Sunday Snapshot: {home}

I’ve got to make this quick.

But I wanted to let y’all know.

After a shuttle ride, train ride, taxi ride and two plane rides…

we are, at last, home.

The trip was manageable.

It had it’s moments.

Definitely could have been worse.

But 28 hours?

With at 22 month old?

Well… it’s over.

And that’s all I wanna say ’bout that.

The highlight of the trip was the outstanding welcoming committee at the airport.

I’m so glad I had my camera handy.

Seeing those smiling faces filled this mama’s heart to overflowing.

As expected, everyone went positively wild for Miss Poppy.

And what did Poppy think?

I think she’s going to like it here.


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Happy Sunday, y’all.



  1. Kathleen D says:

    Woohoo! Thanks for the update, soooooooooo excited to see all the kiddos and sweet Poppy surrounded by “all the love of her family” and cannnnnnnnnnnot wait to see her heart open and fill with that love!!! Rest, relax, play, and enjoy these precious moments. We will continue to pray and wait “patiently” until time and energy permits updates. Love and hugs to all.

  2. AWESOME SMILE! She has a dimple!!! How awesome is that? Family makes all the difference!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

    (we cannot wait to do this ourselves! We leave in just 48 hours to do our first adoption! WOO HOO!!!!)


  3. Stef………I didn’t expect to cry when I opened this post…….I was just so excited to see everyone together…….but then it hit me……the GRAVITY of it all…….all all those gorgeous faces that get to call You and that Handsome Hunk o’ Man….Mommy and Daddy………and, well, the way all of you just love one another……and the tears just came. I am so excited that you are home and Poppy’s smile tells it all! xoxoxo Dita

  4. Okay, you’re going to have to stop making my eyes sweat. What a beautiful little girl! She looks so happy to be home!

  5. ohhhhh look at those dimples!!!! Sooo glad to see you home with your entire family!!!

  6. SOOOOO awesome to see her smile!!!!! Welcome home!!

  7. Welcome home!!!!!! It looks like Poppy will be just fine. did we ever doubt?

  8. Welcome home! :)

  9. Oh how wonderful to see you all together! She looks so happy to finally be home ( I gather you are too 😉 )!
    You just amaze me how radiant you look after 28 hours!! Glad you are home safe and sound. Enjoy all the time with the littles…..

  10. Thanks for posting! I can so imagine the pain and angst of such a long trip with a young child…. We have been traveling to C. Rica yearly to visit relatives since Viv was 3 months old, which clearly is not as long of a trip but it helps me “envision” your pain!! ha ha What a miracle to see that at ease smile on Poppy’s beautiful little face!! Oh, she is so going to blossom…it’s already beginning. So happy for you and your family!! You were courageous on this trip as little Poppy seemed to have the toughest exterior I’ve seen in blogland yet but your faith so you through and look at your girl now!! Yay!!

  11. love her smile and the smiles of her brothers and sisters!!! :)

  12. Oh my word ~ I LOVE all those eager faces so excited to see ya’ll! I think Poppy’s gonna like it here too :)
    PS ~ Now I can’t wait to get my newest tee :) :) :)
    I know how hard it is to fully function in China with a beautiful little appendage, and I want to thank you for blessing us with the updates!

  13. Seeing your children’s faces greeting you brought tears to my eyes. Welcome home!

  14. Welcome home. What a beautiful smile!

  15. Simply breathtaking! It gave me a quick glimpse of our welcoming party when we get to heaven! I knew once she was with her forever family, the smiles would be abundant!!! So glad God allows you to share your precious treasures with us!! Rest and enjoy your family! I know Esther is smiling down on all of you as well! God is SO SO SO good to us! Praising Him for His faithfulness! If there is ever any doubt that Gods heart is for the orphan, people need look no farther than your precious family and their hearts!! Blessings Sweetheart! Praying for bonding, giggles, love and peace for all!!! Thank-you for sharing your journeys! :-)

  16. Oh gosh….. that face…..that smile……. yes, I do believe she will be VERY HAPPY with her forever family!! What a beautiful post Stefanie…….. crying tears of joy for your family! What a journey you have been on to bring this beautiful girl home……… and what a journey for your sweet girl. I wish you all the best.



  17. Welcome Home guys…thank you as always for blessing us with your adventures!! I’m loving her smiles…hoping for an easy transition for you all!!!! hugs and prayers!

  18. This post just brought me to tears. I’m so darn happy for you, your family and little Miss Poppy!

  19. Oh, CHILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How I LOVE your family!!! Congratulations and Welcome Home precious Poppy!!!

  20. CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you all!

  21. I’ve been stalking you like crazy, waiting to see these pictures!! So glad you finally posted them! :) I la-hooove the picture with mama and all TEN babies. Love. It. (you look really great for having travel-mania)
    Love you!

  22. That smile of hers surely answers hundreds of prayers.

  23. Okay. Doing the big ugly cry for the second time today. I peeked in quick this a.m. – at the last post and was so excited. But this one? Totally crying and thanking God for you all. For your great big ol’ hearts for this tiny little girl. She is gonna be well, well, well-loved. SO LOVED. :)

    Perfect song for the day – this a.m. in worship: all the verses of How Great Thou Art.

    Happy for you doesn’t even say it.

  24. Nicole A. says:

    YAY, welcome home! Poppy’s face says it all … she’s gonna do just fine! And that picture of your and your TEN kiddos, priceless!

    Wishing you a smooth transition and as much rest as you can get!

    All the best,
    Nicole A., now in LA

  25. Oh my goodness! What a delightful little face covered that toothy smile! Welcome home.

  26. Love that smile! Welcome home.

  27. so encouraging and so exciting.
    love your photos.
    love your heart.
    welcome home and this doesn’t mean I stop praying!
    You are on my list!
    enjoy every moment!

  28. Aww how precious! :)

  29. Beautiful…..absolutely beautiful. Miss Poppy is HOME! Exactly where she belongs!

  30. I am SO very happy for you and your family!!! Been following your blog for a while now and it makes me so happy!!! Congrats on your new addition! Poppy is beautiful!!

  31. love seeing the joy on the faces of the “big kids” – especially shepherd! and though i must admit i know all too well the horror of traveling with a 22 month old overseas i have to say the smile that met you at the end of that trek was positively adorable. so excited for poppy… and the gang! though our lil’ family lives on the east side, i feel inclined to say a heartfelt “welcome home!” :)

  32. Woooohoooo!!! Welcome home! What a beautiful smile, a beautiful family, and a beautiful heart to share it with all of us. Enjoy every moment of these first few days together.

  33. That was pretty awesome! Dalton looked the most thrilled :) I’d sure like to know who got the big ole smile out of miss Poppy already!

    Welcome Home. It’s gonna be more amazing every day!!

  34. Thank you so much for blogging during your journey. I have been so blessed reading your story. My oldest daughter (9) has been reading along with me. Every morning she asks me if you are home yet.

    Today’s pictures of Poppy smiling brought tears to my eyes.

    So thankful that God has blessed you and your family.

  35. Glad you’re home safe!! This totally had me tearing up!! How sweet! The last smile. So precious! And you know what? I think she most definitely is gonna like it there! =)

  36. LOVE her smile in the last photo! So glad you all made it home safely.
    Welcome home!!

  37. Welcome home!! Everyone looks so happy.

  38. That sweet smile says it all!!!! Happy you are home….Congrats to you all!!
    Enjoy this transition time, can’t wait to see your little flower continue to blossom.


  39. I think she’s going to love it there…

  40. your pictures blessed me MORE than words can say … i know we don’t often email/blog/fb, but you ENCOURAGE me w/ your life !!! thanks !!!

  41. HOORAH – what a smile – and Zach – what a look at HK!!

    aus and co.

  42. Home looks like it fits Poppy just perfect! Congrats and Welcome Home!!

  43. Oh my goodness…….look at how much Poppy has changed in the last couple of weeks!
    I just love the big, eager family waiting to meet her… Shep’s arms up in the air!
    Just look at how much Poppy has already blessed your family, and all of us.
    It is so obvious….Poppy is right where she belongs.

  44. Welcome home! Great pictures! She fits in perfectly, as we all knew she would, with everyone!

  45. Of all the posts from this particular journey, THIS one is my favorite. She is going to be right at home in no time. Look at that little smile…. :)

  46. I have tears in my eyes from those last pictures! Poppy is HOME!!!!

  47. Such a great post – welcome home! So happy to see how Poppy is doing!

  48. I kept hoping for a post. Just a glimpse of you with your babies. Hmmm. How sweet it is. Positively delicious. I know you must be exhausted but thanks for posting. It does this mama’s heart so good.
    Because of Jesus~

  49. Welcome home!!!! You have the coolest and most adorable welcoming crew!!!! And Poppy is absolutely precious and going to love her new home!!! Are those dimples she has been hiding from you??? So cute!!!

  50. So glad you all made it safely home! Welcome home! Love the picture of you and the kids-ti is magnificent! God Bless!

  51. Welcome home Stefanie! Praying for smooth days ahead for you all! So enjoyed following your journey back to China. We leave in two days! Can hardly wait!!

  52. Oh My Goodness! I think she is going to LOVE it here at your house!!

    Yay God!! One less orphan!

    And one more beautiful family member for all of you!!

    You made my day!!

  53. Glad you are home. Thank you for sharing your journey. So precious to see them all meet for the first time. Sweet family.

  54. Julia Anderson says:

    She is breathtaking with that smile! What a wonderful homecoming!

  55. You’ve got me crying again, Stefanie… Life begins again – with another precious child. (And my KK has those same jammies!) :)

  56. I have checked your blog daily for several weeks :) Welcome home!! What a blessing to see Poppy’s sweet smile! Makes me even more anxious to get our sweet little girl home. Thanks so much for sharing your journey!

  57. So happy to see her home! Now the real fun begins.

  58. just stumbled upon your blog! this story is so heart warming.. will have to read through some older posts! she is so precious!

  59. Welcome home!!!! Love the cute little smiles <3

  60. just had to come back and read this one again! praise God! i loved the pic of the welcoming committee….jude and shep’s faces were so sweet! hope you are getting good rest!

  61. Welcome home! Love the pics of your beautiful family!

  62. Tears. I don’t know why. I guess seeing all your kiddos reaching for you and smiling so big…makes me happy. And Miss Poppy…oh that beautiful smile. She’s beautiful. I love her. :) Welcome home.

  63. I am so amazed at how your son was so strong, mature beyond his years, the entire trip!

    In every photo of him , I could see his love and what a great comfort he is to you. I know that you are so proud of him, as I am of our 3 older guys. Somedays I just don’t know how I would make it without them!

    So happy Little Poppy is home at last! Large familes like ours are great at helping each other out and I am sure that you are glad to be home encircled by the ones you love.

    It is a happy day! Blessings-Joy

  64. Yay! You’re all home together. The photos are priceless…especially the look on Poppy’s sweet face. She’s home….she’s really home…..and it looks like she knows it for sure!!!! Wishing you all the best as you settle in together.

  65. wow, you and all your babies, together, finally! and yes, miss poppy looks positively happy, she’s smiling, yay!

  66. sue Mom of Two says:

    Oh my goodness! SUCH a gorgeous, gorgeous family! And I’m SO glad to see little Poppy smiling! I’ve been following your family for years and it just keeps getting more and more beautiful. I couldn’t help but look at Jude’s straight little feet, and see the happy smiling faces on all of the girls. All amazing, wonderful stories that undoubtedly would not have happened without their forever family. Only God could have orchestrated all of these stories into one big family!

  67. Oh Stephanie! Look at that beautiful smile! You waited so long and patiently to see that and God blessed you with it when Miss Poppy met the rest of your forever family! (I know you had seen it earlier too) but what a gift from Him for Miss Poppy to express her joy in meeting her beautiful forever family who will be there for her always!

    Blessings! Catherine

  68. And again, I have tears streaming. Oh, to see Poppy where she belongs at long last! How absolutely lovely!! And yes, that welcoming committee would definitely make anyone smile!! :)

  69. Yay, ya’ll are HOME! The long trip is over and now may the FUN begin!

    Ya’ll look absolutely adorable. I bet everyone wanted hugs and kisses all around…bless all of you!

    There really is no place like home, right? Oh, little Poppy… she is in Great Hands!

  70. This has got to be one of the best Sunday Snapshots EVER!


  71. EEEEEK! BIG SMILES!!! :))))

  72. Such wonderful photos! Oh I think she’s going to fit RIGHT in :) Let’s forget about the 28 hour journey – today is the first day of the rest of your lives xx

  73. Welcome home!!!!! That picture with you and your babies is priceless! You are blessed abundantly!

  74. Carrie Allen says:

    Welcome Home Sweet Poppy!

  75. Yeah!!! Welcome home! Yep, I think you’re you right. She’s gonna like it! So glad I read this post this morning. Just started my day off right! Blessing to you and your beautiful family!

  76. Welcome home!

  77. I’ve loved following your journey to Poppy. She is absolutely beautiful! And I love her smile! I’m anxious to hear how she likes her new home.

  78. Yay for HOME! Praying that jet lag will be minimal and can’t wait to see how Poppy continues to blossom and grow! That is surely the sweetest sight–momma and her chicks together! :)

  79. Oh Stef! That smile – THAT smile was definitely worth waiting for!!!! She looks truly happy! SO glad you are home! Praise God!

  80. Love the family shot and that last precious picture of Poppy’s smile! Glad to see you made it home safely, and praying for minimal jetlag and good transitions for all…

  81. Welcome Home!

    Enjoy the moments of this special family bonding time, Poppy is precious!

  82. Angie D. says:

    Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!! So happy you guys are home, safe and sound! And it does look like Poppy’s gonna like it there! Soo good to see her smile!

  83. Welcome home! :) So glad the 22 hour trip is OVER. ugh. Love the cute smile on Poppy’s face as she looks over your shoulder at her new family. Don’t envy your jetlag but have to say, girl…you were lookin’ good after 22 hours of travel!

  84. Oh goodness this brought tears to my eyes! Welcome home!

  85. I’m so glad Poppy is finally home! You have a beautiful family. Lovely to see them all together in these photos!

  86. Oh my goodness! I’m just sobbing like a baby!!! (It was the last photo that did it!!!) I did in fact start out giggling.. that you were taking photos of your welcoming committee and not the other way round!!! :) Love it!!

    WELCOME HOME! No place like it in the whole world.

  87. BEST Snapshot Sunday post, EVER!! …and I’m CERTAIN she is going to LOVE it there!! :)

    Welcome Home and Congrats again! I can only imagine what a ‘sight for soar eyes’ that welcome committee was! LOVE the photo of you and all your beautiful kiddos together, at last!

    BIG hugs,

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