dear nosy

I was prepared, I thought. I expected nosy. After all, I am one of the nosiest people I know. And I did write in my post that I’m an open book.

Well, y’all did not disappoint. Thanks for just laying it all out there peeps. And asking away. And although I’m not usually one to jump right in and tackle the toughest part of a challenge, in this case, I’m changing my game plan.

For today, I’ll try to tackle the anonymously posted questions. Whenever I see ‘anonymous’ at the top of a comment, not gonna lie, my stomach does a flip flop. But y’alls questions weren’t so bad.

Soooo, here we go…

How old am I? I’m 41.

Whew. That wasn’t so bad. Actually, neither is being 41. I have a funny habit of mentally adding one year onto my age before my birthday, so when my birthday rolls around, I actually feel relatively young.

Don’t laugh. It works for me.

And Zach? He’s just fine. In fact, he’s doing wonderfully. As a 15 year old boy, I doubt he’s too keen on much being posted about him here, so I’m sparing the details. But several years ago, he decided he wanted to go live with his dad. Far, far away. Which of course, broke this mama’s heart. Seriously. Zach has been my baby from the first time I laid eyes on his cotton-topped mug. But, it’s what he wanted and based upon months of discussing it, we all determined it was what was best for him. He’s done amazingly well, loves school and loves spending all that time with his dad. I am so grateful that Zach has two sets of parents that love him unconditionally, and that we have been able to work out arrangements based on best meeting his needs, instead of our own.

Keep an eye out, Zach will be here for the. entire. summer. I can’t wait. And I’m sure he can’t wait to be the subject of more blog posts, complete with lots and lots of pictures πŸ˜‰

Disability subsidies for our SN kiddos? No. We don’t. We have received a one time non-recurring adoption reimbursement from the state for several of our adoptions, though. Which is a pretty sweet deal. But that’s it.

Work out? Why no, I don’t. I’ve tried, how I’ve tried. But I don’t. Thanks for the very kind words about my arm ‘muscle’, Jenny L. But I have to confess, that’s just well placed arm fat.

Bible study? Right now I’m doing this one. It’s gooood.

When do I think China adoption will end? I am by no means an expert, nor do I really have my ear to the ground much anymore. But I think the SN China program will be around for a while. CCAA is making some really positive changes to address issues, they are working out some kinks and trying to streamline the process. That tells me they are interested in the longevity and the viability of the SN program. I don’t think that’s the case with the NSN program, but China has certainly had an incredibly stable adoption program since it’s inception. Especially when compared with other countries.

And, oh anonymous, you are nosy. I like that quality in a person. You want to know how Chris and I met? In a bar, of course.

But that’s a whole ‘nother post. Promise to share that story soon, as well as a very overdue update on Cole and his family. I’ve called my sister and informed her that a riot is about to break loose unless we get some new pictures, pronto.

Wow, suddenly I’ve gone from having nothing to write about to having not enough time to write.

And I apologize in advance for boring your socks off.



  1. Love it!
    You just crack me up!!!
    I love your heart & I love your honesty!!

    Can't wait to hear how Cole is doing and to see some pics of him!!!

  2. Acceptance with Joy says:

    HA! I'm just going to have to steal that post title sometime. Too funny. What a blessing your family is.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm one of the frequent anonymous posters, but it's only because I don't want to sign up for a google account. I'm just uninterested in putting more of my information out there.

  4. Michelle says:

    I do not know how you think you are boring!

  5. a Tonggu Momma says:

    Never boring. Never. I mean, how can SAT scores be boring? Unless you never took it, that is.

  6. Tina Michelle says:

    I am lost, who is Cole? Curious too! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself! How long have you and chris been together? married?

    We are coming up on our 12-year anniversary this month so this is on my mind a lot! I have absolutely nothing planned being broke, stuck at home with kids and my man never wanting anything. What do you do for anniversaries for each other? We did get away with planning a tiny date on a weekday to watch a friend do open mic at a comedy club right after our anniversary though.

  7. Jodee Leader says:

    I enjoyed reading this post! Doesn't everyone meet their spouse in a bar?!

  8. Obviously. I need to read the previous post! hey, hubby and I meet at a party… and it wasn't a birthday party…

    Great post, thank you for sharing more of who you are! I love your heart for the orphans!

    Just so you know there are days that I think IF I was a smokin woman, I'd be smokin right now! Glad I'm not, Glad you are not- not good for our health! I just love ya and all you do for the children of China!

    God Bless you sweet friend! BTW- Love my wild olive tees!! Wearing yellow today! SHINE!!

  9. Jennifer and Greg says:

    I also don't post that much about my teenage boys. Firstly they don't give me nearly as much blog worthy material as the younger three. Secondly they really don't want to be the topic of my blog posts too much and I respect that. Teenagers are kind of private that way. I love and adore them just as much and I will highlight their accomplishments. You just won't find too many daily stories about them on my blog.

    I love the picture of the three kiddos with shoes and bars for sleeping.

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Morning Stef – there were more questions! πŸ˜‰ Really – thanks for being such an open heart – I'm thinking many of us who have adopted are that way – we learn to confront and love our own "warts" during the dossier process! But there were more questions….!

    hugs – aus and co.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey, just wanted to let you know I am one of your frequent anonymous but non-scary posters too! Like the person above, I do not have a blog so I don't feel the need to link to my profile & all that. My friend adopted from China & I got ummm, addicted to a lot of blogs through Journey to Me.

  12. Hey Stefanie,

    My teenagers don't enjoy being the topics of my blogposts and they think I'm "weird" for even having a blog but I enjoy it, besides teenagers don't know much about what real fun is right? Great Bible study to be in also. Pastor James MacDonald is the Pastor at our church and he is one of the most wise and incredible men I've had the priviledge to meet, we're so fortunate to be inspired by him every week. And by the way this week's post is about our graduation celebration dilema, teens you gotta love them.

  13. I don't know your email, so just in case you hadn't seen it yet, there is a feature on "I Heart Faces" blog that has a photo showing one of your t-shirts. :-)

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am an older woman on disability. I have no grandchildren, so I love following adoption blogs.
    I too usually do "anonymous" posting because of the "falderol" it takes to sign up for "google account",and like previous poster, don't like to put my persona info. "out there"..I would love to
    compliment a couple of other families who have adopted older children, but they do not accept "anonymous" comments..also I usually sign my name and my community. I admire your heart for the
    chinese children , and respect all your hard work
    in that arena.. sincerely, mary m, vancouver,wa.,oh, also am not much computer literate, and no blog either :o)

  15. Anonymous says:

    Another "anonymous" poster here, and I promise I'm not scary at all! I didn't see my "anonymous question" answered yet, hopefully this was only the first batch of "anonymous question" answered! I had the question about "would you adopt from another country" and also "do you know any AA couples that have internationally adopted?"

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