Poppy: day 10

Just a few pictures from our last full day in China.

That were sort of overlooked in my red couch frenzy.

Sorry, little pictures.

As a person who knows that a picture really is worth a thousand words,

I didn’t want to leave these out.

And now, I can go on with my life.

Over and out.



  1. Safe travels!
    Thank you for sharing your journey to your sweet girl!
    She is beautiful and I can’t wait to see the pictures at home!
    I hope your son enjoyed his trip as much as he could….

  2. I love love love the way Poppy’s green shirt picks up on the greens and turquoise colors of the background and complements the red of the bridge railing. I think these are my favorite pics so far…so glad they didn’t end up getting overlooked! :) Wishing you all safe travels and a happy homecoming!!!

  3. Praying for a safe and uneventful flight back home!

  4. WOW, your trip went fast! (for us readers) Although you’re very likely super excited to return home. Sweet Poppy’s eyes are SO deep–she does have so much running under the surface doesn’t she?! Like a clear, running stream. I can only imagine her reaction to the jubilation on the home front–it’s sure to be a bit loud and wild with the troops welcoming ya’all home. Hope she takes it well and melts into the family with God’s help. She is in the perfect home for having lots going on probably–and lots and lots of love and attention. LOVE the photos as she unfolds before your eyes, even if slowly at times. And the smiles she had? Were just silver on the edges of the clouds … can’t wait for radiance to shine through her uncertainty.
    Happy travels home!

  5. Poppy is so beautiful. In the song ‘Joyful, Joyful’, there is a phrase ‘Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee’ and in the Spiritual connotation, the unfolding of our hearts before the Lord is a beautiful picture. It is also true of Poppy – as she unfolds before you, Cudos to Zach. This had to be somewhat challenging for him at times. Blessings to you all.

  6. Hope your flights are uneventful. We are having perfect weather here in New England; perfect for a homecoming!

  7. Thought of you three early this morning during my time with the Lord. Praying for uneventful, on time and fast flights! Love the new pictures…especially the one of her sitting with her little feet crossed and looking off in the distance. So many changes for her. But we trust the Lord is mending her heart as only He can.
    Safe travels!

  8. we will take anything you want to share! love looking at her face!

  9. We have been following your story all along the way, and we are SO thankful for the time you spent each day to give us a glimps into your life. We travel to get our 1st in just a few weeks, and reading your blog has really helped prepared us. Poppy is just beautiful on the outside, and look forward to seeing the beauty God has placed on the inside. That little smile was just a taste of what the future holds for all of you one day. We will continue our prayers for all of you, and look forward to seeing/reading more. Blessings for these next several days ahead.

  10. It was a pretty short trip! She is a natural beauty – which will be all the better when the smiles come!! Great joy for you guys – fair winds on your travels home!

    hugs – aus and co.

  11. Leigh T. says:

    What a gorgeous creature! Speaking of, I hope your time with Zach, as well as Zach’s time in China, has been wonderful!

  12. I just discovered your blog yesterday. Seeing Poppy’s beautiful but stoic little face reminds me of my daughter’s sober face during our time together at the White Swan. Little Poppy will be smiling soon. There is no doubt. God bless you and your family. You are truly an inspiration. (And I’m looking forward to reading your book very soon.).

    Joanna, mama of Sophie, 9 y/o, from Guangdong province

  13. I am praying for ya’ll. Beautiful pictures too.

  14. Poppy is so hauntingly beautiful. I love that she has poppies on her green shirt. I agree that a “lovie” for her is in order. So glad you had this special time with your new daughter and your son. Can’t wait to see the reunion and homecoming!

  15. We welcomed our friends home from China yesterday at the airport…so I’ve been happily (and prayerfully) following both of your families. I must tell you…one of the other moms waiting at the airport was wearing her “So Loved” shirt. Yet another reminder to pray for your family, and especially sweet Poppy.

    Baby steps.

  16. Loving the pics. Safe travels. Praying for lots of sleep on the way home!

  17. Sweet little baby toes…… :) She is so precious! Praying for safe travels home to your family! I know you can’t wait to squeeze them all!!!

  18. Amazing. Thanks for taking us on your journey to pick up your angel. :)

  19. Beautiful pictures of a sweet girl. She looks more relaxed than a week ago. Thank you for sharing your journey

  20. she’s absolutely beautiful. thank you for sharing these images with us. and even the surprise one of zach… so thankful he could be there with you.

  21. Total sweetness.

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