round 2.

Another day.

Another snow day.

Evidently, the weather is no respecter of my unbridled efforts to keep my driveway cleared. It has snowed, daily, since then.

And between last night and this morning?

We got another 12″.

Pure insanity to this southern girl.

So, in an effort to entertain themselves while waiting for the snow to slow down, they got creative.

Between an empty diaper box,

And a longing to play in the snow…

Some sort of A sled was born.


At least it works in the kitchen.

Hope y’all are enjoying your day, no matter what craziness surrounds you.

Off to hang out with my new friend, Mr. Snowblower.



  1. clearness says:

    Love the creativity! The kids are cute!

  2. Elizabeth @ Musings says:

    Haha! That is great. Reminds me of the time as a child when my brother and sister and I took a snow-sled down the staircase. And in case you're wondering, it ended poorly and drywall needed repairing.

  3. Another 12"?! Good grief!

    That's some amazing ingenuity – and the greatest part {in my mind} is that since it doesn't involve snow, it isn't cold!

  4. Great photos! You can tell that they are having a blast. I'm hoping the snow lets up soon. It's been a change from Louisiana for me. Have a great weekend, Candace

  5. her hair is getting so long!!!!
    and seriously??? more snow??? that just seems wrong!

    (i guess i shouldn't mention that we have bright blue skies and temps in upper 40's in colorado? we have military bases here- maybe ya should come on out here!

  6. Lola Granola says:

    Oh yeah, the snow gods just laugh at clear driveways! We surrendered years ago. It's plowed–kind of–but you can totally sled down it.

  7. Such a cute idea! Such cute kids!

    Are you guys moving somewhere warmer this year?

    All the best,
    Nicole A., now in LA

  8. Kolton's Mama says:

    haha that is too cute!

  9. Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! says:

    LOL….whatever works right?

    Two weeks ago Sarah had something similar but she made it into a school bus complete with yellow and black paint!

    Happy Weekend~



  10. That makes the 3 inches we got yesterday seem like nothing. I love these pics of your cutie pie, Vivi!

    Gin =)

  11. Between You and Me says:

    my kids use to do the very same thing with old diaper boxes…..

    sweet memories.

  12. Yeah – yesterday wasn't bad – and today may yet shape up – but I'm thinking for Christmas and Birthdays etc we're going to start giving empty boxes – they are much more fun than what's in them sometimes@!

    hugs – aus and co.

  13. Oh my…looks like we are in for another big storm potentially on Wednesday (with 1-2 feet of snow predicted at this point). Are you supposed to get that one, too?

  14. WHAT happened to that precious little BABY that you carried off the plane in Newark? She's turned into a magnificent LITTLE GIRL!! I cannot believe how BIG Vivi has gotten!! Boy, a girl can't turn her back for a minute, I see.

    Completely huggable….Vivi and every one of your gorgeous posse!

    Dita and the Darlings

  15. Football and Fried Rice says:

    We love boxes!!!!!

    Can I recommend this one to get you through the rest of this awful winter?

    WELL worth the money :-)

    And I think your crew will let their imaginations run wild!

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