my day.

I spent 1 hour this morning compiling recipes.

Then 1 hour hustling to get everyone ready.

And 1/2 hour to get to the commissary.

Then close to 2 hours to complete the shop.

And change a diaper. And go to the bathroom. And eat a few monster cookies.

Three baskets of groceries, I kid you not.

Another 1/2 hour to get home.

And, exhaustingly, 2 more hours to get everything brought in and put away.

Okay, we were moving pretty slow by then.

All this for a Thanksgiving dinner.

At our new house.

Surrounded by all our kiddos.

It’s gonna be totally worth it.

What’s on your menu for Thanksgiving? I’ve got mine pretty set – lots of PW recipes again this year – but there is always room for a new recipe or two…

What are you making that you just can’t go without this Thanksgiving?



  1. Amber Smith says:

    So love Pioneer Woman’s Sweet Potatoe Casserole and her Green Beans…But I CANT find PANKO bread crumbs. GRRRR…it’s not quite the same without them! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Land’s sake they’re adorable together!
    For turkey dinner… my own recipe of cranberry sauce! It’s totally from scratch and so yummy and made with orange juice and dried cherries! Lots more too, but I just HAVE to have this one each year!

  3. Two of the cutest shopping buddies EVER! :)

  4. Love that Poppy’s smile. Sadly since we are still waiting on TA and thought we would be traveling I finally broke down and went to Costco, take some fabulous pictures of you dinner so I can live vicariously through you all this year!

  5. Oh, I so relate. I don’t even have HUGE family…and I spent THREE hours shopping last night, and one this morning. My fridge and freezer are PACKED!!!!!

  6. banana cream pie. Yum.

  7. So nothing can beat last year. We ate Pizza Hut on the floor in our hotel room in Zhengzhou, China. :) But cannot live without PW’s mashed potatoes. :) Love the photos.

  8. Alls I got to say is no wonder you are so skinny. I broke a sweat just reading this post :)

    Let’s see – since we are leaving for China at 4:20 a.m. the next day, Denny’s??

    Cant wait to hear about YOUR Thanksgiving though!!

  9. We are having all the family and a few friends to our house this year too! There will be 12 kiddos there so I am right with ya! Tried to space my shopping out a little this year so I didn’t have to get it all at once. We will be having the traditional turkey with a healthy green bean casserole recipe from Southern Living, roasted brussel sprouts, pineapple casserole, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes with blue cheese and bacon, homemade cranberry relish with pecans and oranges, and maybe some of PW homemade cinnamon rolls for brunch the following day! MMmmm!
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family in your beautiful home!!

  10. After two years overseas … we are so excited about hosting Thanksgiving in our new house this year. Tomorrow is my big shopping day! And it will be the sweet potato casserole that I cannot wait to enjoy!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
    Love & Blessings,

  11. Pioneer Woman saves me every year. Her Nantucket Cranberry Pie…LOVE. I also found a Cranberry Cheesecake recipe on her website and a Pumpkin Cream Pie!! So excited!! Desserts are my area…hubs does the meat…as I always feel sorry for it and wonder aloud what kind of Turkey it might have been….hence the veganism! 😉 So great to see the wee ones smiling so hugely!!!

  12. :) Totally sweet pics! 3 carts of food, eh?!!! We don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia… but it sure is fun reading bout everyone’s celebrations in USA! Just checked the US calender, and noted Thanksgiving is 24 Nov – which is a Thursday – I work Thursday, so my angelic 14 yr old usually gets dinner ready – so it’ll be fried rice… coz its pretty much all she knows how to make!!!

  13. My Thanksgiving shopping was not quite so intense, but it did involve hunting a turkey at several stores. Finally found one on the other side of the city. The store had only two turkeys and I bought them both! On actual Thanksgiving Day, the hubby will be at work, the kids at school (not a holiday in China). But we are having friends and family over the Saturday before and after. So crazy woman that I am, I am going to cook 2 Thanksgiving dinners. But it will be so worth it.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  14. Love love love PW! Your dinner will be amazing:)

  15. I miss the commissary….and costco!!! one can’t live without (besides turkey! of any sort really, but my favorite is jam packed with injections of creole butter seasoning and then fried!) is homemade cranberry relish. i eat it till it’s gone. no frowning on leftovers by this girl!

  16. I’m hoping to make some of Smitten Kitchen (Deb)’s new Apple Pie Cookies. They are so utterly, preciously cute!

    Also one more small (6″) pumpkin pie, since the one I made earlier was eaten up so quickly by party-goers.
    All that will be made with one of my batches of Pam’s Pie Tutorial from Pioneer Woman’s site. I say “my batches” because I make 1 1/3 recipes at a time so I can just use an even cup of butter and wind up with more than a standard pair of 9″ crusts, ’cause after all, if you’re going to the trouble of making pie crust, you might as well get a little extra to use! This will be my 4th batch in a month :) (and probably last until next fall).

  17. My fruit turkey!

    As for your trip, oh my word. Kudos to you girlfriend!!!

  18. this year we will be at Disney on Thanksgiving. super excited to share this with the little (she thinks she is going to have a tea party in Cinderella’s bedroom but am totally gonna miss my grandma’s pumpkin pie!

  19. no whipped honey at the craft fair today but if i find it, i’ll send some to you!

  20. I rarely ever cook Thanksgiving since we have always spent the day with my in-laws and they like doing all the cooking, which is fine by me. This year we’ll be eating airplane food as we will be leaving earlyThanksgiving Day for China…woohoo!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

    • Londa! Now THAT’S the way to spend a Thanksgiving :)
      I am sooooo excited for you! Would love to follow your journey if you’ll be posting updates – send me the link if you have a chance!

  21. Coconut cream pie, girl… by Marie Callender. Give it a try, seriously. And have a blessed
    Thanksgiving with everyone in the “new” house!

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