howdy, red!

I said I’d post pictures.

And y’all are really holding me to it.

Thank you for that.

First off, I want to mention that this is, most likely, not my natural hue. But since neither my stylist nor me are quite sure what my natural hue is, we just went for it. I told her to hit me with the color she liked the best – as long as it didn’t have the word “carrot” in the name.

And she did.

So, here we go… just because I love you, I tried my best to get some pictures of myself with my new ‘do.

This isn’t something I’ve done much before and clearly, I need to polish my skills.

I do have to say, this little exercise in self-portraiture has taught me a few things.

I need to figure out how to use my self-timer on my Nikon.

iPhones are not good for this sort of thing.

I need to do a better job clearing off my kitchen counters.

And geesh, are my hands shaky.

Get this girl a tripod.

My face is significantly asymmetric.

Thanks, mom and dad.

But I think that with the angle rotated a bit, it’s not quite as noticeable.

Maybe I’m just in denial.

And when I’m not smiling I look sort of sinister.

Or something.

So, I’ll just smile.

The kiddos are split on their verdict. Isabelle and Poppy love it. Shepherd, Sophie, Jude and Asher are okay with it. And Dalton and Vivienne don’t like it at all.

The husband loves it.

What do y’all think?



  1. Fabulous! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!! It makes your eyes POP!

  3. Love it!

  4. LOVE it! For real! You are lookin good, friend! Great move :)

  5. LOVE it!!! You are BEAUTIFUL!! :)

  6. Love it!!!

  7. Beautiful, as always!


  8. I LOVE it! In fact about a year ago I did the same thing…Blonde to Auburn :) I was just to pale for blonde anymore and now I can’t believe how many people think this is my natural hair color. It seriously cracks me up! Enjoy being a fiery redhead!!

  9. You look amazing!!!

  10. I like it but there is nothing wrong with carrot or as I affectionately refer to it as pumpkin :)

  11. I’m not a red lover but It’s amazing how this color makes your eyes pop. Even more than the blond and they were always striking. It’s lovely!

  12. I love it!!!!

  13. It looks great!

  14. Cool mama, i’m with Isabelle and Poppy!

  15. Wow! It’s gorgeous. Kids are funny. My kids kids didn’t like it when my hair was blond (yellow) and now they don’t like it when I let my hair turn this horrible muddy brown. They want Mommy’s hair to be black like theirs. I would look incredibly Goth if I dyed my hair to look like theirs. πŸ˜‰

  16. You look amazing and young! Love the way your eyes sparkle. I think it is a great color. The children will come around once they get used to it. You look great!

  17. Man you have some blue eyes!!! Beautiful!!! I think you look fantastic!!! Way to go sista!!

  18. It’s beautiful! And the others are right, your eyes do really grab the attention right at first. I have to say, I think you look very Martina-esque in this color. That’s a good thing. :) Lovely, lovely. Welcome to the Redheads Rock club :)

  19. Ooh, I LOVE it! Look at those eyes! Good for you for being brave! :)

  20. I love it, Stefanie! It’s a beautifully rich color and looks healthy and vibrant!

  21. I think you look fabulous! Love that color!

  22. LOVE it!

  23. SO pretty!

  24. I love it. I think it’s soft somehow. It definitely complements you!

  25. LOVE IT!!!

  26. Is this the second female lead on the Mentalist? Looking good!

  27. oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think it’s stunning– the color really makes your eyes pop (in a good way) LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I love it!!!!!!!!!! It looks awesome!!!

  29. I just have to tell you I love the new color and your eyes are so gorgeous. They are such a beautiful blue. I think you made the perfect decision. Never go back to blonde. :-)

  30. I LOVE it! :-)

  31. Beautiful!!! It’s so rich and warm, perfect for winter. Great choice!

  32. love, love, love! I’m considering having mine done dark – like a chocolate brown. I’ve done it before & loved it – everybody else though didn’t show the love :( My little told me “you’s not make you’s hair bwack wike mine Mama or you’s not wook wike my’s mama”

  33. Magnifique !!!
    You’re gorgeous, this color is made for you

  34. It’s perfect with your eyes!

  35. LOVE IT!! And look at those baby blues POP!!

  36. whoa, look at those poppin’ eyes! love, love, love it! you are so brave to go from light to so dark, but it’s stunning.

  37. Oh…LOVE IT. Now my hubby will want me to go back to red.
    The blue shirt and your blue eyes make it pop.

  38. I have to agree with everyone else…it looks beautiful! And your eyes-wow!!!

  39. LOVE!!!! it suits your coloring so well. Wow!!!

    I’m a red fan because my mom’s a natural red head. I had red hair for a while too…

  40. Melissa Smith says:

    It’s striking…truly. Wow.

  41. WOW–you are beautiful!!!!!!

    Totally puts Julianne Moore to shame, and she is one fine looking woman. ; )

  42. I agree with the others… LOVE IT! And, yes, I also noticed right away how beautiful your eyes are. This color really does make them “pop” as others have said.

  43. oh my goodness, I love it! Seriously, it looks beautiful on you! It kinda makes me want to go red…… : )

  44. love it!!!! so funny to read the kids’ verdicts! and glad chris loves it! it looks so shiny and healthy!

  45. I love it!

  46. Love it! Your eyes stand out so beautifully with that red framing your face too. Beauty.

  47. WOW! LOVE IT!

  48. Fun and beautiful (oh and the hair looks great too, πŸ˜‰ )

  49. Wow, the color brings out your God given beauty even more than the blonde! You made the right move, I say all that matters is your man loves it!!!!

  50. LOVE IT!!!! :)

  51. I think it looks great! It really brings out your blue eyes!

  52. I just remembered who you remind me of now with your new red hair! Martina McBride. You look amazing & love that it makes your eyes really stand out!

  53. WOW!!!

    I LOVE it …… no kidding your blue eyes just POP now!

  54. Your husband knows what he is talking about! :)

  55. Eyes! WOW!!!!!

  56. *gasp!* I love it!!!

  57. Love, love, LOVE!!!

  58. I LOVE it!!! First of all you still look all of about 12 years old:) But secondly, it makes your beautiful blue eyes POP! You know people will stop you and ask if you are Julianne Moore now. Looks gorgeous.

  59. Love it!!!!

  60. It’s so gorgeous!!! And I’m not just saying that. I love it! So, so beautiful.

  61. Way to be brave and post pictures. LERVE, LERVE, LERVE it!!! I’m right behind you, yo…

  62. Looks lovely!

  63. I think it’s gorgeous!! Very nice!!

  64. You look stunning! :) Makes me want to go get my done RIGHT NOW! Hope your hubby likes it!

  65. First of all, I love it! I think it is warm, youthful and makes your blue eyes just pop! I recently did the exact same thing, changed my blonde hair to dark red. I loved it! With that said, I will be interested in hearing how your dark red stays in your hair. My dark red stays about 5 days at best and then the next day I wake up with washed out coppery blonde. I will be interested in following you to see if your hair stays dark red or if it lightens as quickly as mine does and if you find out any secrets to keep the dark in it. My hair stylist told me that blonde’s are born with less molecule in their hair and that is why dark doesn’t stay. Anyway, LOVE the new color on you and hope yours stays better than mine!

    If you want to check out my hair the date that I posted my hair color is June 9, 2011

    By the way – love seeing the smiles on Poppy’s face now that she is settled into her loving home.

    Warm Regards,


  66. Love it! It really works with your skin and eye color. :)

  67. LOVE IT!

  68. Meizhi's Mom says:

    I think you look AWESOME! love that hue. Suits your complexion well. Kudos to the Red! I had carrot-red hair at birth but it fell out/came back in strawberry blonde. I’ve often threatened the family with going red as it much more suits my personality but haven’t had the courage. You go girl! It looks great!

  69. Blonde, Red, Brunette, Sandy Brown, Pink, Purple, Blue, White, Chartreuse………a Rose by any other name is still a Rose…………Gorgeous in and out, regardless of packaging!!!!!!!!


  70. okay, I totally thought you were gorgeous as a blonde… but this red ~ SASSY!! πŸ˜‰ Seriously, it looks amazing with your skin tone and your eyes just POP! What a fun change for fall! :)

  71. I think you rock both your former and current shades!! So, I say, what *feels* most right to you?? That’s the color for you for now…whatever makes you feel best. …Cause if Mama isn’t happy ….well you know the saying.!!!!! :-)

  72. I.Love.It!

  73. I love it! It looks shiny ,healthy and makes your eyes look really blue!

  74. Very Pretty :)

  75. I think its a matter of growing into your right color. The real color. The color of the fiery passion in your heart put on hair…it’ll take some time to get back to the right red. But when it happens your going to not only embrace it but totally dig it! Have fun living life as a red head…again!

  76. You have always been so beautiful, but this color makes you stunning. Your eyes pop out so much more. I can see why your husband loves it. But beyond just pleasing him, do you love it?

  77. Simply stunning Stefanie! And it makes your eyes sparkle!

  78. I LOVE it, you ROCK the red hair!

  79. You look absolutely, positively STUNNING. Love, love, love, love, love it!

  80. I like it! I think red hair is super pretty. And I love the darker shade you went with!

  81. Wow, Stefanie..your hair really looks beautiful. What a great color!!! What color is it? I loved your hair blonde, too. Nice to have choices that both look amazing!

    I have never colored my hair but have to now to cover some gray. My 5 year old told me I was going to be a grandma soon when she saw the grays :( I’m brunette but with fairly red highlights. I have no idea what color to do it…or even who I should have do it. All new to me! Hope it turns out looking half as good as yours!

  82. You didn’t go wrong!! Reminds me of Martina McBride!
    Good for you.

  83. LOVE IT. I’m so tired of keeping up with the blonde foils I might try a darker color next time too!

  84. Stephanie, you look beautiful! Really suits you well!

  85. Beautiful!

  86. You.look.amazing! No joke! :)

  87. I love it Stef. I really makes your eyes pop and your skin just glows!

  88. I really like it…..didn’t realize how blue your eyes were…..until I saw you in the auburn hair color!!

  89. Absolutely stunning! I’m a natural blonde who’s been red in the past; seeing how great you look kinda makes me want to try it again. You may have started something viral!

  90. oh my! did you get your eyes done as well… look how blue they are with your new hair!!

  91. Girl….I have been doing hair for almost 20 years and can spot a good color job from a mile away and let me tell ya…..THAT, my dear, is an awesome color job!!! It looks amazing on you and your stylist deserves some serious kudos!!! Great!!

  92. Why would you ever go blonde when you could look like that??? It’s great!!!

  93. Oh yes – I like it! Its a good choice and is quite natural. So you were a red head?

  94. Looked at the old pictures – cute – not carrottop – Strawberry Blonde.

  95. I like it. You look mysterious and it makes your blue eyes pop!

  96. You know I love it I’m a redhead too and to make sure I stay a red head my hair-girlfriend freshens up the color every 10 weeks

  97. well, I don’t know you but I love the new do! I’ve often been a redhead of varying shades myself over the last 25 years so I’m a fan. Great to meet you and your blog :)

  98. AMAZING!!!!! yes its really good! What a beautiful Mama!

  99. It just goes with you, Stefanie. Your eyes “pop” and your skin looks amazing. It definitely makes you look younger — as if that were a problem for you. You look young and have great skin. So… keep the look. It’s YOU and best!

  100. Yes, I agree… it really shows off your young, looking skin. It is worth it… isn’t it nice to treat yourself to a little something that says, “Wow! Look at me!”

  101. Love your hair. Your eyes just pop out, looks really great!

  102. Absolutely LOVE it! I might be a little biased because I too just went from blonde to redhead last weekend, pretty much the exact same shade as you- though mine is the 28 day kind from a box…. just in case I didn’t like it πŸ˜‰
    I have to say, it suits you! What is it about Fall that makes us all want to go a little darker?
    Glad the hubby likes it too!

  103. I didn’t take a long time to browse comments – but I’m the first guy? Hummm – ladies aren’t letting their guys comment?….

    On behand of your husband, and all the guys who wanted to comment and couldn’t – one word….


    ’nuff said – hugs – aus and co.

  104. i LOVE the new color! i’ve always been a fan of darker hair on women, especially red hues, and most especially women with blue eyes. and boy howdy look at those eyes! they pop and are the most beautiful shade of blue and were completely hidden with your blond. good move hot momma!

  105. Where have I been???? I LOVE your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I want to know what color mine is! You are stunning girl!!!!

    What a fun fall you are having!!!! Gorgeous locks, and a new horse!!! WooHoo!!!!

  106. MEOW! Love it!

  107. GORGEOUS!!!!! love love love it!!!

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