I am just nutty about Vivienne.

We all are.

One of my favorite things about this little sassy pants is her ability to embrace life.

She inhales it, at full force, every minute of every day. And doesn’t let anything stand in her way.

A quality I think will prove to be essential for our precious girl as she navigates life.

A life that won’t look like mine or yours… because she has skeletal dysplasia.

And somehow, I have every confidence that she is going to do just fine.



  1. Precious…just precious! :)

  2. She sounds alot like our Nora who has a port wine stain on her face and glaucoma in one eye. I am convinced God gives them the perfect resilence and disposition to weather whatever storms may come.

  3. She is wonderful!!!!!! Every last inch of her! Looks to me like this little girl is going to leave on heck a BIG impression even if she is tiny.

    Great Post! AGAIN!

  4. clearness says:

    Hopefully there will be a day (here on earth) where disease just doesn't exist.

  5. Me too!!!

  6. prechrswife says:

    She is adorable! Love the pictures. :-)

  7. She is awesome in every way! Those beaters look delicious! If I were there I would have had to fight her for them!!

    God Bless your sweet girl!

  8. Tamara Jansen says:

    Her sparkling eyes say it all!

  9. Oh yes she will!!! And with an overload of absolute cuteness included in her tiny little package…she's already ahead of the game!!

  10. Stef – "I absolutely with every fibre of my being know" that she'll be a winner – she has 'the look'…

    hugs – happy –

    aus and co.

  11. After meeting Miss Vivienne, I am quite confident that absolutely NOTHING is going to get in this girl's way! She IS a little miss sassy pants! And dynamite comes in small packages! :)

  12. Neat post. She is adorable, and so special. Enjoy, and embrace life the way she does!

  13. bytheriver says:

    Her life may be different than ours, but you and C have given her a family where she is loved and accepted for who she is and she will be a stronger person because of it. I have no doubt she will conquer many things. Cute as a bug too. :)

  14. We are all nutty about Vivi!
    Love her …. and all of your big crew!

  15. Go Vivi go! Don't let ANYTHING stop you.

  16. I think you are right!

    And her personality sounds so much like our Little Sister. :0)

  17. yep yep yep…she is a GEM!

  18. Football and Fried Rice says:

    I find it refreshing that the Lord makes us all uniquely different & then brings us people into our lives (sometimes our FAMILY!) that will stand by us and love us and encourage us and pray with & for us.

    Vivi is darling as ever!

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