um… yum.

I bought these on a whim at the commissary the other day.

Something newer, and I hoped better, than the canned cinnamon rolls my kids love to indulge in on Saturday morning.

And since we can’t really justify the cost of getting everyone a Cinnabon at the mall, well… this seemed like a fun, and much less ‘spensy, alternative.

So last weekend, we made the first batch (the box has enough to make 2 batches).

It was an unqualified success.

Easy enough for the kids to make, and yummy enough for everyone to eat. And they ate it ALL.

And it actually was enough for everyone, which is sayin’ something in this house.

But the big question was, would the kids want to make it (and eat it!) a second time?

And would my very picky husband eat it a second time?

Let’s just say, I’ll be buying this again, next time I’m at the commissary.

P.S. Just FYI, there was a second, smaller pan, too. But it was already gone before I could get my camera out.

Hoping y’all have something warm in your belly this Saturday morning, too!



  1. Oh, mama – Im IN! Count me in!!! This might be great for my Wednesday morning Cinnamon Roll Tradition!! We like McDonalds hot cakes & sausage for $1.25 on Saturdays :) And their cheap coffee, which is surprisingly tasty!

    Thanks for the tip!!

  2. Commissary!!!??!? I haven’t heard that in years! I’m an Air Force brat. My dad served for 27 years and my hubby for 21. When our base closed, I was stressed about shopping somewhere other than our commissary. I had NEVER shopped in a civilian store before and thought I wouldn’t know how!! lol

  3. Yummy!!!! Cant wait to try them!


  4. The Ft Belvoir commissary had Rhodes cinnamon buns. They were in the freezer section by the frozen biscuits and they came in a bag of a dozen, with cream cheese frosting. You defrosted and baked the cinnamon rolls and they were divine! I’m so sad our new commissary doesn’t carry them. While the nutritional value was zero, the delight factor for the kids (and me) was a 10! Oh how I miss them…… But perhaps I’ll have a new replacement now.

  5. Oh yum!

  6. Hi Stephanie,

    I was wondering how the So Loved Tee fundraiser is going?


    • NiHaoYall says:

      Do you mean through Wild Olive? Thanks for asking, Elisabeth!
      We are going to donate yearly, on the anniversary of Esther’s birthday.
      And to date, we’ve sold about 150 So Loved tees! Hope lots of folks decide to give a So Loved to someone for Christmas :)

  7. Thanks for the advice. I saw these tonight at Sams Club and couldn’t resist buying them. Hoping my kiddos will love them this Saturday morning as much as yours did last Saturday morning.

  8. yummy!!! I will be trying those. I love, love, love cinnamon rolls.

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