why I love my man.

This year I didn’t have quite the foresight.

Nor the energy.

Nor the memory.

Truth is, I forgot to call the babysitter to see if she would come stay with our kiddos so we could go celebrate an anniversary like most married couples.

On a date.


By the time I remembered, I was too ashamed to call her for fear that:

1) I’d sound like a typical mother of 9, forgetting everything until the last minute, if at all.

2) I’d actually have to put on uncomfortable undergarments. And wear a dress. And uncomfortable aka non-Born heels.

Considering all the chocolate chip and Cheeto puff eating I’ve been doing over this past winter, those undergarments would have had a mighty big job.

So I decided to give my undergarments a break. I didn’t call the sitter.

And our anniversary ‘date’ consisted of lunch at a local Chinese restaurant, indulging in an excess of pan fried noodles, beef lo mein and General Tso’s chicken.

With our 11, 9, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3 year old in tow.

Afterward, we both agreed it was the best date we’ve had in a long, long time. Or maybe it was me stating it, and him agreeing to it… simply to alleviate my guilt over not calling the sitter.

Either way, those were the best pan fried dumplings I’ve ever had.

Happy anniversary, baby. I am so grateful that you love me just the way I am.



  1. Kimberlie says:

    One of my closest girlfriends died less than a week before our 10th anniversary this past February and was buried the day before. We didn't feel much like celebrating but decided to keep the private appointment we'd made with our priest to renew our vows. Then we went home and ate dinner after the kids went to bed. It turned out to be the best anniversary celebration EVER.

    Life is too precious to fret about forgetting to call babysitters or worrying about uncomfortable undergarments.

    Happy Anniversary to you both!

  2. He is pretty awesome, and so are you!!!!
    Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple!
    Love y'all!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! God is Good!!!

  4. Sweet!
    Happy Anny!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!

  6. Kjbikakis says:

    awh happy anniversary guys! Sounds like you had fun (:

  7. cherishcheese says:

    I'm new to your blog, and I love it!! Gorgeous picture of you both!! And, you make me feel a little better about my winter munchings. :)

  8. Happy Anniversary!

  9. Happy Anniversary!
    My husband and I always say that we have the nicest dates, at home after the kids are in bed. We have time to chat and enjoy a glass of wine without littles interupting and it's cheap!! Gotta love cheap! lol
    Krista D

  10. Such a nice picture!! Happy Anniversary!!

  11. Happy Anniversary!
    Ours was last Wednesday and I did the same thing! :) We ordered in and spent the night with our kiddos. :) We would have spent the evening talking about them anyway! :)
    Awesome picture of the two of you! :)
    Have a great week!

  12. living4Him says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

  13. Happy Anniversary!

    If it makes you feel any better, we've totally done the anniversary with our kids before!!

  14. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a great evening , often those unplanned nights turn out to be very special. How many years?

  15. clearness says:

    Sounds like the perfect date. Amazing………

  16. The Raudenbush Family says:

    "typical mother of 9" made me smile. :) Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate!

  17. Happy Anniversary! For our last one, we were supposed to be at a ball field watching our son play baseball. When it decided to rain, we, of course, had no plan. We bought Tarzan & some pizza rolls & had the best time with us & the kids. I like to think of it as being low maintenance! ;o)

  18. Daogreer Earth Works says:

    You say "typical mother of 9" like there are a lot of you in the world…

  19. prechrswife says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  20. Aaron and Erica says:

    Happy Anniversary! That's a great picture of you guys!

  21. Patricia/NYC says:

    Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate each other!

    Happy Anniversary to one rockin' couple!

  22. TanyaLea says:

    Sounds like our Anniversary back in December!! 😉 We spent it with the kiddos, too. But it just caused us to reflect on the many blessings in our lives that were right before us.

    Sometimes things don't always go the way 'we think in our heads' that they should go… but that's okay, too. Glad you have a hubby who embraces the whole package and still makes you feel like it was the best date ever! That's TRUE LOVE!!!

    Happy Anniversary and God bless you in the year to come… I already KNOW He will!!! <><


  23. Mommyof2girlz says:

    Aww Happy Anniversary! My hubby and I do not get many "date nights" either but we have found that we actually have the most fun with the girls in tow. :)

  24. Happy Anniversary!

  25. Happy A! We celebrated our 13th today:) We asked the neighbor if she would watch our 3 while we ran up to Cracker Barrel for our "romantic" anniversary dinner… she laughed and said "of course"

  26. Happy Anniversary guys – Marie and I are coming up on #28, known each other over 30 years now…and life is very very good!

    And ya know – your love just shows – I'm just sayin!

    hugs – aus and co.

  27. gwen............ says:

    Happy Sweet Anniversary! We celebrated ours a bit early and took the kids to Black Creek Pioneer Village to show them where we got married 9 years ago. After 3 hours of ooing and ahhing over "this is where we had the dinner," "this is where mommy and daddy said I love you" etc… we headed home and were just nicely in the car when our little guy asked "SO WHERE DID YOU GUYS GET MARRIED"…..lol….kids!

  28. LOL!! Having a few computer issues this morning posting.. Stefanie :)

    Happy Anniversary!! Hope your day was wonderful for you all! :)

  29. We just our 12th at a regional academic match with our kids. We had pizza. :-)

  30. Call me next time! I am right down the road and would definietly head over! That would mean that you would have to have gotten all dressed up…but i know how gorgeous you look all dressed up! :)

  31. 3 Peanuts says:

    That is what it is ALL about Stef:) Happy Anniversary!!!

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