) ANYWAY, he needed a name last year and I saw THIS very pony in a T@rget adv. last Christmas and I decided to name our colt S'mores. However, my husband could not be seen on a horse with such a sweet name … the boys (at the time ages 3 and 5) couldn't quite remember the name I liked and it morphed into "Marshmallow" … and ultimately Jeff decided to name him "Scout." However, for the boys he became, "Marshmallow Scout."
    Much to Jeff's shigrin.
    You're welcome to come over and visit him anytime, we should be green breaking him sometime after June this summer after he turns 2.
    Love that your lil' ones will be getting this guy. I can only imagine the excitement when they unwrap that!

  5. Dialing up Toys-r-Us right now to order a Smores for our girls. They are going to FLIP their lids on Christmas morning. We've been looking for a "big" gift for our little one. This is IT. The bomb. Seriously.
    Thanks for the tip!

  6. Mom to my China Posse says:

    Just booked our Polar Express for this Monday!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the heads up.

  7. I am excited to see that my Polar Express Train ride made it as the runner up, but bummed that I didn't win. Then again…I was up against a cute pony! We are taking our train ride next Thursday!

  8. Deanna, (aka Dj, and Deej.) says:

    We have Buttercup, Smores' tan-colored sister. It's a favorite in this house! Your girls will absolutely love it!

  9. There is an actual Polar Express ride at Mt. Hood in Oregon. If you are in that area, I really recommend it, specially if you have seen the movie. I will wait a few more years when they are 6 or 7 for my kids to enjoy it. I got the movie, the PJs, and we might want to book a hotel room near by because the drive up is snowy and a few hours from town.

    And take loots of pictures!

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