thanks, PW.

Yes I did.

I just felt so bad, y’all.

My man and young ‘uns had labored long and hard on Saturday afternoon, getting my car all spic and span. And they deserved to leave the dinner table with full bellies.

Full and happy bellies.

Enter Pioneer Woman.

And her Ranch Chicken.

I thought it looked good when it was all done… but my crew doesn’t judge on looks. They judge on taste.

The conclusion?

Thumbs up all around.

Even from the one who had to clean all the dishes.

The burden has been lifted.



  1. I made this a few weeks ago and I thought one of mine was going to lick the pan! It was yummy! Where would we be without Pioneer Woman and Bakerella? Life would be so…..chicken noodle. Good but just not something exciting like this
    Ranch Chicken!

  2. Too funny Stefanie – that's what I made for my crew on Saturday night, too! It was definitely a hit!

  3. Oh man, I seriously just got on my computer to look for healthy recipes and then I find this. It looks so delicious! Maybe the healthy recipes can wait just one more day. 😉

  4. Wow..that looks out of this world. I'll have to try it!!

  5. Just one question…please….somebody must answer this:
    HOW is the Pioneer Woman NOT gigantically fat?
    I mean HOW for the love of calories??

  6. Carolin says:

    that chicka can flat out cook the meals! All of my friends are hooked on her salsa, and it's so easy to make but yet incredibly yummy!

  7. Courtney says:

    This is the best. I have a recipe to make it in the crock pot, which makes it that much easier.

  8. Jeanniemb1 says:

    Oh, this has become an absolute FAVORITE at our house! We love it with the Fluffy New Potatoes, too! My kids ask for it by name, and now, every time I make a new recipe, they ask if it's Pioneer Woman. And I say, "So what if it's not???" Just kidding….I don't really say that. :-) Have a blessed night!

  9. Looks tasty, I'm thinking it is a recipe that I should give a try!

  10. I just made this tonight. My hubby said it could go on the "make often list." I said only if you want to be on the next season of The Biggest Loser. It was yummy

  11. My mouth is watering! Will be searching for all these ingredients in our International Market!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  12. Looking good! What time is dinner?!!

    I may have to go back to cookin!

  13. Hi, I found your blog from the "no hands but ours" site, and I really enjoy it! I am in process of adopting (or at least trying) a special needs child from China. I find sites like yours SO helpful in navigating all the unknowns. So thank you!

  14. a Tonggu Momma says:

    I just have to answer Holly's question… she works on a ranch, hon. They all do. Which means they burn thousands and thousands of calories every! single! day! Unlike us slobs. *grin*

    This is the husband's favorite dish. By far. I have to ration it, though, or else our doctor would totally freak out on us.

  15. Wow – and I'm stuck out of town presenting at a conference this week….and really hungry right now too….ugh I want to be home!

    hugs – aus and co.

    Love Pioneer Woman…go Ree!

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