something wonderful

A giveaway is the best way to celebrate something wonderful, don’t you think?

Well, y’all remember me talking about Ann at Hip Mom Jewelry?

And her exciting news of creating some adoption fundraiser jewelry?

Well… it’s here.

And it’s beautiful.

She’s created some pieces specific to China.

Some specific to Africa.

Some that represent adoption in general.

And some that aren’t necessarily adoption related.

But they are all just gorgeous.

Ann is giving 30% from the sale of each necklace featured on this page to the participating adopting family.

Are you in the process of adopting from China or Africa? And want to be part of this? Go here to submit your information, and Ann will contact you with more information.

Want to win a necklace for yourself? Go here and decide which necklace you like best.

And don’t forget to check out all the incredible options she has for the ultimate in personalization… I want to know what necklace you want.

If you win.

Then leave a comment here to let me know your favorite, and you’ll be entered.

You can leave a comment anytime between now and midnight on Friday, August 13th. Winner will be selected randomly and announced on Saturday.

Happy shopping :)



  1. clearness says:

    I totally like the one with the kids names on it.

  2. Yea!! Thanks for the chance to win!

    I LOVE the China Silhouette necklace! I just bought some red flats, and I've been on the lookout for some read jewelry! This is perfect! πŸ˜‰

  3. Farm Girl in MD says:

    Can I pick all of them??? The Lord has adoption from China on my heart…I'd choose the "Hope for China" necklace!!

  4. My favorite is the "Infinity Necklace with Heart & Pearl" one !

  5. Jenny Diedrich says:

    My favorite is the China Silhouette necklace.So simple and sweet!

  6. Oh my, do i have to pick just one!? I love the faith, hope and love necklace. The Simply Blessed is a close 2nd!

  7. The Stiffs says:

    I truly love them all, especially hope for China. I think if I had to pick one, it would be I searched the whole world just because of where we are in the process now.

  8. Katherine says:

    faith, hope, and love :)

  9. chavafor4 says:

    They all are wonderful! I am so excited to be one of the families she is helping right now. My favorite is faith-hope-love.

  10. My favorite it Hope for Africa, particularly because the boy that we are trying to Adopt is named Kwizera and that means Hope in Kirundi.

  11. It was a Huge toss up, but I think I have to pick the "I searched the whole world for you" pendant.
    Fingers crossed!

  12. I LOVE the Infinity necklace!!! My kids names would look great on it! :)
    Wonderful give away, Stefanie!

  13. I would *love* the China Silhouette Necklace!!! China is very special to me.

  14. gwen............ says:

    I love love love the Infinity Necklace!! Also like the "I search the whole world for you" one. A perfect reminder of our adoption journey……

  15. i just bought the china one- πŸ˜‰ but would LOVE to get the infinity one for my mom:)

  16. The Hope for China necklace is beautiful! I've felt that the Lord is asking me (and my hubby) to adopt from China. There have been so many "hints" and now he's knocking me over the head with them. πŸ˜‰ My husband is thinking and praying on it. I pray each night that the Lord would lay it upon his heart as He has mine. This necklace would be perfect!

  17. We are blessed to be one of the families that benefits from this fundrasing effort for the month…IF people who purchase use our family code of MCDAN10 in the discount coupon area at check out. Not sure what happens if people purchase off that page with NO family code…but oh well :)
    Ann's heart is so big and I am praying God will richly bless her efforts as she blesses others.
    My favorite is Hope, China. Those two words speak volumes.
    Thank you Stefanie…because YOU introduced Ann to me and others through your little corner of blogosphere! :) Using your space for the greater good :)

  18. I like the silver circle name bracelet w/ 3 charms (for our 2 sons and the baby girl from China in our hearts and dreams).

  19. I like the China Silhouette Necklace, silver 20in box chain, with pearl, you said be specific, right?

    I love fundraisers like this!

  20. Waiting For Bella says:

    The "Hope For China" is my favorite!! I love give aways!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. julia @say you will love me forever says:

    i'm in love w/the "i searched the whole world for you" one. all are lovely though and if you asked me tomorrow i may be in love w/a different one!

  22. Aren't they just beautiful?!?!? We are also one of the families that will benefit from this fundraiser -( our code is PAGE10) – we are bringing home our 6 year old son!!
    Please stop by and do a little shopping!!!
    As for my favorite – I'm still having trouble deciding. My son is in foster care with an amazing family and I'm trying to choose one for his foster mom!

  23. I love the infinity necklace 'cause it can hold 6-7 names! πŸ˜‰

    They are all just beautiful!

  24. Football and Fried Rice says:

    Oh, Hope For China – hands down πŸ˜‰

  25. The infinity necklace is where it's at for me! I love, love, love it. They are all so pretty!

  26. Amy Murphy says:

    I love the Chinese Proverb one! You are the awesomest!

  27. Lost and Found says:

    Oooohhhh I love the "I searched the whole world"

  28. Beach Mama says:

    I l-o-v-e the Infinity necklace with pearl and heart! Thank you for this opportunity.

  29. i love love love the 'i searched the whole world for you'!

  30. i LOVE the hope/africa one! I've been wanting something like this to represent my missions in Africa.

  31. Martha B. says:

    I love the I searched the whole world for you necklace

  32. My Favorite is the China Silhouette Necklace, but I would get it with the bead chain instead:) But the are all beautiful.

  33. I like the Hope/China necklace!

  34. ourgoldenchild says:

    it is so wonderful that they are donating to adoptive families! since we are waiting for #2 from Ethiopia I would love the hope for africa necklace.

  35. David and Sarah says:

    Love them all, but my favorite is the infinity necklace.

  36. Karen Firstbrook says:

    Without a doubt . . . Hope for China.
    Love, love, love, love it!
    Firstbrook Five

  37. Girly Girl Mommy says:

    So deliacte and beautiful!
    My favorite is Hope/China.

  38. Infinity Necklace, for sure! Love her stuff! Thanks for giving us a chance to win one of these beauties!!!

  39. ElizabethH says:

    Since she doesn't have one for S. Korea, my fav is the Infinity Necklace with Heart & Pearl.

  40. Truly Blessed says:

    Oh man, I just love her "blessed" necklace! And if I won, I'd love to have my kids' names on the back (if possible). In the meantime, I'll dream…

  41. I am so torn between the China Silhouette (because we are in process of adopting a 10 year old from China right now) and the infinity necklace (because I could have all 5 girl's names on there). To be specific: both! :-)

  42. as we begin our 3rd/4th and possibly 5th adoption this year – I would love the "I searched the whole world for you"!

  43. They are all so beautiful! I'm pretty practical though and would never buy this for myself– more likely for someone else.

    I think I like best of all the infinity necklace with all 4 of my kids' names on it. But I love, love, love hope for China, faith hope and love and i will pray.

    Practical and indecisive… not a good combination!

  44. They are all so wonderful! I like the hope/China but also LOVE the infinity necklace. In short, all are beautiful!! Thanks for her site!

  45. I LOVE the infinity necklace with the heart and pearl!

  46. Shelly and Family says:

    My favorite is…
    Infinity Necklace with Heart & Pearl
    If I was the lucky winner ~ I would be winning it to give to my mom!

    I would want all her grandchildrens names on it {Francesca, Scott, Annabelle, Benjamin} in lower case cursive…

    and a 20" chain.

    That's my choice and my favorite :)

  47. Beautiful necklaces! I love the Hope for China. I actually love them all! What a neat way to help other families!

  48. Lucky Mama says:

    Hope for China!!! I love it!!

  49. My favorite is Simply Blessed. It's a good reminder in this crazy world we all live in. :)

  50. My favorite is Hope China, Though I am not old enough to adopt, and may not every meet the requirements to adopt from China, the kids still burn holes in my heart and eyes when I look at the pictures from others. I can't wait to spend summers in China working with special needs orphans. I planto adopt one day, and though it may not be China, China will still hold a special place in my heart.

  51. Thank you for sharing!!! My favorite is the hope for China one. LOVE it.

  52. We are SO blessed that we are one of the families that is benefiting from Ann's BIG HEARTED adoption fundraising effort. Thanks to Stefanie for "introducing" us to Ann. And to Ann for all her hard work in getting this fundraising effort off the ground and creating all these beautiful designs! I love all of these designs… especially Simple Blessed and Hope for China. We are adopting a little girl through China's waiting child program. We don't know her yet but God sure does and we CAN'T wait for Him to let us in on the big secret. Our passcode is MIGNAUG10, you enter the passcode at checkout and it's just that simple… part of the proceeds goes to help bring our little girl home!! Have fun shopping everyone! Thank you HIP MOM!!!!

  53. I love them! I would pick the "i searched the whole world for you". I may have to buy that one of I don't win! =)

  54. I would want the "I searched the whole world for you" necklace to give to my daughter when she gets older. Although, they are all beautiful!

  55. I love all of them…so hard to choose…but I think I would pick the "Simply Blessed" one.

  56. Thanks for introducing me to Ann. I love the Chinese Proverb Red Thread Necklace. There are several others that are really nice too though.

    Hoping to get some much needed adoption assistance for our waiting daughter in China.

    Thanks Ann and Stefanie. What a way to show how much you care by trying to help a family in their adoption. Someone is going to be truly blessed.

  57. I think it is a toss up between 'i searched the whole world for you' and the infinity necklace w/ a heart and pearl….But I would probably go with the infinity…simply beautiful!
    Stephanie in NC

  58. groovy mama says:

    I LOVE the Infinity Necklace with Heart & Pearl, Wonderful pieces of ART!


  59. The Gang's Momma! says:

    If I was forced to pick, I think I'd choose the faith, hope, love one. I'm not a big silver wear-er, so I'd give it to my mom with a note about the support for adoption behind this company's mission. She'd love that. It'd be a great Christmas gift…

  60. My favorite has to be the – "I searched the whole world for you." Reminds me of how our hearts were led to China to adopt. Couldn't say it any clearer than that!

  61. I think my favorite is the Infinity necklace, but the "I Searched The Whole World fOr you" is a very, very, close second.

  62. Team Houston says:

    Wow. My favorite is the China Silhouette Necklace and I love the red leather with it!

    I would "wa I nee (spelling?) Put on there.

    I think I will have to get one even if I do not win. Thanks for sharing.

    xoxo Michele

  63. They are all wonderful! I think my favorite is the Red Thread necklace. What a great giveaway! Thank you!

  64. living4Him says:

    It's a toss up between Hope for China and
    I Searched the Whole World for You. :-) Beautiful pieces and a wonderful cause.

  65. What a beautiful way for Ann to bless others with her time and talent. I had fun reading each persons response for their favorite necklace as well. While I think they are all unique and cool my personal fave is "I searched the Whole World For You". We have one daughter from China and a baby sister we are paperchasing for in Ethiopia. I heard a quote today "The Lord puts families together for lots of reasons, but most of all for loving." Blessings Connie

  66. starry_dreamer says:

    It's all really lovely!! but Ann's heart is d most beautiful of all. Faith, hope & love is my fav coz tt's wat's keeping me going on in midst of my current situation. in facing my current trials in life, these 3 thinsg are wat i needed most to keep me near to Him….

  67. One Happy Momma says:

    I just love her work!

    But since I can only choose one :) I love the infinity necklace!

  68. Steve and Darcy says:

    They are all beautiful!! I guess, if I have to choose one, I would want the Infinity one with all 4 of my children's names on it. Thank you!

  69. Mom 2 Four says:

    Love the Infinity Necklace with Heart & Pearl, so beautiful.

  70. quilt-n-mama says:

    My absolute favorite is "Simply Blessed"- I think we so often forget- at least I do how blessed we are! What a beautiful reminder!

  71. Carey and Norman says:

    My favorite is the China necklace. So sweet and dainty.

    russianfairytale @

  72. Darlene in CA says:

    Well, tough choice for me! I have a one daughter from China and one from Ethiopia, so either the China or Africa Silhouette Necklace would be great. If I won one, I'd have to buy the other!

  73. I love that infinity with heart and pearl necklace! I only have 2 little angels so I'd have room to put their first and middle names. That might be cute.

  74. I get the one with all 5 of my kiddos names on it (the one with the pearl) and I will purchase the China one!! Oh they are all so pretty!!

  75. Love for Lilly Yin says:

    I have to have one! I love the CHina ones of course, but I love the " I searched the whole world for you" one too! Agh! I have to have one! Beautiful!

  76. cottage girl says:

    "Hope for China" is my favorite, but it's really hard to choose!

  77. All of the necklaces are beautiful! I like the China silhouette necklace with the red leather chain the best. It makes me think of the "red thread"! I know a couple of other moms that will love these, too. Thanks for the chance to win one! I find your blog to be inspirational. Thanks!

  78. I love them all, but if I have to pick I'd say China silhouette.

  79. Sharon Ankerich says:

    I would LOVE to have the necklace called Infinity Necklace with Heart & Pearl. There would be nothing sweeter than to have my girls' names hanging around my neck next to my heart!!! SO hope I win!!!

  80. I love searched the whole world for you, 20 inch box chain, with the China center charm.

  81. Infinity!! I have 6 kids :)

  82. faith hope and love teardrop with an 18 inch chain. :)

  83. I love "I searched the whole World for you."

  84. I LOVE them all! They are so pretty! I would have to say that the I Will Pray on is my favorite one though.

  85. Hi. I love the necklace with blessed the best. My daughter Kelly's chinese name is Xiang Yue which means fragrant pearl so anything with a pearl is so meaningful to me. Plus we feel so blessed to be her parents. she is a 7 year old beautiful, creative and energetic girl!
    Theresa in Canada

  86. I am always up for winning some jewelry!

    I love the China Silhouette Necklace!

  87. Barbara Ann says:

    I love the Infinity necklace and the personalized hand stamped names – so lovely.

  88. mum26grls says:

    I love these necklaces….my favorite is "Simply Blessed" which is exactly how I feel with my 2 gorgeous daughters from China (and my 4 other gorgeous daughters!)

  89. Bobby and Regina says:

    Tough choice!! The infinity, and "I searched the whole world" – can't break the tie! Gorgeous stuff!! I have saved it as a fav – we are adopting our third little girl now, so every penny is going there! Maybe when we get home…

  90. gillislite says:

    Infinity Circle Necklace

  91. My absolute favorite is the Infinity Necklace, closely followed by China Silhouette!! GORGEOUS necklaces!

  92. Rachel's Blog says:

    I would definitely pick the Hope for China necklace with the bead chain. So pretty; and what a great reminder of all the orphans still in China that need hope.

    I REALLY hope I win, by the way. :-)

  93. Rachel's Blog says:

    I want to pick "I Searched The Whole World For You" with the bead chain. I hope to win it for my mom!! My sister Rachel already entered, but I don't have a blog or website, so I am signing under her blog. Don't think that she entered twice!

    Thank you,

  94. The Oswalds says:

    LOVE, Hope for China! All are beautiful!

  95. I am having a hard time deciding, but I think I will go with "China Silhouette". I really like the "Infinity" necklace also, but don't think I could fit all six names on there!

    Thanks so much!

  96. Wow…I would love to win! My favorite is the "I searched the Whole World for You".

  97. I love the infinity one!

  98. Pamela Early Settoon says:

    i like the china 1 b/c i know a teenager that has been and is called to move to china 1 day and i would bless her with it.

  99. I love them all. If I HAD to pick I guess I would go with the infinity one :)

  100. What beautiful necklaces, like wearing part of your testimony around your neck.

    I love them all, but I guess my favorite is the Hope for China one.

  101. Jerry and Christy says:

    I really love the " I searched the whole world for you" the most.

  102. I love the silhouette of China! Can you guess where MY treasure is from? :)

  103. mom2three says:

    infinity necklace..precious! But I love "I searched the whole world for you" A LOT too!

  104. I love the Infinity Circle. I bought it for my cousin after loosing her darling 3 month old. I wanted her to be able to keep all of her children close to her heart always, the Infinity Circle symbolized that.

  105. Coleman's A to Z says:

    Hard to decide….I think the Teardrop with Faith, Hope and Love. The Infinity Circle is a very, very close second.

  106. Well, I'd probably pick the same one…love that verse!! But I also LOVE the "Faith, Hope, Love" one.

  107. love these, they are beautiful. my favorite is the infinity circle. we are so close to getting our referral from china, our lid may 19th. can't wait to add her name to a necklace like that.

  108. I love the Infinity Necklace with heart & Pearl!

  109. I really like the "Hope For Africa"!

  110. The "Simply Blessed" necklace is beautiful!

  111. Stephanie says:

    ummmm…simply blessed. i think…they are all lovely!!

  112. I think they are all just BEAUTIFUL!! I really like simply blessed!! :-)

  113. Michelle@Life with Three says:

    They're all so beautiful, but I'd have to say the Infinity Necklace is my favorite, followed by the Simply Blessed necklace.

  114. Due any day now with our second girl, I'd go with the infinity necklace and have my husband and daughters' names all put on it!

  115. tamos4277 says:

    I LOVE the infinity one.

  116. My fav. is the China one. And Simply Blessed.

  117. They are all beautiful! I liked the infinity one and the simply blessed.

  118. Mission To Macie says:

    I love the last one! But they are all awesome!

  119. So hard to pick a favorite…but I think I'd pick the one that says "blessed." :)

  120. China silhouette on red 16" leather. All of it is beautiful!

  121. I love the Africa/Hope necklace, but if I had to choose, I would probably choose the Infinity Circle one to include all of our children!

  122. the simply blessed is exactly wat i hope to be reminded of everyday!!

  123. Stephanie says:

    My fav is the circle with names….it is just perfect!

  124. I love the necklace with the kiddos names on it…I would absolutely love that one!!!!

  125. Simply Blessed!! Because He continues to bless me over and over in so many ways.

  126. I just emailed the link for the one with the kiddos names on it with the heart and pearl to my hubby last night…. So, I have my heart set on that one :)

  127. Oh my! ALl of the jewelry is so beautiful!!! My favorite of favorites is the hammered circl with tiny charms- I would love to have all of my little ones names on charms, with a tiny heart, pearl, and red crystal nestled in between…
    A very close second for me is the I searched the whole world for you – love it!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sara :)

  128. Prairie Lady says:

    I would say the africa one with hope or the last one with the circle and heart pearls. Beautiful.

  129. kcreichert says:

    I love the one with the names. Beautifully done. Colleen

  130. They are all BEAUTIFUL! I am having a hard time choosing between three: I searched the World for You; The Infinity necklace(because I have six kiddos) and Hope for China(because 3 of my babies are China born). I guess my "favorite" would be the Infinity Necklace.

  131. Oh gosh, can't decide but I think the "blessed" one is my fav, it is SO simple but says SO much…a close second is the "faith, hope, love"…..all gorgeous!!!

  132. a spiritual thread runs through says:

    My beautiful daughter Sarah is heading to Uganda in June! Her theme for her trip is "Hope"! If we win, I'd definitely choose "Hope for Africa!" teresa

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