Day 29 of 30: {Rockin’ Ragz}

This Day 29 Giveaway is from Renea at Rockin’ Ragz.

“Made to worship the ROCK… 1 Corinthians 10:4”

Renea’s love of sewing led her to start Rockin’ Ragz. And now that she is working towards an adoption, she is using Rockin’ Ragz as a way to fundraise.

She also supports missions around the world.

And Renea hand makes every piece of clothing she sells.

The winner will receive this darling magenta and black ruffle peasant top and matching pants.

In a size 4T.

Included is a pair of matching clippies.

You can see the rest of Renea’s creations here.

And she is on FB here.

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  1. Pat and Lindsey says:

    What talent. Sign me up!

  2. launihermens says:

    I've got a while to wait til my daughter is a 4T, but that is adorable enough to hold for her! LOVE it!

  3. BridgetdSmith says:

    WoooHooo !! I HOPE today is MY day!! Erm… I mean Shaylee's !!! She would be A~dorable donning thic chic outfit !!!!

  4. Ok, let's do this…'s day 29 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed this is the day for me!

  5. beautiful outfit

  6. ADORABLE!!!! Would love to see our little one in this outfit!

  7. The words, "GOTTA HAVE IT" come to mind!

  8. Oh, me please!!

  9. Perfect size for Miss Sophie :) Adorable!

  10. Love it!! Such great colors:)

  11. quilt-n-mama says:


  12. Size four would be perfect for my………sort of niece.

  13. Truly Blessed says:

    Oh, so sweet! Love it.

  14. I wish I could fit into this! I'm sure I could find someone that could :) So cute!

  15. Cute! It would be perfect for my kiddo! :)

  16. Jerry and Christy says:

    This is really cute. My daughter would love it. Her favorite color.

  17. This outfit rocks!!! I can see my little guat tot or china doll in this adorable outfit!!

  18. Love it!!! Pick me!!

  19. Lost and Found says:

    Adorable! I can't believe it's almost a month of fun and giving.

  20. Two Blue Rooms says:

    Perfect for my Gansu girl! :)

  21. SO cute!!

  22. This would fit my frilly little rock girl. Love it!

  23. My neice would look awesome in this!!!

  24. Heather (Chaos Controller!) says:

    S-W-E-E-E-E-T! This so cute…come on, a day 29 win, please. (And it is even my daughter's size!)

  25. Love, love, love this.

  26. Would be the perfect size for our girlie next summer!!!

  27. I'm entering to win…and off to see what else she has. This is really cute!

  28. Adorable outfit! What incredible talent!

  29. The Straight's says:

    Too cute! I have a couple of sweeties who could fight over who gets to where it which day :)

  30. I would love to dress my princess in this outfit in a few years.

  31. LOVE this! So precious!

  32. Too cute! And the perfect size for my daughter! Cute things on her site.

  33. What a great outfit!!! I'm checking out her site now!

  34. grtlyblesd says:

    Just got home with our size 3 China girl, who will fit perfect in that when the weather warms up!

  35. Cool!!

  36. Love this!!

  37. Oh, lovely!!

  38. The Denis Family says:

    so very cute and stylish

  39. Chelsea Gour says:

    That is so very cute!

  40. Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane says:

    Sew cute! (Pun intended!) I'm a follower and would love to win…


  42. Love it!!

  43. Creative!

  44. Such a sweet outfit! I love little girly clothes. After three boys I am so happy to have two little girls to dress up.

  45. That would look adorable on both of my girlies!!!

  46. Football and Fried Rice says:

    UUUHHHHHH, WE are a 4T :>)

  47. My daughter wears a 4t and my 2nd daughter would wear this right after the first outgrows it!!!

  48. Beautiful outfit and the perfect size!

  49. Absolutely adorable!

  50. I love it! I neeeeeed it!

  51. love it!!

  52. The LaBelle Family says:

    Sweet! And, I have an adopted China doll who could wear it, too! Can't wait to win! :)

  53. Such a CUTE outfit!! AND I happen to have 2 5yr old girls who are almost in size 4!!!!

  54. Those are just beautiful!

  55. loveinasia says:

    Please let it be my turn!

  56. What a coincidence! I have a 4 year old! I'm hoping it's destiny.

  57. So so cute!

  58. Valerie and Jeff says:

    beautiful material!! Pick me! Pick me!

  59. How cute and 4T works at our house. 😉

  60. I have a little one that would fit that perfectly!!! Please pick me!

  61. Adorable!

  62. ♥ Kayla ♥ says:

    My little 4 year old would love this outfit.

  63. Love it! Gonna have a size 4 girlie soon…

  64. I can already see KM in this! :)

  65. Adorable!! I would love to win!

  66. Oh, Size 4T would still work for my petite 5 year old…….and magenta's such a great color on her!

  67. It's fate! My god-daughter is a size 4T and she loves pink. This would be perfect.

  68. prechrswife says:

    So cute! My oldest is out of 4T, but my younger daughter will grow into it. That outfit is adorable!

  69. So pretty and would look fabulous (and would fit) on Miss Lena!!
    Have a blessed Christmas!

  70. Zimmtarheel says:

    Oh my! This would totally fit Maggie in size AND style!

  71. A Cup of Cold Water says:

    here's my entry! :)

  72. So cute!!! And already the perfect size!

  73. …still tryin!!! :) LOVE IT!!!

  74. The Raudenbush Family says:

    So cool!

  75. Mom to my China Posse says:


  76. my little fashionista would LOVE this.

  77. LOVE IT!

  78. That outfit is "off the hook!" According to my kids that is an awesome thing. :)

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