Day 28 of 30: {Girly Girl}

Girly Girl.

I’d say.

This Day 28 Giveaway is for all these darling clips from Girly Girl Bowtique.

You don’t even have to pick which ones are your favorites.

Because you’ll get them all.

Winner will be announced tomorrow, so I can get these beauties in the mail to you.

Just in time for Christmas.

Visit Kelly’s site to see all of her adorable hair clippies. And wow, does she have alotta clippies.

And right now, when you use the code nihaoyall, you’ll receive 15% off and free shipping on all orders over $25. Offer expires 12/31/2010.

Kelly is fundraising through her Girly Girl Bowtique to bring home a little one from China. So dropping a little dough over at her site for Christmas? It’s a good thing.

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  1. I have two little girly girls who would just be adorable in these clips! Love them.

  2. My two girls would fight over these, but it would be worth it for how adorable they would look :).

  3. LOVE!

  4. Love the Panda one. So cute

  5. julia @say you will love me forever says:

    pick me, take 28!

  6. Oh man! Those are adorable! I have three little girls who would LOVE these clips!

  7. Ma Petite Fleur says:

    Very Cute!! Love the panda clip!

  8. Sign me up!!!

  9. Rita and John says:


  10. Bows Galore! Love them! Such fun!

  11. Emma Kate's family says:

    I love these! So darling. The small crochet flower is adorable. Okay, they all are.

  12. I'm currently building up the hair accessory collection at our house for when our little girl comes home from China in February. I'd love these additions!

  13. sarahkate60120 says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I love them all.

  14. My girly girl would love these!

  15. Truly Blessed says:

    Oh my…we NEED that Mulan bow! The others would be great, but Mulan is right up there with Jesus in descending order at our house!

  16. How precious!!!

  17. What fun!!

  18. Hillcrest Acres says:

    Wow, the bows are all adorable. Plese count me in.

  19. Jerry and Christy says:

    My girls would love these.

  20. Very cute!

  21. So cute, my girls would love them all!

  22. I have two little girls who would be thrilled with this one!!

  23. Too cute! My LIttle MIss would look ever so cute sporting these!

  24. Lost and Found says:

    Total Sweetness!!

  25. More awesome-ness! :)

  26. The Steeles says:

    I know some girly girls!

  27. Oh boy – these are oodles of cuteness. Fingers crossed I win!

  28. I love these.

  29. Too cute! Thanks for sharing the link.

  30. Wow! Cute hairclips! Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Cute!!

  32. I need some girly girly around here!

  33. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.
    My hair bow lovin' girls would ADORE these!!!

  34. OMG Love the reindeer!

  35. Jennifer and Greg says:

    Girly Girl that's my Sam. Hope we win!

  36. My little girly girl would love these in her hair!

  37. How cute!! Would love these for my little girly girl.

  38. How adorable!

  39. Love, love the clippies!

  40. We're always in need of some extra hair bling!

  41. So adorable!! LOVE

  42. All of them ?!?! How cool is that!!

  43. ok– we're gettin' down to the last few giveaways!!!!!!!!! c'mon big money!!!!!!!

    way cute bows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. So cute!

  45. oooooh, soooo cute!

  46. John & Michelle says:

    These are toooo cute!

  47. SO very cute! My girls would love these!!

  48. The Denis Family says:

    I have a girl who would LOVE the panda clips!

  49. Too fun! Hook me up! :)

  50. Two Blue Rooms says:

    Oh my goodness, that Rudolph clip (and all of the others, of course) is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!

  51. Those are all so so gorgeous! I heart them!

  52. A girl can never have too many bows!!

  53. TOO adorable!

  54. Aww! Too cute!

  55. The LaBelle Family says:

    Very sweet!

  56. we need some of those precious bows!!

  57. OMG!! These are just precious!! And with 3 girls that need them everyday, we could use that huge selection!!

  58. The Oswalds says:

    Super Cute!

  59. Beautiful!!

  60. Cute clips!!!

  61. wow….my girly girl would love to have those. can't believe we are so close to the end….sob

  62. Love them! That lady bug is just too much!!! :)

  63. I LOVE bows! What a great giveaway!

  64. Oh I have a girly girl that would just look so cute in these! Fingers crossed!

  65. Joe and Jane says:

    I love the crazy variety!

  66. Know the perfect girlies to wear these bows!

  67. Love them!

  68. My Princess would ♥ those!!!

  69. The Raudenbush Family says:

    So cute–the bow one is so cute…what am I saying? They all are!

  70. Growin sister's bangs out! She needs some help!

  71. Heather (Chaos Controller!) says:

    These are adorable…and we are already on Day 28…pick me, pick me! :)

  72. Mom to my China Posse says:

    love them!

  73. Ah, j'adore!!! Love it!

  74. lfinneseth says:

    Those are super cute.

  75. I hope Gabby likes bows!!

  76. love, love, love these!

  77. super cute!!!

  78. Adorable!!!

  79. I have the perfect gilry girl in mind for these adorable clips.

  80. So cute for all my girly girls!

  81. Oh, those are so cute! Will have to go make and order…

  82. Football and Fried Rice says:

    Good to see Kelly's bows here!! I can't IMAGINE what WE would do with clips and bows at OUR house!>!>!


  83. So cute!!

  84. A-Dorable! So cute.
    Kim O.

  85. LOVE LOVE LOVE them

  86. Zimmtarheel says:


  87. Love them!

  88. Mom 2 Four says:

    Absolutely love those hair clips!

  89. Oh the fur ones are incredible!!!!

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