and the winners are…

Without further ado, the God Is Love tee winners.

But first, I just wanted to say how much I *loved* reading y’all’s comments. I mean, L.O.V.E.D. it. I guess I was just expecting a short “since 2009” or something. But y’all… well, y’all are awesome. And made me smile so very big, many times over. If I’d have known how fun this was gonna be – reading your sweet comments and learning some precious bits of your own adoption stories – I’d have had this giveaway a long time ago.

Except, it wouldn’t have been a six year celebration if I had held this giveaway a long time ago.

Anyway, onto the winners…

1. Stacy – Big Crazy Love
2. Dusty – Bayous, Peaches, Chopsticks and Beaches
3. Jen McCoy – The M’s Have It
4. Cheryl – When Worlds Collide
5. Jennifer M. – Apple Pie and Egg Rolls
6. Ashley T.

Each of y’all won your choice of sizes in this beautiful God Is Love tee! Just visit Love Them Home to see the sizes offered and let me know via comment here or email (linked in the top right sidebar) which size you want.

If you didn’t win, but would love to have one of these beauties, just visit Amie’s site for more information on how to get one (or some) of your own!

Please prayerfully consider making a donation to Love Them Home. The adoption community is an amazing thing… I have been abundantly blessed to be a part of it. I pray that we rally around this fantastic family and in turn, get to become a part of bringing two children home to their forever family.



  1. WooHoo!! I am so excited!!! Thank you!!!! Big shout out to my neighbor Dusty!!! Congrats to you too!!! We’ll be rocking’ our tees on our East Coast beach!!! Dusty we must get together soon!!!

  2. Almost forgot…Classic-Large

  3. I can’t believe it! Thank you so much, Stefanie. I love this shirt!

  4. I’m excited! I never win anything like this. :-) My size is fitted medium. And Stacy, we definitely need to get together sometime!

  5. Oh wow! I am so excited!!! Thanks so much, Stephanie!! :)

  6. Just checking to make sure I am the “Ashley T.”…I don’t have my blog linked anymore, so I am just checking! If it’s me, just shoot me an e-mail:) ( So excited if it is!!

  7. Yippeeeeeee!!!! I am beyond THRILLED to have won one of these awesome t-shirts!!! Every time I wear it (which will be often) I will do so with honor because…..first, God IS Love! And second………the reason for the shirt!

    I think I will do a * fitted large** shirt.

    Thank you again, SO MUCH!!!

    Jen McCoy

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