Vivi day 9



  1. Jesse, James and Lindsey's mom says:

    she is just checking it all out! She is soooo cute!

  2. adoptionroad says:

    Get that girl a No Fear sticker. She looked as though she owned the place!

  3. When you get home and can breathe I need the 411 on how to use our D90 video camera. Your videos are turning out GREAT!!!

    Can you believe it is Wednesday already for you?

    Soon you will be taking that precious sparkplug home!!


  4. That is some cute toddling!

  5. shes OFF and you better get those skates on LOL!!!!

  6. Yep, she owns the place! Is it me, or does Vivi just get cuter and cuter?!?
    I understand why you sit and stare at her, my friend! How very blessed you are.

  7. I love watching her walk, especially in her sassy skirt and tights. I think it should be a rule that all little girls wear skirts and tights with a hair bow…the world would be a much cuter place!

  8. My goodness, She is certainly Miss Independent! She looks like she owns the place walking around! Seriously, though, she is beautiful!

  9. MissJubilee says:

    This is precious footage! Wow, it's so amazing, this journey for her and you and your family. I can't imagine how happy you are, but I've enjoyed watching you get to Vivi at last.

    I actually live here in China, and in the last city where I lived, I was able to help some children that a friend of mine fostered. She gets some of the at-risk kiddos out of the orphanage and has several apartment with workers who help her care for them until they find their forever families (and get them surgery if needed).

    She and her husband are in GZ now with their daughter too, the same days as you, after FINALLY getting the paperwork finished – they've had her since her first day (which also became the day of her first surgery, allowing her to live), and now she's more than 5 years old, and once and for all legally theirs, soon to be an official American citizen as well. This summer she can visit her grandparents for the first time! :)

    I was hoping they would able to find you and say "hello," but apparently there are quite a few new families in the city, and they haven't run into you yet. (They aren't staying at the usual place, either.)

    Anyway, happy travels and bonding! I'm sure you're glad it's almost time to head home!!

  10. Molly Stroud says:

    She's a DOLL!! Have a safe trip home!

  11. I love how she turns at the end just checking mum's still there!

  12. I do love that walk–"All you big kids better get out of my way!" Looks like she's doing great–and you're getting closer to home each day.

  13. Patricia/NYC says:

    Oh my goodness, she makes me SMILE BIG!!!! Look at her sassy little self! Look out Stef, this girl owns the world!! 😉

    CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!!!!

  14. Valerie and Jeff says:

    She owns that park baby!!

    You gotta check out our blog for a toy that Vivi really should have :-)
    Woulda been a great add to the Toy List last month!
    Thought of Vivi along with Khloe and Ashtyn when Nolan and I were playing with it yesterday. (WOW toys in case you are curious and can't get to our site. Espec. cool is the motorbike and the horse set.)

  15. Yep, I think that the person who called her sassy about summed it up…cute!

  16. Brinley and Bailey just got their daily Vivi fix. I had to promise them this morning on the way to school that I would not look to see any new posts without them. They think she is "really, really cute". Brinley said, "Yeah, she looks like us and that is always cute!" LOL

  17. Love her little walk:)

  18. Football & Fried Rice says:

    She looks so "american" on the island – seriously! I love seeing her scoping things out and then, the best part, turning back to her Momma!!

  19. Fantastic! One day when Vivi is older, maybe with children of her own this video will be so important to her. Not only to see herself at this age, but to hear the sounds of her heritage and see herself in the middle of it all.

    I have been following your progress, but never comment. I figured today I would come out of the woodwork and say "Heeey!"

  20. She is just too cute, and i love how she walks so confidently, but then turns to make sure you are there!!!

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