Day 30 of 30: {keys to China}

know. It’s actually day 30 of 30. Are you as exhausted as I am?


But we do have one more. A big finale giveaway coming tomorrow (or Thursday) where there will be numerous goodies given away.

Just so you know.

But back to today. This adorable Day 30 Giveaway is from Kelly at Keys to China.

Kelly makes these handcrafted key fobs as a fundraiser for her current adoption.

And they’re really cute.

And make finding your keys in your overstuffed purse a snap.

But I wouldn’t know anything about that.

She’s got just about every combination to choose from… these are the two I chose.

I think they say a lot about my personality.

The winner of this Day 30 Giveaway will receive four key wristlet fobs of her choice. Visit Kelly’s site to see all the options!

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  1. Awesome! I hope I win! Ha ha!

  2. love 'em!

  3. Hey, Stef. Just wanted to say hey. Glad your babies are home with you again! Give them our love. Yay! You made it through your 30 day giveaway. Made a bunch o' people happy. That's awesome.

  4. Karen Firstbrook says:

    Those are adorable!!!

  5. Love these!

  6. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family as you enjoy celebrating all He has given you! You are an inspiration and I enjoy reading about your family and how you work through things. Keep on being patient and waiting for your sweet Poppy!

  7. I stumbled across her blog a few days ago and loved them! So great to see them here as a giveaway:)

  8. Fingers crossed!

  9. how fun!! i'd LOVE to pick out some fun patterns for my girlfriends.

  10. Perfect- especially in my new purse! Those are sooo cute!

  11. the Crazy Omma of 3 says:

    Those are so cute and handy. Not that I would know ANYTHING about losing my keys in an overstuffed purse. lol.

  12. Ooh…I've been needing a new one of these! I love them! :)

  13. Oh boy- one to keep and three to give away!

  14. Love these! I always lose my keys in the bottom of the abyss that is my purse!

  15. Awesome!

  16. WhooHooo!

  17. Sue Mom of Two says:

    Those are the cutest thing EVER! And yes….easy to find in the bottom of the purse

  18. Whoa….something I could actually "use" and need 😉

  19. Count me in – I could really use one of these,
    and they are oh so cute!

    Happy holidays!
    All the best,
    Nicole A., now in LA

  20. Two Blue Rooms says:

    What a great idea!

  21. So cute! I lose my keys all the time in my purse so these would be a life saver! Merry Christmas to all!!!

  22. quilt-n-mama says:

    That's what I need, not because I have a big bag but because I always miss place my keys!

  23. launihermens says:

    I want them too! :)

  24. So cute!

  25. Mom to my China Posse says:

    love them!

  26. Love them!

    lmbennett9 (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. thewindowwasher says:

    Cool! It's the last day and I haven't won yet so these must be for me! 😉

  28. It's my turn I KNOW IT!!!

  29. So cute, count me in please!

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  30. Love it! I am always losing my keys in my big, deep, ovestuffed purse. These would be great. I haven't won yet. Pretty please.

  31. I was just thinking I needed one of these. I was going to try to figure out how to sew one myself, but I'd rather win FOUR!!!

  32. so practical. yet cute.

  33. Steven Sarah says:

    I love these – I am always losing my keys!

  34. Those are really cute! I could use one, I am always losing my keys!!

  35. Elizabeth@Romans8:15 says:

    very cute. I never have cute key fobs!

  36. Love 'em. Need 'em. Well, need one, at least.

  37. My keys would love these!

  38. Great idea and so darn cute … count me in.

  39. Steve and Darcy says:

    I sure could use this to help me find my keys! 😉

  40. prechrswife says:

    Great idea!

  41. Cool!

  42. Love'em Kelly!

  43. These are so cute! So glad I found your blog. Very interested in adoption, waiting on the Lord to speak to my husband's heart as well. Glad I'm a follower now! =)

  44. Love them!!

  45. Very, very cool! Wow, what a nice prize! I can never find my keys in my suitcase…I mean purse :-)!

    at ourgreenbamboo.blogspot

  46. Those are so cute! And practical at the same time – a perfect combination. :]

  47. The Steeles says:

    I wanna win!

  48. anne graves says:

    I love these. I have given them as gifts, but would love one for myself!

  49. Rita and John says:

    Who loses their keys in their purse? 😉 These are terrific!

  50. I love keychains!

  51. Great idea! Who wouldn't love this!?!?!?

  52. julia @say you will love me forever says:

    pick me, take 30!

  53. Cute, cute, cute!

  54. Very nice!

  55. Love these!

  56. Very, very cute!

  57. lfinneseth says:

    So colorful!

  58. I am with you Stefanie about losing my keys! My purses keep getting bigger and my keys seem to find every nook to hide in my purse!! So, I would be a happy winner! Hey, it beats the clapper! :)

  59. Super cute! Merry Christmas!!

  60. adorable, I would love one of these. our four. :)

  61. Oh, I need one. I am always losing my keys in my purse.

  62. I would love to be able to find my keys! 😉

  63. So cute! They would go perfectly with the set of keys I am begging for 😉

  64. Those are great!

  65. Heather (Chaos Controller!) says:

    Stefanie, this has been a fun pasat 30 days. I haven't won anything yet but I'm holding out hope. May you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!

  66. The Raudenbush Family says:

    My key ring just broke today! Perhaps it was a sign! :)

  67. The Denis Family says:

    perfect..I wouldn;t lose my keys at work anymore!

  68. These are darlin'!!

  69. Daisy Dreams says:

    Commenting in hopes of winning 😉 Would love to have one and give the others to those I know could use one too!

  70. Those are so cool!

  71. I seriously need these…: )

  72. Oh, so cute! What a great idea.

  73. Mission To Macie says:

    those would be precious stocking stuffers!

  74. "And make finding your keys in your overstuffed purse a snap."
    And this is why I really need to be the winner. Amen.

  75. I love these! My daughter has one, but (shhh) it is not as nicely made as these!

  76. Beautiful. I would love to own a few of these!

  77. It's been fun! thanks for the giveaways

  78. These are great. Considering my purse is a black hole, I could use these. Whatever I am looking for in my purse is always the one thing buried at the bottom!

  79. love em!

  80. So cute!

  81. Love these key chains!! And yes, I am one who digs through the purse looking for them!

  82. Wonderful idea! These are quite unusual, I love them!

  83. Very cool, this is probably one of my faves so far. Now, I wish I could have gotten a couple for Christmas gifts. Hmm….birthdays maybe.

  84. Too sweet and a great idea – the older I get and the more kiddos I'm blessed with the more help I need keeping up with my stuff.
    Merry Christmas!

  85. Oh man, I just realized these are for your wrist. This would have made a great teacher gift with all the keys they carry around during the day.

  86. Super cute! I have been looking for something like this!!

  87. great idea! Beautiful colors too…

  88. Love them!

  89. Love 'em. Maybe with this I could find my keys sometime.

  90. great idea! merry christmas!

  91. OH my Goodness!! I NEEEED this!! I lost my entire set of keys back in October never to be seen again, once in August (they were returend to me), and then my hubby's keys (never to be seen again!!!) I NEEED this :)

  92. Those are so cute. What a great idea!

  93. Adorable!

  94. i love keys to china

  95. Love it!!!

  96. Is it possible or fair to win twice?!?! I really like these

  97. Super Cute!!! This would make finding things in my garbage bag, errr….ummm my purse, so much easier!!!

  98. Pat and Lindsey says:

    Day 30 already. Wow! Count me in for the keys to China.

  99. Kim Foo Young says:

    beautiful and count me in :)

  100. The Smittys says:

    i need help keeping up with my keys! that would be great! {does it come with a 'clapper?"} :)

  101. HOOORAY!!!! you made it to 30! congratulations, you did a fab job picking wonderful prizes! made me wish i was still blogging!

  102. Those are awesome!

  103. I have always wanted one of these….if I dont win, I think I will buy one!

  104. Those are so pretty!

  105. Love it! I would love one too!
    Kim O.

  106. Oh, fun!!

  107. loveinasia says:

    Great idea!

  108. What a great idea! Hope to win, but if not I'll enjoy supporting Kelly and her families cause!!

  109. Reid, Dawn, Jilli, & Dru! says:


  110. ♥ Kayla ♥ says:

    I need these to keep up with my keys.

  111. I wonder if they make ones for cell phones as well??? Between losing my keys and phone, I'm always in panic mode.

  112. Farm Girl in MD says:

    So cute!

  113. These are so cute!! It would be awesome to win!

  114. I cannot believe you hosted 30 days!! You are incredible. Enjoy your Christmas with all your kiddies (almost all) at home.


  115. 30 days wow. You must be ready for a vacation. Merry Christmas!

  116. Love them!

  117. Oh wow, those are so cute! What a great idea!

  118. This has been sooo much fun! I can't believe the 30 days are up and Christmas is almost here. Enjoy your time with all of your kids! And thanks for the giveaways! They have been great!

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