30 Days of Giveaways: {the finale}

For this, the finale, the rules are a bit different.

I love to stir things up that way.

Winners will be chosen from the comments left on this post only.

And you can enter as many times as you like.

This final day will include eight giveaways.

Fun, huh?

Here we go!

1. This darling dress created by Joy from Sew Blessed.

It’s a size 3T. And ridiculously cute.

I’m thinkin’ my Vivienne would rock this little number.

2. Joy also generously donated this precious apron.

Oh my. So sweet.

It’s child sized, and looks positively adorable on my Sophie (who wears a 7) but I imagine it would work for a wide range of sizes.

Sophie had a hard time letting it go.

I know the feeling.

3. Dusty at Adoption Voyages has donated a Deluxe Package Website.

Details of what is included in this $100 package are here.

Winning family must:
– a China NSN LID no later than June 29, 2006
– a China SN pre-approval
– or be in a comparable stage of another adoption program

4. A darling set of bows created by Joy at For Our Bao Bei.

She makes all sorts of adorable creations to help bring home her newest daughter, Vivian, from China.

5. And she also included this little guy. For the little guys.

He’s a tooth monster. With a ‘mouth’ on the front that holds newly lost teeth.

Sure to make tooth fairy visits just that much more exciting.

6. This lovely necklace from Sara at My Quilted Heart.

Sara, an adoptive mama, hopes to use her artwork to bless orphans and other adoptive families as well.

This 1″ pendant necklace is embellished with a delicate watercolor painting that features the Chinese character for faith.

And dangles from an 18″ silver ball necklace.

7. These gorgeous hair bows are from my friend Jennifer.

She began making these to fund her adoption, but isn’t currently taking any orders.

So, until she starts taking orders again, you’ll have to win yours here.

Winner will receive all these beautiful hair flowers from Ribbons for Mei Mei.

8. These three beautiful handmade bracelets were donated by my friend Bev.

Bev makes these as a way to help fund her adoption.

They are bringing home a darling little girl home from China through the SN program.

She creates these unique bracelets by hand using paper, and then sealing it and adding beads and charms.

Winner will receive all three of these.

I’ll randomly select 9 winners from the comments left on this post only.

You can enter as many times as you like.

And that’s it!

Hope y’all had as much fun during the 30 Days of Giveaways as I did!



    1. I'm the first to comment!? :)

    2. Yay, I was the first:) I'm usually at work and wait and wait for the end of the day to see what you've got this day. :)

    3. That's pretty awesome! Love that dress!

      sweetpeasandsassafras at yahoo dot com

    4. Oh, and the hair bows!

    5. The Denis Family says:

      very fun!!! So many cool products you have shared with us all! Thanks for all the gidt ideas!

    6. I've loved, loved, LOVED your 30 days of give-a-ways! It's been so much fun to see each day what the prize will be.

    7. Reid, Dawn, Jilli, & Dru! says:

      Love them all!

    8. Thank you so much for doing this. What fun!

    9. Oh My! LOVE all of these giveaways!!!

    10. Reid, Dawn, Jilli, & Dru! says:

      This has been soooo much fun!

    11. Reid, Dawn, Jilli, & Dru! says:

      Thank you for all that you do!!

    12. The hair bows! The hair bows by Mei Mei! Must have them. In fact….

    13. Reid, Dawn, Jilli, & Dru! says:

      Merry Christmas to you all!

    14. Reid, Dawn, Jilli, & Dru! says:

      Can you tell I want to win something πŸ˜‰

      I'll stop now!

    15. I'll leave another comment just to show how much I want those hair bows….

    16. I really love watching your family grow! I have 2 beautiful daughters from China and really would love to have another, but I am so thankful for the beautiful, wonderful 2 I have. Thanks for sharing your family. :)

    17. The hair bows are adorable! They'd look so cute in my daughters' hair.

    18. and another one for good measure…I really want those hair-bows by Ribbons for Mei Mei!! Must have!

    19. Ok, one more. Can't resist. Might actually win? NEED THE HAIRBOWS by Mei Mei! :o)

      Merry Christmas!

    20. Let's see, I could use each and every one of these items. I'll comment randomly throughout the day on each of them and why I would love to have it! Surely today I'll win something…

    21. The dress is smashing! Too small for mine, but I could give it away. I have 40 nieces.

    22. I love the apron and know someone really cute in my household that would look adorable in it and I know she would love it as she is wanting more and more to bake with me.

    23. Truly Blessed says:

      I'd love to win — LOVE the necklace!

    24. Truly Blessed says:

      I also love the hairbows — gorgeous!!!

    25. This has been fun! Even though I have yet to win, I have enjoyed it. Maybe today will be my lucky day!

    26. Such a fun giveaway month! But I need to win one:) HA. Great gifts.

    27. For The Love of Four Chinasprouts says:

      Love the hair-bows, necklace, and headband. Looking so forward to watching your trip to Poppy. We have received PA for our precious 6th daughter from China, 3rd SN. We are now waiting to receive our homestudy update in hand to apply to CIS! Have a wonderful Christmas with your precious family!

    28. I really love that dress!

    29. I think the blog prize is really cool (and sure could use ideas for my blog), but I'm not quite sure if I qualify. I don't totally understand the rules. I have 2 from China already – first NSN and second SN.

    30. The apron is just precious!

    31. For The Love of Four Chinasprouts says:

      Oops, meant to say hair-bows, necklace, and bracelet! My mind has already left for the holiday!

    32. The bracelets are wonderful and with the 3 females in my household we would all be happy. They are beautiful!

    33. Jerry and Christy says:

      Have a blessed Christmas!

    34. The Raudenbush Family says:

      Really? Enter as many times as we like? Can I be obnoxious and leave a gazillion comments…I may

    35. The Raudenbush Family says:

      Okay, entry #2 — my boys would adore that tooth monster. I've never seen anything like it

    36. The Raudenbush Family says:

      I'm entering again before I go to make gingerbread man cupcakes…I'll be popping in every so often to leave more comments!

    37. I love all of the hair accessories. And we will hopefully have our Lilly home by the summer!

    38. The tooth pillow would be perfect for our son. Not that he needs one at three, but it's never too early to prepare!

    39. The Raudenbush Family says:

      What a fun month of giveaways! Thanks for doing all this!

    40. What wonderful things! I have just loved seeing all of the talented people who have given so generously here. This has been such a fun thing!

    41. Lucky Mama says:

      This has been so much fun! Thank you! Merry Christmas!

    42. Daisy Dreams says:

      Ohhh, I'd like to win something! I won something in someone's raffle not long ago but never got my "prize." So I'm hoping I might be lucky this time!!

    43. Love, Love, Love all of it!!!
      What fun this was and a great way to introduce a large audience to some incredible gift ideas.
      Thanks for sharing!

    44. Daisy Dreams says:

      With so many girly things in this house, I think the tooth fairy monster for my soon-to-be little boy would be perfect!!

    45. But, my absolute favorite today is the necklace. I want, want, want that! When I think of the very special sights of China after the children, the very first thing that always comes to mind is that flower. And faith – what faith I've needed for the long journey to my children and what faith I've needed on the journey with my children.

    46. Daisy Dreams says:

      Ok…..last one! Happy holidays to you and yours :)

    47. prechrswife says:

      I'm not entering for my own prize, but I would love to be entered for the rest. As for the person asking about the "blog" prize, it is for a travel journal website for someone who is currently in the adoption process.

    48. This was amazing. I have loved seeing the gifts and I am humbled by your generosity. Please don't put my name in as my family would like to give our entry to the next person that comments.

      Merry Christmas and God Bless.

    49. Kim Foo Young says:

      enter :)

    50. This is so fun!

    51. I bet there are going to be a ton of comments!

    52. What cute prizes!

    53. This has been a great 30 days of givaways!

    54. I have loved all the prizes so far!!

    55. How fun is this?!

    56. And I think you did a wonderful job of photographing them too!

    57. Hey, you said we can enter as many times as we want right? :)

    58. Merry Christmas to you & your family!

    59. Wow! What a fun way to end the giveaways!

    60. There are so many of those gorgeous items that my family would love!

    61. I love how most of the prizes have been from families in the adoption process! That is so cool!

    62. Oh, and Merry Christmas to your family!

    63. I'll be back later… I really want to win something, haha!

    64. Last comment, as I feel a little silly doing this! πŸ˜›

    65. Fantastic gifts! Merry Christmas!

    66. Michelle P. says:

      Merry Christmas! I would love to win!

    67. I've always been a sucker for a finale!!

    68. Love for Lilly Yin says:

      Count me in! I haven't joined in on the fun yet before now!

    69. Love for Lilly Yin says:

      And I wanted to say thanks for doing this!

    70. The Raudenbush Family says:

      No whammies! No whammies!

    71. The Raudenbush Family says:

      How many comments do you think you can get on this post??? :)

    72. Oh my goodness, my Darcy Q would look so darling in the Sew Blessed dress. I can just see her now with a funky little pair of leggings underneath. So, so cute!!!
      And if I won I just might have to commission Joy to make another one in 5T for my Ky…

    73. I haven't won anything, but what fun it has been Stefanie!! Such a blessing you've been to so many! I would sure love to win that faith necklace! Been having to rely a LOT on faith here lately!

      Hugs and Many RETURNED blessings to you my friend!!

    74. The Raudenbush Family says:

      And, another entry from me. :) I'm hoping for some fun Christmas prizes!

    75. Stefanie,

      I wanted to say "Thanks" for doing all of the giveaways but also for inspiring all of us who are on the adoption journey. Your faith provides a light to those of us who are sometimes downtrodden due to the process. I hope you and yours have a wonderfully Merry Christmas! Oh, and did you see our South may have a White Christmas this year!!! Woo hoo!

    76. Again! :)

    77. I tried to check out the bracelets but coulnd't figure out how to see them on Bev's website.

    78. The dress is adorable and my girl is a 3T. Perfect

    79. I could do this ALL DAY LONG!

    80. Oh I love them ALL! Thanks Stephanie! You rock!

    81. I mean ALL. DAY. LONG.

    82. Oops…couldn't see them…

    83. I am a pre-school teacher. And it is nap time. And it is the day before vacation. which only means… I have the next two hours. to do nothing. but. this.

    84. @ what point do you think this might get annoying?

    85. now?

    86. Mom to my China Posse says:

      I hope I win!

    87. I am so in!!!!


    88. Mom to my China Posse says:

      I've just been waiting to the finale to win! lol………

    89. Stef,

      You've introduced us all to some really beautiful and unique items with your giveaway. The stuff is just darling. Love that apron!!!

    90. Oh wow,

    91. We can enter

    92. as many times

    93. as we want…??

    94. SWEET!!

    95. hehehe…….

    96. Funnest Christmas ever. Even though I haven't won, I've had a ball commenting and looking at all the adorable stuff. Thanks.

    97. im feeling lucky!

    98. You're serious about the enter as many times as you want? Well ok, but I don't think you know what your in for….I have the day off, I have all the presents wrapped and have my grocery shopping done. So guess what I'm doing all day today?!

    99. That dress is simply gorgeous…and the perfect size for my little munchkin!

    100. Merry Christmas!

    101. Love those hairbows, too. I have quite the addiction….

    102. He is mighty to save!

    103. Back for another entry! I've got baby girls in my family who will look oh-so-fab in all of this adorable stuff (not to mention very like that one will be on the way soon!).

    104. JOY to the world! The Lord has come…and is coming again!

    105. And the necklace….simply gorgeous…

    106. Steve and Darcy says:

      Hope that I win – they are all so cute!!

    107. Steve and Darcy says:

      I REALLY want the necklace! Unfortunately, I don't qualify for the website, but it is cool!

    108. Merry Christmas to the winners!

    109. Everything is so cute!

    110. This has been so fun. Thanks for all the chances at giveaways.

    111. Wow what fun, cute things!

    112. Your blog has blessed me all year. Thank you for being so transparent.

    113. Such a great giveaway!

    114. I love your blog!

    115. everything is adorable! I really love that Faith pendant…thank you for the giveaways!

    116. Thank you for all you do for other families who are adopting and have adopted children. What a ministry!

    117. I know a couple of people who would love those bracelets

    118. oh…and Merry Christmas!!

    119. Merry Christmas!

    120. and there are a few different Kristens posting here in a row….lol! {{{hugs}}}}

    121. I really want to win, in case you can't tell!

    122. The Raudenbush Family says:

      120 comments as of now! Pick me!

    123. The Raudenbush Family says:

      Merry Christmas!

    124. My girls love some baking around here! I can just see them now, flour on the apron and cookie dough on their faces.

    125. Merry Christmas!

    126. groovy mama says:

      Yeah, an ounce more of hope for me…..9 more trys i get to win something!

    127. It's our last chance!

    128. groovy mama says:

      Love love the groovy little hippy dress! My Ella would soak up the limelight in it!

    129. groovy mama says:

      The handmade jewerly is pretty cool too….

    130. To win big!!!

    131. groovy mama says:

      Oh and did i mention my MIDDLE MAN would love the monster tooth pillow! Monsters are his FAV!

    132. groovy mama says:

      Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your GANG!

    133. Would LOVE to win…..

    134. groovy mama says:

      YEs and Girls can NEVER have too many HAIR acccessories, can they?

    135. but, if not, it was sure fun to play and see who won each day!

    136. Love the apron!

    137. groovy mama says:

      Jingle bells all the way…should i keep going, like i don't have anything else to do 2 days before XMAS ;0)

    138. Oh my goodness! We just got PA for a little girl in Dongguan and would love to win that website!!

    139. Thanks for letting us participate!

    140. I'd love to win, thanks!


    141. You..

    142. are…

    143. Merry CHRISTmas to your amazing family!

    144. crazy..

    145. for giving

    146. all this

    147. AWAY!

    148. But thanks!!!

    149. And now I'll stop…..

    150. Would love to win!!

    151. This has been a lot of fun!!

    152. Thanks!!

    153. THE

    154. END!

    155. Love the necklace

    156. It would be so fun to win something.

    157. While I hope to be able to find a 'backdoor' to get to my blog while we are in China, we do have PA for Daniel and having a backup in place would be wonderful!

    158. i really love

    159. Wendy in OH says:

      the necklace…oh my.

    160. the necklace

    161. Wendy in OH says:

      I think I love that necklace…

    162. and the bracelets

    163. Wendy in OH says:

      I think you know which necklace I mean…

    164. and the

    165. tooth

    166. Wendy in OH says:

      FAITH…Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Heb 11:1.

      Merry Christmas!

    167. monster

    168. Yep, it's me again.

    169. for my

    170. little 4 year old monster

    171. how many

    172. posts

    173. was that?


    174. wendy– your posts with mine were really funny!

    175. what do you want for Christmas Stefanie?
      (besides poppy!)

    176. Pick me, pick me!!!

    177. Claire-n-Kate's Mom says:

      I have 3T, I have a 3T!! :) LOVED the month of giveaways! Merry Christmas!!

    178. in all seriousness– really love that necklace and bracelets– am going to their sites now… just in case…

    179. would it help my cause if i told you it was my birthday yesterday (it really was!!!)

    180. These just keep getting better!

    181. A Cup of Cold Water says:

      hoping to win! it's the last chance! :)

    182. I would love to win something! We have PA for a little boy in China (we're traveling in February). Would love to win the Deluxe Package!

    183. Would also seriously love the necklace.

    184. So I can really comment as much as I want?

    185. My birthday is in three weeks………..does that count, LOL!! :)

    186. OK, last comment. I'm done.

    187. Totally love those hairbows, especially the headband one. Ky has recently discovered a love of soft headbands and they look so darling on her!

    188. Some awesomely beautiful stuff!!! I know my daughters and I would be happy to get any of it!

    189. This has been such fun Stef! Thank you for taking the time to put it all together! :)

    190. Woo!!!

    191. How fun!!!

    192. Thank you, Stephanie! This has been fun!!!!!!

    193. Merry Christmas Eve Eve to y'all!!!

    194. Okay, I'm done.

    195. ….ONE MORE!


    196. What fun! Wish I were so crafty!

    197. Love them!

    198. love the necklace,

    199. and all of it

    200. We haven't lost any teeth around here yet, but I know my little man would LOVE that monster instead of something frilly for the tooth fairy!

    201. Oh the cheer of the holidays…yay for
      give-a-ways!! gimie gimie says my little one!

    202. These giveaways have been SO much fun. I am tempted to leave 8000 comments, but I won't. πŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

    203. I'd love to be able to say that I'd give the necklace to someone as a gift.
      But I can't. I'd totally keep it for myself. It is beautiful!

    204. Ah heck–still lovin' it all.

    205. eemster2009 says:

      All of the stuff is gorgeous!


    207. Merry Christmas

    208. to you and your family!

    209. Have a wonderful…

    210. …Holiday Season!

    211. Oh, I would love to win the necklace!

    212. I really, really, really would love to win the necklace! :)

    213. me me me pick me!!!

    214. so we can comment as much as we want…okay here goes :)

    215. I would be so excited if I won any of them, but I would be extra excited if I won the necklace.

    216. haha I love that Kristin and I have the SAME idea!! relentless commenting!!

    217. I just want to WIN!!!

    218. Hoping to be a random selection!!

    219. Hoping…

    220. You…

    221. Have…

    222. a…

    223. wonderful…

    224. and…

    225. Blessed…

    226. Christmas!!!

    227. I love it all!!

    228. The dress would be perfect for Anna…..

    229. What a finale!!

    230. The hair bows for Ava…..

    231. Oh, and that necklace is to die for.

    232. The hair clips for Gracie….

    233. The tooth monster for Luke…..

    234. …and Owen…

    235. julia @say you will love me forever says:

      pick me! please! they're all so cute!

    236. The bracelets for Amy…

    237. …and for Ruth….

    238. …and for Sarah…

    239. …and for my Mom…

    240. ..and for me!

    241. How fun, how convenient that I have a size 3T girl and an eight year old that would fit the first two items perfectly. :) Love all of them, thank you so much.


    242. The web package would be perfect for Simon and Amy who are waiting for SN #2…

    243. The apron would fit Gracie…

    244. …and Ava…

    245. …and Anna…

    246. The necklace would be perfect for….

    247. Amy and…..

    248. Ruth and…

    249. Sarah and…

    250. My Mom and….

    251. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :) I lived in Shanghai for two years and still wear my "Faith, Hope, Peace, and Joy" ring that I had made there. The necklace would compliment it perfectly. :)

    252. I hope that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

    253. Taking a break from my workout to comment!!

    254. Aaron and Christina says:

      What fun! Merry Christmas! May you and your family be blessed!

    255. What a great end to a great sweepstakes! Here's my first entry!

    256. And here's my second! :)

    257. And one more for the road!! I'll be back :)

    258. Aaron and Christina says:

      Won't heaven be a a neat reunion of all the lives you touched and people you've never met but had an impact on? Especially all those precious orphans who are orphaned no more? Merry Christmas!

    259. I love these!

    260. So great!

    261. Merry Christmas!!

    262. ME!!! :)

    263. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    264. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    265. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    266. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    267. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    268. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    269. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    270. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    271. :) :) :)

    272. Hair bows and necklace and bracelets…..oh my! My sweet Joy with very little hair on her noggin would be ever so cute with that pink flower on top of her head.

    273. ……………………………

    274. ………………………..

    275. ………………………………….

    276. ok i think that's enough………

    277. Merry Christmas from the Couches in Virginia!

    278. for now…………

    279. This is too much fun Stefanie!! Sorry if you are counting them individually!!

    280. The Raudenbush Family says:

      I'm enjoying reading the comments of all the people like me trying desperately to win something. :)

    281. Everything is so great! I wanna win!!

    282. My girls LOVE hair bling and those flowers are so beautiful. Much, much more fun than plain old bows. Please pick us…

    283. I have a 3T!

    284. And I wear bracelets!

    285. And I have a boy who is losing teeth…where shall we put them???

    286. And I LOVE that necklace!

    287. I am so excited for your meeting your darling Poppy!

    288. Love the necklace!!

    289. This is a lot of fun!!!

    290. Can't wait to see who wins the goodies!!

    291. Martha's comments are making me smile out loud!!

    292. would love those bows for Gabby & Mattie!! Gosh I hope she likes girly girl things :)

    293. One the first day of Christmas, I would love to win a gift from theeeeeeee!!

    294. M

    295. E

    296. R

    297. R

    298. Y

    299. C

    300. H

    301. R

    302. I

    303. S

    304. T

    305. M

    306. A

    307. S

    308. !!!!!!!

    309. I'm hoping :) count as comments

    310. What a wonderful family you have!

    311. Big families are awesome!

    312. I come from a family of 11 children.

    313. …and I have almost 60 nieces and nephews:)

    314. I love the bracelet trio! One for me, one for my mom, and one for my sister. Best part is that I'd get first pick…

    315. Truly Blessed says:

      Yep, I really want to win that beautiful necklace!

    316. Truly Blessed says:

      …and those bows — gotta have them!!

    317. i want something!

    318. Chelsea Gour says:

      I will only comment once and see what happens. Everything is so cute and this has been fun to read/watch/do. Merry Christmas!

    319. Love the adorable apron!

    320. Beautiful jewelry

    321. Thanks Stefanie for all the fun giveaways this last month!

    322. YOU rock!!!

    323. Christmas blessings to you and your family!

    324. And I know you'll have an amazing New Year!

    325. So I spread out my comments as much as I could. Hopefully my strategy will work! This has been really fun ~ and what a great way to get some publicity for people fundraising to bring their children home!
      You inspire me…

    326. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

    327. Love

    328. All

    329. of

    330. the

    331. items

    332. you

    333. are

    334. giving

    335. away

    336. :)

    337. pick

    338. me

    339. please!!!

    340. Hope I win something! I love everything!!!

    341. Merry Christmas!

    342. I hope you keep the sidebar up for a while so I can bookmark my favorite places of all the items you have given away. I haven't had time to do that yet and definitely want to shop at some of those places in the future!

    343. Hi

    344. Stopping by to enter again!

    345. WOW, how fun count me in. I would love to win any of these.

    346. I have enjoyed the 30 days of giveaways. Thanks for hosting it. It's been so fun to see something new each day. I have loved exploring all of the sites from the giveaways. Lots of stuff I know that I will want to go order when we finally get our girl home from China. Blessings to you and yours during this wonderful time of year. Merry Christmas!

    347. Love the little dress! It's so cute!!! It would fit my little girl!

    348. My little one would just love those bows and headband!

    349. Rita and John says:

      If I don't win that necklace, I'll just have to order it myself. πŸ˜‰

    350. Rita and John says:

      And thank you for the 30 days of giveaways! This has been so much fun!

    351. Love the apron!

    352. I'd love to wear the necklace while in China getting my 2 year old!

    353. I have several girls that would love those flower clips!

    354. I just love the flower clips!!!

    355. I little sister would love the bows!

    356. Love the necklace!

    357. The little dress is too cute!

    358. My little sister would love cooking in that apron!

    359. The bracelets are so pretty!

    360. The flower clips are so pretty!

    361. Love the dress!

    362. The apron is so cute!

    363. Jamie and Angela says:

      What beautiful things! I especially love the apron. It would be so perfect for my daughter Julia.

    364. Merry, merry Christmas to you and yours!

    365. Great gifts!

    366. I'd really like to win the hair things from Jennifer! Those are so cool!

    367. The little girl dress is just adorable!

    368. Merry Christmas & God Bless!

    369. :) :) :)

    370. hoping for a win

    371. I just love the flower clips!!

    372. Love all of it!! Thanks for doing this!

    373. I hope you realize how many comments you're going to be getting! It's already at 370!! lol.

    374. The dress is PRECIOUS!!!

    375. Love the apron, too!!

    376. I'm baaaack :-)

    377. Oooo. fingers crossed!

    378. Ooooooh! Toes crossed tooo!

    379. I am LOVIN that cute dress!

    380. Did you REALLY mean we could vote as many times as we wanted?

    381. I want to vote at least as many times as Jenn!

    382. This is a little embarrassing (did I spell that right?) but I'm going to enter several times anyway! I love the dress, the hairbows, the blog makeover, the necklace and the bracelets. Beautiful.

    383. Here I am (again) because I really want to win!

    384. Those sweet hair bows would really help my adorable little girl (coming home soon) look a little more girly!

    385. Loving all of it!!!

    386. A girl can never have too much jewelry, can she?

    387. Thank you SO very much for all the fabulous giveaways!

    388. Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family!!

    389. My blog design isn't really that old, but I'm tired of it. It's a little too busy and I need help!

    390. Wonderful and fun time Stefanie!! Merry Christmas!! Can't wait to see what you have planned for next year!

    391. Great giveaways! Thanks for the fun over the last thirty days.

    392. Put me down! There are quite a few of those I'd like to win! :)

    393. I'm baaaaack!

    394. Thank you for the give-aways!

    395. I really never win anything, but maybe someday I will!

    396. And thank you for everything, Stefanie!

    397. My girly would look really cute in the dress!

    398. Cutie CUTE!

    399. We just lost our tooth container! So that would be awesome to replace it!

    400. Are you going to do this again next year? I wanna contribute to the offerings!

    401. Fingers crossed from across the country in AZ!

    402. So, the goal is to sit here…

    403. on the computer…

    404. all day long?

    405. We shall pretend that…

    406. Christmas is not just….

    407. two days away?

    408. And pretend we already have…

    409. our shopping done…

    410. our house clean…

    411. and our presents wrapped?

    412. Nah, I'll quit now & let others have a shot. :)

    413. Oh, I also wanted to….

    414. …thank all the wonderful people…

    415. …who contributed all these wonderful prizes.

    416. Thank you!

    417. The necklace is amazing.

    418. Maybe the "monster" would help the tooth fairy in our home to be a bit more prompt=0) That way…they won't need to pay interest. hahaha.

    419. Apron is adorable!

    420. Merry Christmas to all!

    421. That apron is SO darling!

    422. Now that I had a chance to look through the items again, I think the necklace is my favorite!

    423. or maybe the bracelet!

    424. Yep, I'm still here!

    425. I also have a girly that would just look adorable in all those hair bows!

    426. Did I mention that my girl recently gave her hair a trim… by herself! Maybe the bows would help distract the viewers from the bald patch!

    427. Ooooh, that apron is delicious!

    428. Thank…

    429. …you…

    430. …Stanfanie…

    431. …so…

    432. …much!

    433. I changed my mind… again… Ribbons for Mei Mei is now my favorite!

    434. Did you REALLY mean it when you said we could enter as many times as we wanted? Really?

    435. Merry

    436. Christmas!!

    437. Chris &

    438. Stefanie &

    439. Tori &

    440. Zach &

    441. Asher &

    442. Dalton &

    443. Isabelle &

    444. Sophie &

    445. Jude &

    446. The bracelets are made with paper? Amazing!

    447. Well now I'm just getting my hopes up!

    448. But if I won the bracelets I could keep one and share the others with my older girls!

    449. Shepherd &

    450. But I still love that dress the most! It's the bee's knees!

    451. Oh please pick me! Or someone else is nice too, cause God really does give me everything I need already. But one can always make use of more hair bows!

    452. Merry Christmas to y'all!

    453. And a Happy New year!

    454. Ok… now my entries seem to be getting a tad ridiculous! I'd better go bathe my little ones. but thank you, really!

    455. One more thing… my boy says the tooth pillow is his favorite. Which is good 'cause he'd look silly in the dress or bows!

    456. Vivienne &

    457. The Dear Family says:

      Any of these would be cute for my current and future girls. we are waiting on a call for our SN referral, and could be matched at any time.

    458. Poppy :)

    459. Hahahah that was fun!!

    460. last one and I'm off to drive to our next Christmas..already!

    461. Hey

    462. Remember

    463. me~

    464. Cause….

    465. I'm back!!!

    466. I'm still here πŸ˜‰

    467. Joe and Jane says:

      Thanks for doing all these giveaways!

    468. I'm Baaaaackkkk! Gotta give it another college try!

    469. Yay! Yay! Yay!!!

    470. Did I mention that I just ADORE that dress!

    471. But I can't keep thinking about that apron either. But I'd have to let my girly grow a bit first.

    472. Merry Christmas!!

    473. Merry Christmas!!

    474. What wonderful donors you have! It is much appreciated!

    475. Thank you donors for giving all these treasures to Stefanie!

    476. And Merry Christmas to everybody!

    477. Love the necklace!

    478. Merry Christmas!!

    479. Adopted from China over a year ago, these bracelets will be perfect for my three daughters!

    480. Merry Christmas!!

    481. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

    482. Love it!!!!!!

    483. Adorable!!!!!

    484. Merry Christmas!!

    485. A

    486. H

    487. A

    488. P

    489. P

    490. Y

    491. My friend says I'll never win, but I have faith.

    492. N

    493. E

    494. W

    495. Y

    496. E

    497. A

    498. R

    499. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    500. OK I'm done commenting for real!! :)

    501. My oh my look at all those comments!

    502. Thank you to everyone for the fun holiday giveaway!

    503. Thanks to Stef for putting it together!

    504. Hello!!! I would love to win, too!

    505. Happy December 23rd!

    506. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas!

    507. PS ~ I really hope that AOW gets a LOT of Hope for the Holidays!!!

    508. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas, Stefanie!

    509. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas, Chris!

    510. Happy Christmas Eve…eve!

    511. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas, Tori!

    512. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas, Zach!

    513. Only 2 more days until Christmas!


    514. I want to wish you…

    515. a Merry Christmas…

    516. from the…

    517. bottom of my heeeeaaaarrrrttt!!!!!!!

    518. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    519. Dashing through the snow…

    520. in a one horse open sleigh…

    521. o'er the fields we go…

    522. laughing all the way…

    523. ha ~ ha ~ ha ~ ha… ~ ha…

    524. bells on bobtails ring…

    525. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas, Asher!

    526. making spirits bright…

    527. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas, Dalton!

    528. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas, Sophie!

    529. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas, Isabelle!

    530. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas, Jude!

    531. oooh what fun it is…

    532. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas, Shepherd!

    533. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas, Vivi!

    534. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Merry Christmas, Poppy!

    535. Farm Girl in MD says:

      So I've been commenting all 30 days…I wonder if today is my day!?

    536. to sing a sleighing song tonight!!!

    537. Farm Girl in MD says:

      The Sew Blessed dress is so adorable…would be perfect for my little Lindsey!

    538. Thank you…thank you, very much!

    539. Farm Girl in MD says:

      The bows are just precious!

    540. Farm Girl in MD says:

      And the jewelry…so beautiful!

    541. Farm Girl in MD says:

      and the poppys…I want them!

    542. :-)

    543. Farm Girl in MD says:


    544. Seriously, Merry Christmas Stefanie and Family!

    545. Farm Girl in MD says:


    546. Farm Girl in MD says:


    547. Farm Girl in MD says:


    548. Farm Girl in MD says:


    549. Farm Girl in MD says:


    550. Farm Girl in MD says:


    551. This is fun :-)

    552. Farm Girl in MD says:


    553. Farm Girl in MD says:


    554. Farm Girl in MD says:


    555. Farm Girl in MD says:


    556. Farm Girl in MD says:


    557. Farm Girl in MD says:


    558. Farm Girl in MD says:


    559. Farm Girl in MD says:


    560. Farm Girl in MD says:


    561. Thank you for letting us participate in the 30 days of give-a-ways. Stefanie!

      You choreographed it very nicely!

      Thank you again!

      Best to you!

    562. Jamie and Angela says:

      Merry Christmas!

    563. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

    564. Also, love all the hair bows and clips!!

    565. And a lovely Christmas Eve!

    566. The necklace is just precious!

    567. What a fun giveaway!

    568. And a beautiful Christmas, too!

    569. I LOVE the necklace!

    570. The bows are beautiful!

    571. Merry Christmas to your family!!

    572. What great giveaways this month!

    573. One more entry! Oh please pick me!

    574. I

    575. quilt-n-mama says:

      It has been so fun to see what everyone is making and that they shared! Thanks for doing it!
      Blessings to you and your family this Christmas

    576. really

    577. want

    578. I'm not usually lucky. Maybe now is my time to start!

    579. to

    580. win

    581. quilt-n-mama says:

      I love the roses for girls' hair! Beautiful!

    582. one

    583. 30 days of giveaways was so much fun!

    584. of

    585. these

    586. amazing

    587. prizes!

    588. The jewelry is so simple and pretty and gorgeous!

    589. Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks for doing the giveaways. I have saved all of the links to the wonderful giveaways as my favorites! We are officially DTC today for our two girls waiting for us in China. We received our referral for our second daughter on Monday night! It has been a wonderful week for us! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    590. I'd like to say that I'd share that necklace, but I wouldn't! Too pretty!

    591. Maybe I'd wrap up my booty, if I won, and unwrap it just for fun!

    592. Maybe today is my day to win!

    593. Fingers crossed…

    594. …and toes too!…

    595. … and arms and legs crossed too…

    596. … I don't cross my eyes. It hurts.

    597. Reid, Dawn, Jilli, & Dru! says:

      Just ordered the necklace from My Quilted Heart! Love it!

    598. I'm looking at everything again…

    599. …and I still love…

    600. …the necklace !

    601. Oh, and I pray that you get good news for Christmas regarding your LOA…

    602. lfinneseth says:

      Yes please!

    603. lfinneseth says:

      I would love anyone of those.

    604. I hope you pick me!

    605. Please pick me!!!

    606. I would be thrilled with any of the items!

    607. I've never won anything from a blog giveaway.

    608. Maybe this will be my lucky day!

    609. I am curious if you read every comment left on these giveaways?

    610. Or do you just pick the names?

    611. Because it sure is a lot of comments to read.

    612. I'm not helping by making the number of comments even longer.

    613. So cool! Gotta love the 30 days of Giveaways! And this finale? is amazing!!

    614. I am kind-of running out of things to comment about. :-)

    615. WOw! What fun! Yeeehhaaaahhh! :)

    616. Just because we can enter as many times as we want… :)

    617. I do have time to sit around and leave comments though. All my presents are wrapped.

    618. And all the toys have been taken out of their toy packaging and twisty ties and plastic.

    619. And.. well… just maybe one more, of course. Because there are some pretty awesome things to be won up there! :)

    620. Stickers have been applied to barbie accessories.

    621. Yip, yip, yip…yoweeeeee! That was fun! And, all these 'things' that you're giving away are sooo creative and fun,too. Kudos to those who made and donated items. :)

    622. I do really love this comment all you want thing! πŸ˜‰

    623. And batteries have been inserted.

    624. I enjoyed every minute of playing with the toys before they were wrapped.

    625. Hope my children enjoy them as much as I did.

    626. My comments don't make as much sense when other peoples comments are inbetween thoughts. Maybe it's time to stop. :-)

    627. But I really want to win.

    628. So many cute things!

    629. Bracelets are too cute!!

    630. fingers crossed for this and for your LOA too!

    631. ok, forget the fingers crossed for the LOA. Let's go straight to the Big Man and pray for your LOA to arrive soon! It's all in His hands.

    632. I think you should get one of the dresses for Vivi and Poppy! They are adorable!

    633. The Steeles says:

      I want to win something!

    634. The Steeles says:

      Everything that you have posted has been so cute.

    635. Wow! 632 comments!!! How do you find the time woman!!!! LOL!

    636. The Steeles says:

      Pick me pick me pick me!

    637. The Steeles says:

      Did I win?

    638. I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve! Pick me pick me pick me!

    639. How did you find all these adorable items! They are all so cute!

    640. You have some FAB contributors! These are great item!

    641. Those little flowers bows are so stinkin' cute!

    642. I have a sweetie that just LOVES accessories. And coincidentally tends to lose them quickly. I'd live to win the girly accessories!

    643. Maybe a 4th of July give away would be in order! I think we are all just lovin' in!

    644. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all!

    645. Are you as excited to give these away as we are to see who the winners are?

    646. These items are cute, but they are representative of some REALLY creative ladies!

    647. I hope this is my lucky day!

    648. Merry Christmas!!!

    649. I hope you don't read all these comments. Just draw some names. Really, most of us are just rambling!

    650. Are you sure it's not 31 days of give-away?

    651. The day's not over and I'm not done….

    652. In fact, I feel a second wind coming on…..

    653. I might even goes as far to call myself the energizer bunny.

    654. And I'll just keep going and going

    655. and going and going.

    656. I have 2 three your olds that surely could make a heavy use of that cute little tooth keeper!

    657. You think you'll hit 100o comments? I think it's VERY possible!

    658. The fabrics on that apron are to-die-for!

    659. Merry Christmas to your family from our's!

      Kim O.

    660. *Overflowing* says:

      Awesome finale!!! Love all of it!!!

    661. Just one more entry before I hit the hay.

    662. or maybe 2.

    663. 3?

    664. sung to the tune of we wish you a Merry Christmas)
      Oh help to bring home the babies
      Oh help to bring home the babies
      Oh help to bring home the babies
      The blessings they come!
      We brought home our precious Sophie
      We brought home our precious Sophie
      We brought home our precious Sophie
      and our family is BLESSED!

    665. Well this is just silly! I really should go to bed now!

    666. But these items are so darling and I really want to win!

    667. Especially that adorable dress!

    668. Or the flower bows.

    669. Or the pretty apron!

    670. Can't forget the jewelry. It's wonderful too!

    671. alhop2-LOVE the song!

    672. SUNG to the tune of Rudolph:
      Stephanie the WONDER WOMAN
      Had a so many sweet kiddos
      and if you ever saw them
      You would see how much they grows
      all of the other mommies
      thought "how does she do it all"
      they never contemplated
      Stephanie was having a ball
      Then one foggy fall morning
      Stephanie heart did say
      Stephanie there is another one
      and she is coming your way!
      Now Poppy is in China
      waiting for her family to say
      They can not wait to see her
      on her forever family day!

    673. lfinneseth says:

      I would really like to win something.

    674. lfinneseth says:

      I am not asking for much.

    675. lfinneseth says:

      My birthday was a couple of days ago. This could be a birthday present for me.

    676. Stefanie ROCKS! 30 days of giving ROCKS!

    677. alhop2-really, you have me cracking up over here!

    678. alhop2-I sang that WHOLE song to the Frosty the Snowman tune! It must be getting late, but it was still adorable!

    679. alhop2-it was much better to Rudolph! Thx for the evening entertainment!

    680. one last time… Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

    681. Great finale! Love the stuff

    682. M

    683. E

    684. R

    685. R

    686. Y

    687. C

    688. H

    689. R

    690. I

    691. S

    692. T

    693. M

    694. A

    695. S

    696. E

    697. V

    698. E

    699. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    700. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    701. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    702. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    703. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    704. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    705. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    706. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    707. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    708. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    709. Well your at 710 comments now!! :)

    710. Merry Christmas to you..

    711. and to your handsome hubby…

    712. and to your adorable little guys…

    713. and to your gorgeous little angels…

    714. and I won't forget the smallest member of the family, little Poppy!

    715. Thanks so much for this fun Christmas giveaway! I love your blog all the time, but this just makes it better and better.

    716. β™₯ Kayla β™₯ says:

      I want it all!

    717. Not sure if today counts

    718. but sure hope it does!!!

    719. Cause I need all the help I can get!

    720. <3

    721. Farm Girl in MD says:

      Not sure if today counts since it's 12-24…but I'm going to comment anyway

    722. Farm Girl in MD says:


    723. Farm Girl in MD says:


    724. Farm Girl in MD says:


    725. Farm Girl in MD says:


    726. Farm Girl in MD says:


    727. pick me!~

    728. Beach Mama says:

      Merry Christmas Stephanie & Family!

    729. Beach Mama says:

      I am looking forward to following your journey to Poppy in 2011!

    730. Farm Girl in MD says:


    731. Farm Girl in MD says:


    732. Amy Murphy says:

      Woo! Wish I'd been on the internet more yesterday! Just got to this post this morning… Hope I win something (though I hope it's nothing for little girls, as I have none; boys rock!)

    733. Amy Murphy says:

      What an amazing 30 days it has been. Such neat items. I hope you can do it again some other time. Maybe next time there will be more things for boys; the vast majority were things for little girls. :( But what a wonderful thing you've done here!

    734. Amy Murphy says:

      I've only ever won something once in my life, so the chances are slim here. I'll post as many times as I dare, though, to boost my chances. :)

    735. Amy Murphy says:

      I hope you and your family have a very wonderful Christmas!

    736. Okay, I'm in! I have watched all month some fabulous finds. Merry Christmas to your blessed family!

    737. Amy Murphy says:

      I simply love reading your blog and learning about your beautiful family.

    738. Amy Murphy says:

      So excited to see your journey to your new little beauty!

    739. Amy Murphy says:

      What can I write now to boost my chances of winning? haha!
      Love your site!

    740. Farm Girl in MD says:


    741. Farm Girl in MD says:


    742. Farm Girl in MD says:


    743. Farm Girl in MD says:


    744. Farm Girl in MD says:


    745. Farm Girl in MD says:


    746. Farm Girl in MD says:


    747. Farm Girl in MD says:

    748. Farm Girl in MD says:


    749. Farm Girl in MD says:


    750. Farm Girl in MD says:

    751. Farm Girl in MD says:


    752. Farm Girl in MD says:


    753. Farm Girl in MD says:


    754. Farm Girl in MD says:

    755. Farm Girl in MD says:


    756. Farm Girl in MD says:


    757. Farm Girl in MD says:


    758. Farm Girl in MD says:


    759. Farm Girl in MD says:


    760. Farm Girl in MD says:


    761. Farm Girl in MD says:


    762. Farm Girl in MD says:


    763. Farm Girl in MD says:


    764. Farm Girl in MD says:

    765. Farm Girl in MD says:


    766. Farm Girl in MD says:


    767. Farm Girl in MD says:


    768. Farm Girl in MD says:


    769. Farm Girl in MD says:


    770. Farm Girl in MD says:

      **fingers crossed** to win!

    771. Good morning! I'm Baaaackkkk!

    772. Hoping this morning to be a winner in the giveaway!

    773. Still LOVIN' that adorable little dress!

    774. The dress would look so sweet on my little girl!

    775. And maybe she'd need a few hair bows to go with it! I like the flower ones best!

    776. Joy at Sew blessed is really talented!

    777. Sew Blessed really has some adorable things at her shop!

    778. oh and Merry Christmas Eve….

    779. Can you tell the little dress is my favorite?

    780. to you….

    781. After all these entries, I may have to go over and visit Joy and just buy one if I don't win!

    782. and your family!

    783. But I'm still crossing my fingers that I win that cute dress!

    784. :)

    785. <3

    786. Thanks you Joy for donating such cute items to Stefanie's give away!

    787. And thank you Stefanie for having readers with such talent!

    788. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    789. :)

    790. The necklace is really pretty too!

    791. Merry Christmas all! Good luck to everyone entering the 30 day give away! (But I still hope I'm the winner!)

    792. I am praying for a Christmas miracle! :)

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