breathe in. breathe out.

Lately, I’ve had to remind myself to do that.

So, so much going on.

So much I’d love to share.

And I will, promise.

First, I thought it was about time to spill on the two *things* I shared with y’all.

If anyone can remember that far back.

We finally found a vehicle to fit our crew.

And, more importantly, we can actually afford it.

We hope to pick up our “new-to-us” Sprinter next week.

Some of y’all might remember me posting about wanting one about a year and a half ago. And God, in His perfect timing, has lead us to one that actually meets all our requirements…

  • It must run.
  • It must not cost more than our Odyssey, which we’ll be selling.
  • It must have enough seats for all our kidlets. At least those at home.
  • It must run. Did I already say that?

Our list of requirements isn’t long, the challenge has been in finding a vehicle that we can afford, that still has some life left in it. This one we’ve found only has 83K miles on it… WOOT!

Did I just say WOOT about a car that has 83K miles on it? That Dave Ramsey must be really sinking in.

And the kids? They cannot wait. Even though they’ll be giving up leather, cup holders and a DVD player. We’ll see how long the love lasts.

Me? Well, I’m sweating it a bit. Simply cannot imagine driving anything quite that tall. Thinking of taking Chris’ Honda Pilot over to call my own.

BUT. We will all fit. Together. And I love that more than DVD players or cup holders. And even a bit more than I love my heated leather seats.

And the second *thing*?

Someone has asked our family to be the subject of a documentary.

Chris and I are trying to determine how we feel about it, it’s a very big deal to share that in-depth about your family… although we’d like to feel like it might encourage others to consider adoption.

But we’re not sure yet. We’re still thinkin’.

Happy Friday, y’all.



  1. Oh! WOW! Those are big! Congratulations on the car, van, I mean bus :) I know your thrilled!!!!

    and the documentary…WOW! THAT'S HUGE! You encourage me every time I look at your blog and I droll over these beautiful children of yours.

  2. Huge stuff, Stefanie! Congrats on the Sprinter – it sounds PERFECT. And the documentary? Well, I'd love to see more of your family, but only you can decide if it will work for you guys. Praying God gives you wisdom…

  3. Congratulations on the car. I cannot imagine driving something that big! I would hit things:) I hope you do the documentary. I get your reservations…I would have them too. but if done in the right spirit (of the Lord) it will change lives. And I know that God uses you and your family for BIG things. Pray about it. You and Chris will know what is right. I always ask God to knock me over the head with the answer for things like this…and guess what He does! Have a happy weekend.

  4. Holy zamolies!!!! How COOL! Praise God for the Sprinter…just in time…His PERFECT timing!!!
    The documentary? Well girl, that would be so inspiring to families considering adoption! You guys do what's best for your family…and it'll become clear. :) Praying for you guys!

  5. So awesome that you will have a vehicle that everyone will fit in!!! How exciting to be asked to be a part of the documentary! That is a very big deal. I will pray God will provide you and Chris with clarity on that decision. He will provide that just as he did the Sprinter.

    As for me, I would just have to pray for the skills to drive something that big!

  6. Yay for finding a car! I'll be praying for your decision on the documentary. That would be super exciting if God led your family to do that!

  7. Fun stuff! A friend of mine has one of those big ol' cars and I love it because it's always so easy to spot her on the road!

    As far as the documentary, I can very much understand your conflicting feelings. We had a local station that wanted to do something about our daughter. We initially said yes, but when I talked with them further, I didn't like what I was hearing. They said, "We want to show what types of risks someone takes when they adopt internationally." I, personally wanted to show that I had the most awesome daughter in the world, but they were wanting more of a dramatic, fearful type of piece and I was not going for that at all. I also got the impression they were going to paint a, "oh, look at this nice family taking in this poor sickly orphan" type of picture. Once again, no way Jose.

    Anyway, I'm sure you'll make the best choice for your whole family.

  8. Awesome!
    Sprinter is what I looked for and could NOT find in Mississippi or surrounding areas! :(
    DO THE DOCUMENTARY…Just make sure that you are allowed to approve the final cut or its a "NO GO"..get it in WRITING.

    Love U!

  9. I am praying for a vehicle too…same requirements. Our 17 y.o. van keeps making threatening noises…and will hit 222,000 miles probably this week so 83K sounds very young.

  10. Wow, we're about to go from a family of 4 to a family of 5 and we want/need a bigger vehicle!! (but not as big as yours!) I'm just crossing over into the…do I need a mini van?? Eeeeek! I swore I never would. Humm…never say never, huh? I think the Lord has a sense of humor. =)

  11. Like everyone else, WOW! I will be praying for ya’ll!

  12. My husband really, really wanted a Sprinter but we ended up with a "big ugly" instead. Can't wait to see your new ride :)

  13. Love the sprinter!! Went to our state fair just to see it!! Decided on the GMC Savanna van (fits in the garage and that matters in MN) but still love the sprinter!! They are great and live long!!

    Our kids are so excited about our van, too. I am too, kinda sorta kinda sorta kinda… Yes I am sad to give up my luxuries but hey- were not really the luxury kinda family…

    Documentary- wow… I would consider this… for you that is! I don't think I could do it. I think you can! You would be great and you would be the voice of the orphans. Stefanie- you can do this!! For the unwanted children- the ones that wait.

    We constantly get "you should have your own reality show". NO thank you! I am sure you hear that, too.

  14. Yay for the (sorta) new ride! Congrats! :)

    Oh, and I guessed right about the documentary! Do I win anything?? haha.

  15. WOW! Really! That is a big decision. I would selfishly want you to say, YES, because I know what a wonderful inspiration your beautiful family would be for others. That is a biggie, though! I will say a prayer tonight for some direction for you in this!!

  16. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a documentary on you guys. And I agree, it would probably be a great way to encourage adoption….but of course, it's a big, big deal and one that should (and will) be prayed about tons. Good luck with that!

  17. Oh girl … I can only imagine how God would use your family to promote His plans for adoption with an even bigger audience. Amazing!
    Sending up a prayer now that God would give you wisdom and discernment as you consider this offer.
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  18. I would be so very wary about the documentary. I really don't think it's possible to keep control of the finished piece, and you can never judge public reaction. Over here (UK), it seems that anyone featured in a documentary gets a very hard time with the press and public opinion. I can't think of very many documentaries I've watched where I've heard positive comments afterwards, it always seems to turn negative.

  19. Stef,
    I know you and Chris will make the right decision regarding a documentary! If you go for it, I know God will use it to glorify Him! And, He will bless you in it!! As for the "Ginormous Vehicle!!" So thankful God answered! As for me, I am struggling with just crossing over to a Sienna Van! :)

    Let's go to China soon please!


  20. Wow, I didn't even know what a Dodge Sprinter was. Guess my family isn't big enough :) It looks great…and gas efficient, too.

    Good luck with the documentary decision. That's a big one, for sure!

  21. Best of luck with the documentary decision! I am truly inspired every time I read your blog!

  22. Football and Fried Rice says:

    Oh, Stefanie :) You sweet little keeper of the secrets!! lol…..The Dodge Sprinter – the "new baby" – it will be fantastic to all fit in one car! And the documentary is a big decision, for sure. I can see where this requires prayer – but I have to agree with everyone else – if God prompts you to do it – He will be glorified. I am sure that it will be a challenge – but aren't all the good things?

  23. Yay! Congrats on the van! A van that big sounds like a badge of honor to me. Did you ever think, years ago, that that would be your primary car?! Very cool.

    As for the documentary, I am sure that God will show you the way. It is hard to put a lot out there for pretty much anyone to see – lots of private info would be public. But I can see how you may be able to inspire other families. Tough call. Good luck!

    All the best,
    Nicole A., now in LA

  24. Wowzers! Can't wait to see pictures of your family rolling out of the Sprinter. Or maybe just catch it on video in the documentary? As many of the other commenters have said, my selfish side wants you to say yes as I'd watch you faithfully. But I know that God will direct you in your decision…

  25. OK – hope that you get a chance to see this comment! I don't know about WOOT – but maybe a quiet hoorah on the car! On a slightly more serious note – the documentary – While I know you guys only through here – I'm still moved to say that I can't think of a family that would be a better choice to show the face of adoption and blending a family than you guys. Normal folks doing normal things and brining a family together and making it work….

    While I recognize and respect any decision you might like to make in regard to your family and privacy – I'd love to see you do it. Just sayin'….

    hugs – aus and co.

  26. Hey Stephanie–

    I've been reading your blog for about a month now. I came across it through some other blogs, and it's been fascinating to read your story.

    My family and I are in the process of adopting a boy from China. We are just finishing up our home study now, so we are still in the thick of paperwork! God has really brought my husband and I to our knees throughout this process–it's been terrifying and exciting to see Him work in our lives and our hearts.

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I've had a lot of fear–my husband is also active duty Air Force and we will be moving in about 18 months–so for me, it's a bit daunting to think of bringing our boy home and then packing up, selling our house, and moving to an unknown location in the midst of all of that. Then I was reading some of your son Shepard's story, and it looks like you got him home from China right in the middle of a move. Reading your story really helped me to chill out, to trust God, and to know that He will work out all those details in His perfect timing and perfect plan.

    It's a blessing to come across other military families who are adopting internationally. Thanks for sharing your story. I look forward to following it as it continues to unfold.


  27. oops, I'm sorry I misspelled Shepherd 😉

  28. OK–I'm getting a little worried re Stefanie's extended absence. I know it's silly for her bloggie-fans to worry, but I kinda am.
    Someone please tell me they took the whole family on a cruise and are without inner-net and are having a great time so I can stop worrying!

  29. I'm with you nancy….Stefanie, have you just decided you love that new van so much you are driving cross country to break it in? Hope y'all are all ok! Check in soon. All your bloggie family is missing you!

  30. The Oswalds says:

    A little worried here too. Saying a prayer for all of you. Hoping you are just out enjoying this awesome weather.

  31. So, very late in the comment game on this….but instead of a documentary I could SOOOOOO see your family being the subject of a movie….like the Blind Side. Now THAT would be fun! Who would they get to play you? Someone good, like Reese Witherspoon maybe. Ooooh, it would be a great movie! :)

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