Look at this little guy.

His name is Gus. And he is just one year old.

And his special need is dwarfism.

Ooooh, I can’t stand it. Don’t his little chubby, dimply arms look just like Vivi’s?

As y’all probably know, our Vivienne has dwarfism. We still aren’t quite sure what form of dwarfism she has, as there are many, many forms. The truth is, we may never know exactly what type of dwarfism she has. But what we do know for sure is that she is, to us, the most precious peanut on the planet. We could not be more crazy about her and we feel so very blessed to be chosen by God to love her forever.

For more information on Gus, or any of their waiting children, email Lisa Kelly at Lifeline. His file will be returned on February 10th… so please help spread the word. I just know his family is out there somewhere!



  1. THANK YOU for advocating, Stefanie! He is irresistible. Gracious.

    And I can’t remember if I commented on your kiddos’ CNY pics but they are pretty irresistible too! :)

  2. He DOES have Vivi’s arms!! Such a little bit of LOVE.

  3. Oh my word.

  4. He is just precious!

  5. I think maybe he is number 12 :)

  6. My second grade teacher’s child has dwarfism and she went to a great engineering school and has a wonderful job and is married (to a guy who is about 6 foot tall!!) and has a couple of children who are already taller than she is. :)

  7. I would LOVE to adopt precious GUS! My husband and I are two school teachers with 4 kids. We could give him a wonderful life, but where in the world would we begin?

  8. He is ADORABLE!

  9. Precious!

  10. May I send a link to this post to the LPA (Little People of America) adoption list? He is absolutely precious!!
    (mom to two beautiful 7 year old girls, both with dwarfism)

  11. Hello! I saw this cutie forwarded from Heather and I just sent the Little People adoption coordinator an email about him. he’s so cute!!!

  12. Sweet little guy! He is too, too cute! Hoping he finds his forever family soon–I know he will!

  13. Isn’t he the cutest EVER! If we didn’t jsut come home with another little person of our own, I would be adding him to our family! Look at his sweet little face and besides being “short” his file looks great! He will be a true blessing to any family.

  14. He is adorable. Anyone would be lucky to have him.
    (I’m looking for a family for a 4 year old girl from India. She is healthy. India just has a pretty long process, a year and a half, to two years.)

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