summer wishing

Today marks the halfway mark in our Summer Wish campaign.

And we are 48 sponsors short of realizing our wish.

To fully fund the available sponsorships at An Orphan’s Wish.

Individual child sponsorships are available.

For kiddos like Ellira.

Who has made huge strides since arriving into our Clubfoot Unit.

And Landon.

Who has a heart defect, but he doesn’t let it stop him from loving life. And the occasional ice cream cone.

And Amy.

Who lives in our Residential/CP Unit. And is just the cutest thing.

AOW General Child sponsorships are also available. This is a unique opportunity, especially if you’ve had a hard time selecting a specific child to sponsor. You will receive a different report on one of our children every month.

Every new sponsor in the month of June will receive a free AOW tee as a thank you. Women’s tees and kids tees are available.

We still need 48 new sponsors and our Summer Wish campaign ends June 30th. If you’ve thought about becoming a sponsor but haven’t taken that *leap* yet, now is the perfect time.

After seeing the difference your support can make in the life of our kiddos, I promise, you’ll be so glad you did.



  1. Heading over there now :)

  2. These kiddos are so adorable!

  3. Nicole A. says:

    AOW is just so amazing! I am especially fond of Olivia, as we sponsor her. But I have always thought there is something about Ellira that is just captivating! She is always in our prayers, too.

    I hope that you can find enough new sponsors during this campaign! Every single child there is so very deserving!

    All the best,
    Nicole A., now in LA

  4. My daughter is going to pick out our child to sponsor. We are so excited!

  5. Hi! This is a little off the subject, BUT I wanted to tell you how much the So Loved t-shirts have blessed me. Everytime I wear it I feel so loved by the Father and can’t help but smile, I have loved the reminder (and loved! the shirt!!). I was going to send you a picture of my daughters and myself in our matching So Loved t’s, but I lost your e-mail address, so this will have to do, A heartfelt thanks from a very loved child of the king. :)

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