black and white: red couch prep

I have high hopes for these red couch pictures we’re hoping to get this afternoon.

And, because I’m really, really tired of seeing pictures of myself, my hopes include photos of just Poppy.


On the red couch.

And then I realized that I hadn’t yet taken any pictures of Poppy, that didn’t include contorting or twisting to get a picture of her on my own lap, or sitting within arms reach of me.

And I panicked ever so slightly.

So off we three went, after breakfast, to the garden area at our hotel.

I put Poppy down, cautiously.

And took just a few tentative steps away to see how she would react.

And while I certainly didn’t get any smiles, I didn’t get any tears either.

Which, in my book, was a success.

I thought these pictures were most beautiful in black and white.

And since it’s Wednesday, I thought this would be the perfect time to share them.

For more black and whites, visit my friend Lisa’s blog, The Long Road to China.



  1. They are beautiful! Praying your couch pix turned out great! I can’t believe it’s time for you to go home!!!

  2. They are beautiful. It looks like so much is going on in that pretty head of hers. To be completely honest, I wish with all of my heart that one of my daughters could have expressed herself this way. She was 8 years old at adoption. Your heart must ache for her in so many different ways. I hope your red couch photos worked out!

  3. She is so very stunning. Good luck with the red couch pics!!!!

  4. They are lovely pictures. In all of your shots I notice her clutched fists and it reminds me so much of our son when he was trying to be brave. Glad you’ll be home soon.


  5. Yes, simply beautiful.


  6. Just lovely! *I sighed right there.*

    Our little dumpling was the ONLY baby in our group who DIDN’T cry for Red Couch Photos. Way to go, baby!!

  7. Such sweet pictures of Poppy :)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Hi Stephanie, I’ve read your blog for a long time and have never commented. I’m not sure why! My hubs and I adopted our son in 2009 from Thailand. We were on the road to China first…but the Lord led us to our son in Bangkok. That’s how I “stumbled” upon your blog back in ’08 I believe…because we were looking in China for our son. I’m friends with Lisa from “The Long Road to China”.

    We live north of ATL. I’m a homeschooling mom of three and Jase is a youth pastor. Anyway, we were all set to start the process again for China this summer and an unexpected surgery halted our plans. But we know that God is sovereign! Maybe by fall or even the first of the year we will get that next home study going again.

    THE POINT, Kam!…I was out mowing yesterday and just praying for you and Poppy. The words of “You Make Beautiful Things” by Gungor kept playing in my head. I could see Poppy’s face in my mind and I sang these lyrics over her there in my back yard.

    “All this pain
    I wonder if I’ll ever find my way
    I wonder if my life could really change at all
    All this earth
    Could all that is lost ever be found
    Could a garden come up from this ground at all

    You make beautiful things
    You make beautiful things out of the dust
    You make beautiful things
    You make beautiful things out of us

    All around
    Hope is springing up from this old ground
    Out of chaos life is being found in You

    You make beautiful things
    You make beautiful things out of the dust
    You make beautiful things
    You make beautiful things out of us”

    I absolutely love this song and yesterday, it just gripped me for you three there in China. I trust that in the midst of so much uncertainty for her, you are finding the Lord most faithful. I will continue to pray for you in these days.
    In His love and mine~

    • NiHaoYall says:

      Wow, Kam! Thank you so much for sharing! Such a beautiful song and I am so blessed to know you’ve been praying for us, especially Miss Poppy :) So glad you decided to finally leave a comment :)
      P.S. I am going to download that song to my iPod as soon as I get home!

      • Thank you, Stephanie! I’m glad too…my Joel and I are sitting here looking at beautiful Poppy and the red couch pictures. He’s very intrigued by her. He most always is when he sees another Asian person. I can’t wait to go to China for a brother…all in our great God’s timing!

        You will LOVE the song…I think it’s just perfect for her.
        Much love in Jesus~

  10. So beautiful, yet so very serious… I love them! She’s just needin’ her mama to hold on to; hence the clenched fists.

    I wish you loads of success with your Red Couch Pics and can’t wait to see more.

    Good luck and know the prayers are headed in your direction right now.

    She is Such a Sweet, Sweet Thing!

    Take Care!

  11. So sweet!

  12. Gosh she is gorgeous – I know you’re just falling all of yourself with her in your life right now. Adorable.

  13. beautiful.

  14. Amazing pictures! Your Poppy is just beautiful! I hope all goes well with the Red Couch today.

  15. I have so loved following along on your precious journey to Poppy. My heart so aches for her, her grief is written so clearly across her little face. I’m so thankful God saw fit to weave her into your Special Family. I am praying God’s amazing anointing on you Steph as her forever momma. Let the healing of her heart begin.

  16. What a HUGE step that she let you put her down…. I think you have gained her trust don’t ya think? What a gift! Safe travels home!

  17. She’s so lovely! I can’t wait to see her with her brothers and sisters!

  18. Beautiful girl, beautiful pictures :) Can’t wait to see the red couch photos!

  19. These pics are great. It seems that her beautiful, dark eyes want to tell a story. It’s like you can see into her. She’s such a beauty. Been having a blast checking on you guys every morning! Still praying!

  20. I think your precious girl would be beautiful in black and white, sepia, orange, blue, purple, etc. etc.!! She’s just gorgeous. Keeping you all in our prayers!!

  21. Poor thing isn’t being carried around. Isn’t there a saying that goes “you can’t spoil a newborn”. :)
    She’s your big newborn girl. I bet you’re already holding here again~

  22. Absolutely beautiful!!! Poppy is adorable in any choice of photo colors. So good to see that Poppy feels so comfortable and so loved…she trusts you! An example of how we need to trust Him always! Enjoy your time…can’t wait to see the red couch photos!

  23. Soooo cute. Those little eyes and those little lips.

    What a glorious day it will be when you capture a “Vivi-esque” shot of her, smiling and living and loving with abandon. It will come. IT WILL.

  24. Beautiful indeed. I love that sweet face, and can’t wait until those smiles start glowing freely from her precious self. It’s coming, Stef… and will be SO worth every moment of the wait. I know you know this.

    I loved that song that Kam posted above. How neat and thoughtful of her. I love how God works through others to touch us and bring us comfort just when we need it most. And those coveted prayers… they are more priceless than we know!! God is faithful and He is holding sweet Poppy in the palm of His mighty hands… and her beautiful mama, too!!


  25. That is success! Beautiful success.

  26. She is beautiful! And your photography skills are great! Can’t wait to see the red couch pics!

  27. paulette says:

    She is so amazingly beautiful her eyes just melt me.

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