a shout out

…to my friend Jessica.

She has got some crazy skillz. And she created an outrageous bunch of presets for Lightroom. For jpg picture-takers, like myself.

And this Triple Set? It rocks.

Why, exactly, am I talking about jpg pictures and post-processing today?

Because my sister left. And took her precious kiddos with her.

I am in denial.

Soooo, to cope with it all, I’ve been up to my elbows messing around with the One Willow Triple Set all afternoon. Seriously, I could stay in Lightroom forever, playing with all the stunning presets, tones and post (this set has 60 presets, 41 posts and 5 tones… what?!?), but decided to come up for air to share these with y’all.

And to clean a few inches of crumbs off my kitchen floor.

Pictures first, crumbs later….

SOOC (straight out of the camera)
One Willow Preset – Marshmallow
Post 1 – Edge
One Willow Preset – Mirror
Post – Vignette
Post 1 – Curve
One Willow Preset – Enchanted
Post 1 – Edge
Post 1 – Curve
Post 1 – Pop II

One Willow Vintage B/W – Tatum III
Post 1 – Clearly
Post 2 – Washed Edge

Right now Jessica is even offering three of these Triple Sets to folks who sign up to sponsor through An Orphan’s Wish.

Mad skillz and a heart as big as Texas. I just love her.

And I just love the way her presets can transform an ordinary picture.

I can’t seem to decide which I like best, though. Do you have a favorite?



  1. Jeanniemb1 says:

    I don't know a thing about presets, but I love the look of "Enchanted". It really makes the boy 'pop' and gives the feeling of an overcast day, with the sun just pooping through for a minute. Love it!

  2. Jeanniemb1 says:

    That would be "popping" through…sorry. How embarrassing.

  3. They look great.. I am going to check it out NOW!!!!

  4. Amy Murphy says:

    enchanted is nice, but quite honestly (like most of the time) i like the sooc best. :) you're a great photographer. :)

  5. Freckles & Dimples Photography says:

    i use Jessica's presets…all.the.time! I love them, I love her photography, and I love that she is offering this set as part of something bigger to help others. going to check the new goodies out now…

  6. Ok, first off, your SOOC shot is rocking!! Wow. Let's see, for the preset ones, Enchanted is my fave.

  7. Swoon! I like enchanted and marshmallow the best–but they are all great. Hey…congrats on being chosen by the Pioneer Woman in the 6th set of water pics! :) I don't check her site that often but happened by tonight and saw your pic. Sa-weet!

  8. Must check out, although I have been trying out Shanas Florabella actions in CS3…very addicting!!!

  9. Desiree' says:

    gorgeous pictures!! Does it count that we sponsored last week…LOL

  10. They are all beautiful..but I have to say, I like the original. You are a great photographer. :)

  11. OK – wow – but honesty time – let's start with you "saved" this shot in the camera with the fstop set to make the depth of field 'work' – so the SOC is great! Marshmallow is clear and away my fav – but only because I've got the SOC for comparison. I'm not a big 'B&W' guy – so we can forget that one – but I do LOVE they way that preset mimics the 'light leak' that you got with so many vintage 'box' cameras! Mirror and Enchanted both 'dumb down' or 'tone up' the blues / green-yellow and natural lighting too much for my taste.

    Marie got a copy of LR for her birthday – now all she needs is some 'calm time' and a right arm that's working better to install and dive into the program….in a way maybe I'm glad that she hasn't yet – I like seeing her sometimes!

    hugs – aus and co.

  12. joanna and scott says:

    I love all the pictures but don't understand how it works. I went to her website and couldn't figure it out from there either. Am interested though, anyone wanna help me out??

  13. Stefanie says:

    The giveaway is now closed, Joanna… she was able to give away all three sets! Yay!!

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