the glasses

I had to share these, for favorite photo Friday.

Not so much for how much I love the photos.

But for how much I love what the photos represent.

Specifically, those glasses.

Isabelle ‘bought’ those glasses today from her school ‘store’.

With ‘bucks’ she’s collected over the last few months for good behavior.

Good behavior
, y’all.

Which, despite her best efforts, has been a challenge for her in the past.

I tell ya.

This girl never ceases to amaze me.

I am so glad that out of all the momma’s on the planet, God chose me to be hers.

For more Favorite Photos, visit my friend Lisa at The Long Road to China.



  1. I think self control is hard for all of us! And when we see it exhibited in our KIDS? Well, that’s just awesome!

    Cute pics of your toothless girl! I’m now humming a familiar Christmas song – I hope you teach it to your toothless wonders this Christmas!

  2. Love those glasses!

  3. Beautiful rose colored classes and beautiful kiddo!

  4. She ROCKS those glasses! Luv it!

  5. She looks very much the fashionista!! Way to go Isabelle!!!

  6. Those are fabulous!!!

  7. Way to go Isabelle! Oh my those glasses…and that gap toothed grin..just too much. So cute!

  8. Go Isabelle! You both should be so proud, and those are some rockin’ glasses!

  9. Way to go Isabelle!!!
    We know how hard that is!! Olivia is working hard toward a pair of boots!
    Even being able to dance around during math its still hard to keep it together some days!

  10. LOVE the glasses.
    And I LOVE the toothless smile!!! :-)

  11. Oh Isabelle!!! You are TOTALLY rocking those glasses!! Way to go!!!!

  12. Rose colored glasses never looked better!

  13. And she is so cute in those rose colored glasses.

  14. I love the glasses….. and she looks so happy and proud of herself!

    Way to go Isabelle!!!



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