a bit about Vivi

For today, instead of rehashing another day on Shamian Island, I thought I’d share a bit more about her.

Vivi is doing wonderfully. We are surprised daily by the changes in her.

She is outrageously loveable. Without even trying to be. She’s got her own thang going on, and you can either watch from the sidelines, or you can join her.

She loves to play: with me, with Asher, with pretty much anyone, but she can play all alone just as well.

She loves to imitate adult behavior.

Obviously, most of what she does she learned from her foster parents… washing hands, clothes, cleaning up, eating with chopsticks, and, er, smoking cigarettes.

Asher and I have had some good laughs when Vivi has, after dinner, put a well-placed spoon in her mouth, acting like she’s having a smoke.

And we might just still be punchy from the jet lag, but we haven’t been able to keep ourselves from laughing at her antics.

She hates to be told “no”.

Vivi hasn’t pulled out a big naughty card yet, but she’s done a few things I’ve had to say “no” to: spitting out food, hitting, throwing things. And as soon as that word escapes my lips, she goes into mini-meltdown mode. The head goes down, the lower lip comes out and the big crocodile tears begin to fall.

Thankfully, these mini-meltdowns have, thus far, been just that, mini. Never lasting more than 5 minutes and never escalating into a full scale bawl.

Hoping she doesn’t call my bluff between here and home.

She is a chatterbox. She talks. She sings. She dances. When we are out, when we are in, this girl is not shy.

Today she had a conversation with the shopkeeper at the White Swan and managed to charm her way into holding a silver tea pot that was way out of our price range. I was quite relieved when she later traded it in for the shopkeeper’s calculator.

Which, if she dropped it, we could actually afford replacing.

She’s even cuter in person than in her pictures. Truly.

I find myself staring at her often, just soaking her in: her red lips, her chubby cheeks, her sweet smile, her contagious giggle.

Asher and I are really enjoying this precious time, getting to know our new sister and daughter.

We can not wait to get her home.



  1. The Ferrill's says:

    Oh Lord have mercy…I'm just looking at her through a computer screen and can hardly contain myself. I can imagine you are OVER THE MOON IN LOVE!
    Your pictures are incredible, Stefanie. Do you hire out to accompany families to China as photographer? Are you available the end of Feb?
    :) BIG GRINS!

  2. Janet and Kevin says:


    Vivi is simply beautiful! Love the videos you post. That helps us see a glimpse of her personality! You are heading into the homestretch to come home from China while we are preparing to travel to China next week to bring home our little treasure! Oh happy times for both of us!!

    Praying for a safe and smooth trip back home.

    Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and soon to be home Eli

  3. Mike and Barb says:

    Those are GREAT pictures!!!
    So, So cute!

  4. I love the photos of Vivi…adorable!!! I also love your writings, you are great with your words.
    I am sure that your hubby and kiddos are ready for you, Asher and their new sissy/daughter to come home!!!
    prayers with ya

  5. Vivi is truly beautiful. I can see how it would be hard to take your eyes off of her! Love, Kim

  6. The Oswalds says:

    So happy to hear/read more about little Vivi. She is absolutely breathtaking, so beautiful! I love the flower hairpieces. I guess it fits since she loves flowers. Thank you for sharing part of your journey with us.

  7. I've just loved reading along and seeing Vivi – thanks so much for sharing…and bringing back all the memories of our trip to China.

  8. Thank you for sharing your journey…

  9. Sweet, and so fun to read. Love the pictures and your descriptions. Big hugs.

  10. Sophie Neri says:

    How blessed you are that God put this precious child into your lives to call your own. She is a love, I can't get over the smiles, what a blessing to your family

  11. She sounds like she is Full of Life…just like her name! She is just adorable.

    Thinking of you and praying for you!


  12. Mercy be. Stefanie, with each post I read, I can't help but think back to the VERY beginning when you first told us about Vivi…and how doubtful you were, with all the uncertainties of her health and how you just had to trust your husband's judgment to go forward. Wow. Can you even imagine having made the decision NOT to get that girly out of your limited "sight" of the unknowns?

    God is so amazing to help us SEE what's best for us, isn't He?

    That girl is simply delicious!!

  13. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl. I still stare at my Whitney 9 months after family day and just marvel at her beauty. Best wishes.

  14. Her beautiful personality definitely shines through in her photographs. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us!

  15. LOVE this update! She is the cutest! EVERY time you adopt again I think…this chick finds the absolute cutest kids in all of China…and you just keep doing it! :)
    Is she mimicing ANY English words yet? Does she seem to have a clue that when you say Vivi, you mean HER?
    Oh give her lots of squeezes and kisses!!!

  16. She just sparkles Stef! From the inside out! And, you are right about those ruby red lips. The are GORGEOUS!!! So many answered prayers!
    Thankfully, quitting "smoking" should be easy for her!

    Bless you my friend!


    P.S: Love her in pink!! :)

  17. Mom to my China Posse says:

    Shes a real beauty! Love reading all your updates. Just dawned on me we both have 5 Treasures from China. How lucky are we!!!!!!!

  18. I'm with Laine (The Ferrill's) do you hire out to accompany families to China as their photographer!?! 😉

    Seriously though… I cannot imagine her being any more beautiful in person, as my heart skips everytime I see her photos on here. She is just SO incredibly beautiful. Those bright, full rosey red lips, pretty brown eyes and chubby cheekers…just too much, I tell ya! 😉 She is a HUNNY for sure!

    Loved hearing more about her personality. What a special time for you and Asher together to get to know this precious little bundle of love! <><

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  19. I am so glad that she is adjusting so well.

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Guangzhou. It is almost time to go home!

  20. She is so adorable! I am very happy for you all, and I can't even imagine how excited you are to finally get her home and into the mix of her forever family!

    And those pictures … well, she is beautiful! And how wonderful that she has such a great personality, too. Looks like she might have gotten some pretty good care there, which is a blessing.

    All the best,
    Nicole A. in OH

  21. She sounds simply delightful.

  22. David and Sarah says:

    aahhh…what a treasure that little girl is!!

  23. She is precious! So fun to hear more about her personality. So glad you are enjoying your time with her in China. Enjoy the warm weather while you can! :)

  24. OH MY! How can I thank you enough for sharing her with us? What a blessing you are to each other … and all of us!
    Praising Him from Hong Kong,

  25. She is lovely.

  26. McNew Family says:

    Stefanie, so glad to see that you guys are doing well! Be sure to stop in at Jennifer's, behind Subway, and say hi to my friend, Michelle, who works there. She is an awesome young woman and she loves to meet adoptive families. Be sure to give her a hug from Donna!

  27. Hard to believe she could be any cuter than she appears in her pics and videos! She is lovely. Glad that she is doing so well. I cannot wait to see her with the rest of your crew! They must be dying to meet her.

  28. I love hearing more about her funny and sweet personality. She is so cute!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Vivi is just so precious – love the chubby cheeks, arms, and legs. Her personality is so adorable – as shown in the videos and captured in your photos.

  30. Alyson & Ford says:

    Oh, she is more than adorable! Beautiful! Congrats on a wonderful trip!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for 16 Months

  31. She IS totally precious and oh so beautiful! I love her in her cute hat. Love,love love her!

  32. Okay, this may seem a little mean BUT I really want to see a pic of her with that cute bottom lip sticking out and those crocodile tears just beginning! You can save that one for an at home photography session! I am guessing it is precious beyond belief!

    The cigarette thang– yep, Sarah came home at 8.5 years and yea, she had a thang for watching people smokin, too. I think it is probably much cuter at Vivi's age. It kind of freaked me out! It went on for one year and finally it's a thang of the past- whew!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I remember my thoughts when i first saw Vivi(referal photo's) "OH Stef i hope you are not biting off more than you can chew!" she looked like a little girl with lots of medical issues NOT NOW! i know she is going to require a little "TLC" but seems to be progressing very well "What a Difference Love Makes" YeYe Donnie

  34. I am in love! What a little love bug!! Steffie, will be looking forward to seeing the whole gang together but in the meantime, l.o.v.i.n.g. seeing you and Asher hang and enjoy the newest member of your big, beautiful brood! God is so very good!

    Love & Hugs,

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