same song, last verse.

To recap, I’ve been collecting Christmas ideas from you guys. If you’re curious, see this post and this post. And this post.

And to get into the spirit of the season, I’m giving away five $25 Amazon gift cards. One to the person who comes up with the very best idea in each category. So, in theory, you could win all five, if you’ve got those kind of ideas. Really good ideas.

I’ve actually purchased several items that I learned about right here. From this very list.

Y’all are smart. And quite excellent shoppers.

So, once again, here’s the updated list. Note that all the new additions are in bold. For your convenience.

You know why.

Toddler (1.5 – 3 years) ideas:

Elementary (4 – 7 years) ideas:

Youth (8 – 12 years) ideas:

Young Adult (13 – 20 years) ideas:

Adult (hopefully self-explanatory) ideas:


Here is our Mr. Linky, making his appearance again, so you guys can keep on adding to the chaos craziness list, at your leisure. I’ll continue to add your ideas to the main list as I receive them, if you don’t see your idea, let me know so I don’t miss it!

This will be my last post asking for ideas, I’ve gotta get a life! I’ll choose a winner in each category a week from today: December 8th. So have your idea in by December 7th if you wanna win the big stuff.

So until then, keep the ideas coming!

P.S. Don’t forget that when you shop at to go through the Love Without Boundaries Amazon icon at the bottom of their homepage, or through this link at New Day Foster Home. That way LWB or New Day Foster Home receives a small portion of the proceeds of your purchase!



  1. a Tonggu Momma says:

    YOU'VE gotta get a life?!?!! I'VE gotta get a life! Tomorrow I'm begging for ideas so that I can tell my harassing relatives what I want. At least you are focusing on buying for OTHERS. *hanging head in humiliation*

  2. My girls love these books! Baby to toddler age b/c they are nice cardboard books with beautiful illustrations.

    Barbie-Hug-Heal-Pet-Doctor for ages 3-7 girls is adorable!

    Melissa-Doug-Band-in-Box is so fun for kids of all ages! Boys and girls!

    My son loves Lego and the LEGO-Technic-Monster-Truck is so cool! anything that moves!

    Okay…the DVD Fireproof is a good idea for adults too. And the book The Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman.

    What a fun idea this is to share our gift ideas. I can always use them! Thanks Stefanie!

  3. Oh I forgot to list Magformers! So awesome. I am giving you a link to see them on QVC. They have a video showing you how they work. They are totally fun and a great toy that lets kids use their imagination and building and design skills!

  4. PS But you can get the magformers at places other than QVC, like Amazon, etc :)

  5. Shelly and Family says:

    Oh I must get one of those paper lanterns disk necklaces! OK – at least I know what I want this Christmas!!!!

    (already book marked the site)

  6. Hi Stefanie,

    I've got a good idea to share – the cute bags made by Susan Bijl from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I've got some of the bags made of kite material and they're great and super handy!

    Don't have a blog though, so I thought I'd share it like this. Thanks!

    Caroline (the Netherlands)

  7. My son (6) wants (and is getting) a moon in my room. I bought it from Cabela's because I had some free points to buy it with, but I have seen it other places too.

  8. queenoftheclick says:

    For 1.5 – 3 year olds:

    Little Tikes Push and Ride Rider:

    For Little Boys:

    For Little Girls: Push and Ride Doll Walker

    For a bigger girl: The Bumble Bee Rider

    Use code: BYAH2006 for 15% off either


    Cute bear hats (great quality, I've bought from Jacqueline several times:

  9. queenoftheclick says:
  10. queenoftheclick says:

    Youth (8 – 12 years)

    The kids are going crazy for these funny books: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (there's a few of them) and they are on sale at Amazon for about $4.75 a book.

    My Sims Agents for the Wii $40:

  11. queenoftheclick says:
  12. queenoftheclick says:
  13. My pick is for the Hexbug Nano at Toys*R*US for $8 of bug excitement for 5-8 yr old. These things look all techy but run around like crazy on a hard surface. They are really cool if you get several and let them run around each other. Go to see a video on utube to see them in action.
    Enjoy shopping. How DO you ever get all that wrapped???
    Shirley mom to a Gutian girl

  14. I found this little gadget that I am jazzed about for my elementary aged kids. It is a bookmark that has a timer on it. They have to read for school everyday and this will (hopefully) keep them on track.

  15. Journeymark Cards & Gifts says:

    Hey Stephanie, I have a friend who makes these adorable lunch boxes. Thought they would be precious for the kids.

    Here is her blog link-

  16. I added my post to Mr. Linky. Did it wrong the first time. #52 is correct. I have gifts for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults. I did a list of "Gifts That Give Twice". Zambi could probably be 2-7 age range, everything else could be teens or adults.

    Your contest is such a great idea!

  17. richmomma says:

    I added my list. Tried to think of things that have stood the test of time with our five kids, ages 3-19. Hope it's helpful! 😉

  18. richmomma says:

    Thought of another one, so left a link to a second post on my blog. My kids love Wikki Stix. I love them for quiet play, especially during church. There are a LOT of books and small sets to be found on Amazon very inexpensively. Ages 3 to adult. (We love them, too!)

  19. richmomma says:

    Hi! I don't see my ideas posted and you mentioned letting you know if they haven't been added. Wasn't sure if you saw my entries or not…I have 2 blog entries on Xmas gifts! 😉 Thanks, Stefanie!

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