i’ve missed ya

just been so scattered lately.



putting a fresh coat of stain on the swing set.

and even, believe it or not, even thinking ahead to Christmas.

I have a lot to share, just a lack of time for blogging this week.

but after the bigger kiddos went to bed tonight, I got a quiet moment to check in.

and, since she and her bear are still up, Poppy wanted to say hey, too.

hoping to have more time for catching up this weekend.



  1. missed you, too! so sweet how that poppy is always smiling now!

  2. Poppy’s smile makes ME smile! Can’t wait for an update-hope homeschooling is going well!

  3. That smile that she seems to be be wearing all the time now could melt icebergs!

    Gin =)

  4. I completely understand! I post in my head much more than I do on my blog!

    I refuse to give it up because I love it but time is tight nowadays!

  5. She is an angel!

  6. Oh my, she is just precious!!!

  7. Poppy is SO cute! Love these pictures.

  8. Ditto.

  9. So Chinese people are night people, at least that’s my take on it after living in China for three years. Their kids are often up till 10 or later. So when we got our little China flower I quickly realized she was no exception. I’m curious what your experience has been with all your little China blessings? Poppy is so beyond beautiful I could stare at her all day! :)

  10. Aw adorable!

  11. We miss you too! I was telling my husband (who is well aware of my bloggy crush on you)…how DARE she get busy raising a bazillion kids, training a horse, running a house, homeschooling! Doesn’t she know that we NEED her to keep those precious pics and blog posts coming???

  12. Miss you too! I know it must be so very busy and hectic though! Alot goin on!
    Love Poppy’s flower bow!! Oh so cute.


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