Sunday Snapshot: {six years – a look back and a giveaway}

I know. It’s not quite Sunday.

But this isn’t your average Sunday Snapshot, either.

Today, January 28th, marks six years since I began blogging.

And a few things have happened since then.

Sophie came home.

We moved from the midwest to the southeast.

Jude came home.

The blog went from “Sophie Makes Six” to “Ni Hao Y’all”.

Shepherd came home.

We moved back to the midwest.

No Hands But Ours went from a dream to reality.

My crazy friends and I started up our own t-shirt business – Wild Olive.

Vivienne came home.

I became the US Director at An Orphan’s Wish.

We moved to the northeast.

Poppy came home.

We moved back to the southeast.

And here we are.


I think I need a nap.

Better yet, since it’s my party and – for today at least – I can do what I want to… let’s make this really fun.

My sweet friend (and Wild Olive partner in crime) Amie is fundraising to bring home two precious kiddos, Sophie Lu and Kai.

Just look how adorable they are.

And their family is crazy close to being ready to travel. For TWO.

So, to celebrate all God has done in our crazy family in the last six years, I want to join another God-following, crazy family in their efforts to bring their babies home.

I’ll be giving away six shirts to six winners. Six “God Is Love” shirt winners will be selected at random from all comments left on this post. One comment per person, pretty please. I’ll donate to Amie’s fundraiser, and six of y’all will get a rockin’ new tee.

How’s that for a party?

Since this giveaway is in celebration of six years of my blogging journey, it is open only to followers of Ni Hao Y’all. So if you don’t already follow along here, it’s a great time to start. Winners will be selected on Tuesday the 31st, so entries will close at midnight on Monday the 30th. Each winner will be able to choose the size they want of this shirt that has been created for Amie’s fundraiser.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

My girls and I have one. And we love ’em.

We love Amie and her family even more and we sure would be blessed if you’d consider making a donation to their fundraiser as well. I think, if you take the time to read their story, you’ll be so very blessed, too.

You can still link up this week on Sunday Snapshot, but you do not have to link to be entered for the giveaway.

To enter to win a God Is Love tee, just leave a comment with the answer to this question:

When did you start following along here at Ni Hao Y’all?

And for an additional entry, click the FB “Like” button below this post, and let me know when you comment.

Happy Six Years to Ni Hao Y’all. It is my prayer that it has been a blessing to a few of y’all on your own crazy, God-following adoption journeys.


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  1. I can’t remember exactly, but I believe I started following about 2 years ago. Back when I was single and wanting to adopt. Now hubby and I are praying about the possibility!

  2. Karen Blount says:

    I started following just before Poppy came home.

  3. Love Amie’s shirt design and her precious little ones! :) As for my answer….I began following NHY in May of 2010. The night before I stumbled upon your blog, I had asked God where we should adopt from…I knew we were meant to adopt but wasn’t sure where He wanted us to go. The next morning I was wandering around online and somehow came here. :) I’m so glad He led me to your blog…so, so, so glad. We are now adopting our two special treasures from China. :)

  4. When did I start following? Goodness, time flies and it’s hard to remember! :) I think I’ve been following for a little over a year. God has given me a heart for adoption, but not yet the ability TO adopt, so following your family journeys has allowed me to live vicariously through you! :)

  5. Martha berry says:

    Started following about 2 years ago… Can’t remember exactly but I followedevenbefore we sent our app in to adopt and we started process feb. 2010. She has been home almost 1 year. You gave us some advice on adoption agencies!!!

  6. Been following since before Ms. Vivienne… didn’t even know about adoption 6 years ago! Funny how much things change is so little time.

  7. I started following your blog while you were in China getting Poppy!

  8. I have been following for over a year now. You have inspired me to blog more and advocate for orphans. I also have adopted once from Korea and have started another adoption from Korea. Love you blog!:)

  9. I started when I began my own blogging journey- three years ago a day before our son was born. His cleft lip and palate surprise opened up a whole beautiful world of helpIng kids with special needs. That’s how I found ni hao y’all.

  10. we’re twins!!!!!!!!!!! i started my blog in january 06 as well:) and since then have brought home 3 from china and in the process of number 4–:) would love to win a shirt for my daughter:)

    • oops- forgot to answer your question!!! i started following.. right after you got home with vivi– i think— my memory’s shot with 5 under 9:)

  11. I love your heart for the orphan! I’m fundraising with the WIld Olive, not sure that I’ve sold a lot other than to myself for a gift! I’m trying! I’m bringing home two older girls and I’m excited and happy that God picked me to be their American mom! Blessing to you and your beautiful family!

    I started following about one year ago! I was hooked from the start! I cried when you lost Esther and rejoiced when you brought Poppy home!

  12. I started reading your blog before Poppy came home. I love adoption stories – my husband and I are in the final steps of getting our home ready for our home study! :) (I’m not sure if I was an official follower before, but I am now!) :) That is a beautiful shirt!

  13. I LOVE that shirt(as well as all the other ones you design)
    To answer your question…I have been following your blog since may of this past year and have enjoyed reading every post!

  14. I started reading your blog in Aug 2010, at the start of our adoption journey! What a blessing your blog has been!

  15. I think I may have come across your blog as a result of following your journey(s) on MAW. It’s been about 5 years. Wheww! And always lots of good reading … you are an inspiration to all.

    Would love to win a t-shirt, too!

  16. I think I started following about 2 years ago, right after we brought home our daughter.
    Off to read about your friends family!
    happy 6 years!

  17. I started following along soon after your cutie, Poppy, came along. I actually saw the link on The Pioneer Woman’s website. :)

  18. Monica Carter says:

    Happy 6 years!! Wow!! I think I started following around the time we began the paperchase for our Lily Mei. That would have been early 2006. I’ve enjoyed seeing your sweet family grow through the years!! Thanks for letting me follow along!


  19. Michelle Parker says:

    I have been happily following your blog since July 2010. :-)

  20. I started following you right after Shophie came home. Remember how much Grace and Isabell looked alike. Wow!!! It’s been a fun road!!!

  21. I really don’t remember, but think I started following on our own adoption journey in 2009-10. I began reading more and prayed often for you as you journeyed to Poppy and Esther. I would love to win one of the beautiful shirts! And by the way, your pictures on the previous post are beautiful! Such darling girls! We are blessed!

  22. Happy six years to Ni Hao Y’all! I absolutely love your blog and am incredibly grateful to the way you share your faith and conviction about adopting through blogging. Your honesty, candor, and sense of humor are a blessing to us all. I especially appreciate when you share times of trial and struggle because it resonates with us all and reflects the willingness you have to share. Thanks again! I have followed you for about a year now and am a very loyal follower. Thanks for all that you share. Blessings, Stephanie!

  23. I started following around the time you brought Vivi home and can’t seem to get enough…keep on bloggin’!

  24. Starting following probably fall/winter of 2009, as God laid adoption on our hearts. Traveled for our son in May 2011. Liked the post on FB too.

  25. Been a long time fan… and so encouraged by both you AND Amie! Can’t wait to see those babies home!! We are on China adoption #3 and are feeling so blessed by this online adoptive community! XO

  26. Kim Ortmeyer says:

    I have been a follower since precious Isabelle. Love that girl and how far she has come! :)

  27. I was adopted from china in ’97 and am curious in chinese adoption so I stumbled on a friend’s blog and found yours. It was sometime last year a couple of weeks before you went to get poppy.

    *As I type this I am wearing one of my facorite T-shirts. I read about esther and purchased a “So Loved” t-shirt. I have had many questions asked about it and everytime my answer has stayed the same. I tell them about esther and where to get one.

  28. I started following when I began blogger, a little over a year ago!

  29. Followed since – CCAIJanFeb2005 days – first contact 1/15/05 … almost 7 years ago.

    Through the story of waiting for Isabelle. Sophie. Jude. Shepherd. Vivi. Poppy. Moves. Graduations. Adjustments. More moves. Appointments. Diagnoses of various sorts. Even losses.

    Beginning to blog. Going from a yahoogroupaholic to a blogaholic.

    What a wild ride it’s been. Mr. Toad has nothing on military adoption families.

    You have always been a blessing to me.

  30. Love the shirt. Love the blog. Love it all! I started following maybe 3 years ago as we waited for our daughter to come home from China. :)

    I also “liked” this on Facebook.

  31. Happy Blogiversary! Here’s to many more…and many many more babies home to their forever families! :)

  32. Kristy Gray says:

    I started following getting close to two years ago when I started voluntering at LWB as ortho coordinator.

  33. Thank you Stefanie for caring so much for the orphan and families who bringing home children. I started following your blog in 2009. You also encouraged me to volunteer for AOW through your blog. I am so grateful for that. God brought me to your blog to show me where He wanted me to volunteer! :) Thank you for being a servant of God! I also liked on facebook!! 😉

  34. Six years? Wow, what wonderful memories you have…
    I started following right after Vivienne came home and you have been an inspiration to our adoption journey!

  35. I just liked your post on FB!
    Btw, love LOVE our Wildolive tees

  36. I started following before Poppy came home. (I think after I bought the So Loved shirt.) I love all the shirts and am currently fundraising with Wild Olive for our current adoption. I would love another Wild Olive shirt! We also sponsor precious Holly through An Orphans Wish!

    I just liked the fb button!


  37. Congrats to your friend! We hope to travel this Spring to China to bring home our baby boy Elias.
    This is our first adoption and your blog has been a joy to follow! I’ve been following since last June!

  38. Hillary Glauser-Patton says:

    Maybe about a year and a half ago? Thanks for all the ways your blog blesses!

  39. I started following shortly after Shepherd came home. Been hooked ever since!

  40. I started following I think about 2 years ago. I also liked the facebook button too

  41. That is amazing! 6 years! Wow! I think these are my favorite kind of posts. Looking back always brings such perspective! How faithful is our God! You using this day to bless someone else is even more awesome! I hope all goes well for Amie! How exciting to get to bring two babies home!

  42. Love your blog, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing!

  43. I started following shortly after I began blogging in late 2009. And I happen to have one of these tees & I LOVE it, but so does my college-age daughter, so we could use another! I also happen to know Miss Amie & LOVE her & am praying we might have the opportunity to be in China at the same time to bring home our babies. :)

  44. I started following August of 2011! Love your blog!!

  45. I started following your blog before Poppy came home and before it was announced you’d be adopting Esther as well. I love reading about your beautiful family!

  46. I’ve been following about a year now. I remember just starting our adoption journey for our Sophia and someone clued me in on your blog…so glad they did! Seems I’ve watched your family grow along with ours this past year!

  47. We’ve been following (and I say we because my husband secretly follows along on his phone) since 2009. We were both WACAP families and we were so hoping to travel with you. Unfortunately we left just 2 weeks after you. Happy to say we are a WACAP family again! Congratulations on 6 years! Thank you for sharing your family with us! Many blessings!!!!

  48. About 2.5 years ago our daughter and husband began process to adopt a child from China. Somehow we found our way to your wonderful blog. As we prepare to celebrate our one year anniversary of Lilly Rae joining our family in March I find your blog a daily ritual. I have prayed for your family, laughed at your family and mourned with you. I can’ imagine not being a part of your blog family…

  49. Cathy Coleman says:

    I started following along right about the time Shepard came home. I remember watching his casting process. :-) Love the tee!

  50. Following you before you got Vivi!!! Not sure when that was!
    On our way to china next week for our newest one:-)

  51. I think I found your blog through No Hands But Ours this past fall. I bought myself a “So Loved” t-shirt for Christmas and love the Wild Olive Tees! Thanks for sharing your family with us!

  52. Cathy Sue says:

    As a fellow southerner, I have followed your catchy titled blog on and off since three years ago, I believe. I have been following it daily since Poppy came home! Love it!

  53. I started following before Vivi. I liked facebook also.

  54. I started following you a few months before you traveled for Vivi. Like you on facebook also.

  55. Wow! Those two babies are just gorgeous!!!! Stephanie I started following this blog around the time when you started the So Loved fundraiser to bring home sweet Poppy and Esther, beautiful family and a great blog! xoxoxo

  56. Wow, congratulations. I just hit my one year mark and cannot imagine 6!

  57. I can’t remember for sure, but I know it was before Vivi joined your family.

  58. Stefanie! What a great idea! I love it when we all help each other with bringing orphans home! And these two are adorable!! Of course I liked this status on fb! Oh and to answer your question. I started following your blog in September of 2010. I have been looking for encouragement on Chinese adoption and you continue to do that! We are waiting on God’s perfect timing but we are trusting Him! And thanks to you, I get to sponsor Hope over at AOW! oh my dreams would be to have God make her ours, but I am sticking to whatever plan He has. The answer is Yes, to whatever He may ask us! Love your blog! Fills my heart with joy. And my 2 younger kids (19,17) love to hear all the updates on your sweet bundles. They often ask how they are all doing. Only God! Thats all I can say!

  59. Hi Stefanie,
    I started following you in 2007 right after I came home from China with my son. We are now embarking on our third adoption from China, this time for an older child. Your blog really gave me the first glimpse of what following God’s plans for a big family can look like. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  60. Amy Murphy says:

    I can’t quite remember when I started following, but it was sometime a little before vivi came home. Your pictures are beautiful and your heart for the orphan is even more!
    Aren’t those two kiddos precious? Just beautiful!

  61. I started following after we brought our sweet girl home from China about 1 1/2 years ago!

  62. WOW…so much to be thankful for!

  63. i love your blog and following your family’s adventures! your blog and no hands but ours were a huge help in providing me information when i was in the paperchase and wait for my first adoption happy blogiversary!

  64. I started following you while you were in China getting Poppy. We were in the beginning stages of our first China adoption and found your blog to be so encouraging and inspiring. Now we are getting close to traveling ourselves! My three daughters and I love the shirts too!

  65. I started following at the beginning of 2011 when we decided to adopt from China. We are now waiting for our LOA and CAN NOT WAIT!!! You have been a blessing to me in this journey…it is so nice to learn from and be encouraged by other adoptive families.

  66. I have followed you on facebook for quite some time, but I am not sure how long. I also “liked” this post. I just joined with google today.

  67. When we were ‘thinking’ about adoption I did a search on China adopting blogs and found yours. I guess that was right before we sent our application in to adopt. I even emailed you and you gave us some wonderful advice on adoption agencies. We sent our application in Feb. 2010…our girl has been home almost a year. So I’ve falling for a little over 2 years, but I don’t know the exact date. When I started following your blog had a different look than it does now, then you updated it, and then you went over to word press. If that helps date how long we’ve been following. I appreciate all of your advice and encouragement through the years.

  68. I can’t remember how long I’ve been following, probably 3-4 kids ago :) We have been waiting a long time and have had a great time following along.

  69. Not sure how I missed that you had a FB page….I’m going to friend you now :)

  70. I think I’ve been officially following around a year or maybe a little more. I read off and on before that, though, and started reading regularly before I became an official follower.

  71. 6 years – wowza & congrats! Your blog was one of the first China adoption blogs I stumbled upon 3 years ago when I thought adoption was a dream of mine that would never happen. Thanks to you, other adoption blogs & RQ my husband & I are in the process of bringing home our 2nd little from China.

  72. Happy Blogiversary!

    I have been following for a long time…I think I started between “We moved back to the midwest.” and

    “No Hands But Ours went from a dream to reality.” I just clicked the FB “like” button. I have been your friend on FB for awhile too!

  73. Erin Inghram says:

    Love the shirt! Love your blog even more, though! Thanks for being real and for being an encouragement to so many!

  74. Matilda Joyce says:

    I think it was some time in the late spring or early summer. I have no idea how I found you, but I am sure it was via another adoption blog. Happy anniversary!

  75. i started following the blog in 2009, i believe. or early 2010 when we began the process to bring home our daughter! :)


    also “liked” this on fb!

  76. I have my shirt from Amie- but could always use another to share with someone else!!!

  77. I am not sure how long I have been following. I know we adopted Ahnalin 6 years ago, so probably close to when you started. Congratulations!

  78. Wow. Six years! I wish I had been following you for that long. You’ve had a jam packed 6 years, to say the least. Congratulations on such a milestone. And great big cyber blessings to you and your precious household!

  79. I guess it has been about 3-4 years since I started following you. I so enjoy your writing and your family seems so sweet! I too live in the Southeast and I am so glad to welcome you to the area. (P.S. I “liked” you on FB too!)

  80. Hi! I just recently (like a few weeks ago) found your blog. I wish I could remember how I came to follow! You would think I would be able to remember. :) This post was fun to read and see what else God has your hand in….lots of wonderful things! Many blessings to you! I will look for you on FB, too.

  81. I started following a little while before Poppy came home. :)

    I’ve already liked the facebook link!

    Awesome giveaway!!


  82. I’m not sure exactly, but it was somewhere between Shepherd and Vivienne!! And, I check your blog daily :) Love it!!

  83. Well, you know ive been around a long time!! You know, back when your hair was SHORT. :) back when Isabelle was a baby having open heart surgery!!!! I love Amie too! So exciting to see them adding to their family – and some DOLL BABIES!!

    Happy 6 years!!

  84. I’ve been a follower of yours since before you brought your last two little peeps home!

    What beautiful babies your girlfriend is bringing home!


  85. Wow, I’ve been following since before you announced you were pursuing Poppy and Esther! It’s been a great time, I found your blog when God put it on my heart to adopt from China! I’ve been praying about it since I was 17 (I’m 21 now) and I am absolutely positive that is what God wants for me and my future husband! It’s so amazing, I am so happy to have found your blog and I love following your adventures! Like you on Facebook, too! :)

  86. I’ve been following since 2008 around the the time we began the adoption process to adopt from China. When we completed our medical conditions checklist we considered clubfoot because of your boys. Sure enough, we were matched with a clubfoot boy and now we are waiting on our second :) ! Thank you for always being there for our family and I know all the other families who follow. Your family shines for Him and I know all Glory is His!

  87. Happy 6 Years Stefanie!!! WOW girl have you been through a lot of change in just a few years:)

    Amie’s little ones are as cute as can be……. I would love to be entered to win a shirt, but I will also hop over to her fundraiser to see if I can help out.

    I have been following since my blog opened……so almost four years!!!



    PS. I never saw you with short hair…… just read Sara;s comment!!!

  88. I started following about a year ago. Happy 6th Anniversary, Stefanie! So thankful for all you do for our Lord!

  89. Happy Six Years to Ni Hao Y’all. Your blogging sure has been a blessing to me. Your t-shirts are beautiful!

    I became an official follower of your blog a bit over a year ago at about Thanksgiving, but was a faithful reader of it before that. Also, I clicked the FB Like.

  90. It has been quite a long time since I first started following your blog. I think it was before Jude came home, if memory serves me right. Since I myself am an adoptee so I’ve always had a fascination with adoption blogs. I think I found your blog through someone else’s blog. (: I love reading your blog and it inspires me to someday adopt. Happy 6th Anniversary! Cheers! (:

  91. It has been quite a long time since I first started following your blog. I think it was before Jude came home, if memory serves me right. Since I myself am an adoptee so I’ve always had a fascination with adoption blogs. I think I found your blog through someone else’s blog. I love reading your blog and it inspires me to someday adopt.

    Happy 6th Anniversary!

    Oh! I clicked the FB Like! (:


  92. Hi Stephanie!

    Loved your blog since I started following almost a year ago. We were just beginning our adoption journey of our daughter with club foot, so I loved reading some of your past blogs about that. Our daughter is also being cared for by AOW, and I feel a strong connection to your blog because of your connection to them.


  93. Girl….you know I’ve been following you long before you started blogging ;). !
    Seriously, since day one!

    And I liked this post on fb too!

    Beautiful tee!

  94. I am pretty sure I’m following your blog – you show up on my google reader list. In any case, I started reading your blog before I even knew how to “follow” one – I remember when you were waiting to travel for Jude, and I remember when you were trying to think of a name for your journey to get Shepherd. Ahhhh, good times! Happy Blog Anniversary/Birthday

  95. I have been reading your blog for years, but didn’t realize I wasn’t following it until today. Thank you for being so open about special needs adoption and encouraging others to adopt too.

  96. I recall a group of waiting adoptive Mamas saying hey check out this great blog Ni Hao Ya All. So as we waitied and waited and waited I did just that and oh what a huge help it was. In 2009 we were blessed with our 1st daugher and are currently paper chasing for our second daughter. No hands but ours has also been a huge help! Your blog is amazing and lets be honest so are these tshirts 😉 Thank you for all you do! Happy blog anniversary. I am so thankful you do blog! Kelly

  97. I had no idea that I wasn’t following you! Well, following now. Thanks for all that you do. On my way to “like” on facebook…

  98. Seriously, sister? Man, I love you! After these past couple of days, I just SO needed this BIG OL’ HUG!!! You are the best, gillies. And I LOVE YOU TONS! And I am so blessed to have you as my partner in crime!!! Thank you for this lift… truly. You have no idea HOW MUCH this means to me!! Thank you for the smile, friend. LOVE YOU, sister. love~gillies.

  99. Hi Stephanie, Your blog was introduced to me by a friend about 3 1/2 years ago when we began our first adoption journey. It has been such a blessing and encouragement in so many ways! I am a follower and like you on fb :)

  100. Melissa-Momto5bugs says:

    Can’t remember exactly when I started reading…at least a year and a half. Happy Blogiversary! Thank you so much for sharing your military movin’, big family life! It’s encouraging; it’s real; it’s a blessing! Here’s a wish for many many many more years of blogging!

  101. I started following waaaaaaay back at the beginning. When my first niece, Gracie, came from China, I started looking for the experiences of others on the internet….and found yours! It’s been a blessing ever since. :)

  102. I also “liked” you on fb! :)

  103. Catherine says:

    I have no idea how long. It’s been awhile though.

  104. Catherine says:

    I liked you on facebook too

  105. Great photo’slove the t shirts,thanks for hosting :)

  106. I started reading sometime after you traveled for Jude and before you traveled for Shepard, so its been a while. I found your site through Sophie’s travel site. I was back in college studying Asian studies when I first learned about the population policy in China, the resulting abandonment of children, and their adoption. It was eye opening and heart touching. I spent every non-studying moment reading about Chinese adoption. I cried so many times in those first couple months of learning.

    In honor of your sixth bloggy anniversary, I want to share something with you. I studied abroad in China during 2008. I visited Hong Kong that June and stayed on Shamian Island on may way there. I wanted to see the place I had read about, where so many babies gained families. While there I saw you, your husband, and Shepard at the Starbucks and around the Island. I have to admit, I was a little intimidated being this young girl who couldn’t articulate why I was even on the island. I wish I had had the courage to walk up and introduce myself. Years have passed. I still read your site. I am 25 years old now and while I am not quite ready to adopt I know in my heart that it will happen. I want to thank you for opening your life and sharing your experience through writing this blog. I know it has deeply impacted me and the path to the family I will someday have.

  107. I think I started hanging out on your blog after Sophie before the boys started heading home. Love the shirt and the two heading home are OH SO adorable!

  108. I started following a couple of months ago as I was reading through other adoption blogs (we are in the process of adopting from the DRC).

  109. Elizabeth says:

    It’s been roughly two and a half years, I think, since I started following your blog. I was referred over here from Cornbread and Chopsticks. You’ve been kind enough to answer a few questions over the years, and my husband and I are now in the middle of our first adoption! :) Do you ever ponder how many children you’re “connected” to, based on your blog’s influence? What an awesome family reunion that would be!? I liked you on facebook, too!
    Elizabeth in KY

  110. I started following your blog when you were preparing to bring Jude home. Long time!
    Thank you!

  111. Not really sure when I began following your blog; a year to two years ago, I think.

  112. I do love Amie’s tee design…and of course I love me some WOT!!! I can’t remember exactly, but I probably started following your blog in 2008, after my Kaeleb came home. I remember some very blunt and true advice you gave me as we began the process soon after he was home 😉 And yes, I ‘liked’ this post too. Love you!

  113. Clicked the FB like button…..Those Tshirts are beautiful! I wouldn’t mind buying one each for my daughter and me (if I don’t win one in the giveaway…..which chances are pretty high, I won’t!! LOL)….Can you tell me where they could be purchased?

  114. I remember following along on My Adoption Website when you were on your first journey to Isabelle! Wow – I can’t believe it has been over 6 years – congrats my friend!!! And I agree what better way to celebrate than with Wild Olive!!!

    Hugs and Blessings! Ashley

  115. I’m a relatively new follower… I found your blog from a friend’s blog in November 2011, and have been following it since!

  116. Pretty sure it was right after you came home with Vivi!

  117. Let’s see, I started following your blog about the time you were bringing Shepherd home. And have love doing so ever since! I adore the T-shirt for Aimee and can’t wait to see God unfold His plan for them. btw….I “liked” your FB page!

    Jen McCoy

  118. I have been following your blog since last Spring. We were in the process of our second adoption from China. It has been a blessing reading about your journey with your kids. Thank you so much. I love your t-shirts and would love to have one of these. They are beautiful.

  119. That is wonderful news! You are such a giving soul. I know just the person who would love this shirt! I’ve been sharing in the Sunday Snapshot for a year. I didn’t realize I wasn’t a follower so I just joined the ranks!

  120. Wow! 6 years!! I started following when we started our journey to Karleigh Mei. I think that was right before you went and got Jude. Love following you and your beautiful family!


  121. WOW- what amazing things have happened in just 6 years time. It was great to read all about it & what a fabulous giveaway to mark the occasion!

  122. What a busy six years it has been! Thank you for sharing it all with us!

  123. Ni hao!

    I became a follower back in 2009 when we began our journey to our daughter. We are now on our 2nd journey to China to bring home our son! You blog has been very inspirational to me. Thank you for sharing!!

  124. Lisa Pilcher says:

    I have been following your blog for about a month now.

  125. Happy 6th birthday to your blog! that’s some achievement and all the things that you’ve done in between – amazing. My blog was 5 this weekend and I can’t really say much has changed! I’ve had some nice holidays, knitted stuff, done some Craft Hope projects and volunteered quite a lot – but you’ve really changed lives! Well done!

    Oh and I’ve been here since you were going to collect Vivienne!

  126. This is by far my favorite blog! I try not to check it more than once a day :) I’ve been following since you were matched with Miss Poppy! Thanks for all of your advice and adoption help and for responding to my desperate emails. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next 6 at the Leist house! Love, Amy

  127. Been along for the ride from the beginning, and so inspired! Thank YOU for sharing and caring!
    And Happy 6 years of your sweet blog! It’s the first I peek at too.

  128. I love your blog! Look forward to it each day! Started following about 6 to 7 months ago I believe!

  129. I followed your journeys on My Adoption Website and found your blog there. I think it must have been after you got home with Sophie and before you had Jude. Other than God’s calling, you are most definitely the reason we have our daughter. Your posts have had a tremendous impact on my life, opening my eyes to the blessings that are waiting when we follow God’s desires for our lives. Happy Sixth! I’ll be reading as long as you are posting! (I liked on facebook too.)

  130. I liked your post of facebook.
    i stared following your blog shortly before you brought vivi home.

  131. JenniferB says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for most of a year — I found you last winter. I am so moved by all that you do to bring peace and joy to the hearts of precious children who have so little joy.

  132. I began following right about the time you changed the name of the blog…it feels like forever ago and also feels like just yesterday. I have brought home 2 and have one more bio = 5. Fun times!

  133. Happy 6 years!! Wow, has it been 6 years? That makes sense because I’ve been blogging myself almost 5 years. So that’s how long I’ve been following you. I was a lurker for a long time before I got the courage to speak. ha.

    So happy for Amie and her family!!

    hugs to you Stefanie,

  134. Hi, I am a pastor’s wife and mom of 3, one through adoption from s. korea and dreaming of adding more through adoption. I’ve been following your blog for at least a year, but made it official today :). Thanks for writing. I’ve been especially encouraged by the things you’ve shared about special needs adoption. I also liked this post on FB.

  135. Jennifer Nelson says:

    I think I began following just before Christmas 2010. I made it here by following a link from a link form a link…. After having the amazing joy of going with a friend when she adopted her daughter from China over 4 years ago, I have become hooked on reading blogs on adoption and am particularly partial to China since that is what I have experienced.

  136. I think I started following soon after Vivi came home! I have oh-so-enjoyed your stories. I am mainly a lurker, but try to comment every now and then! :) Your adoption journey’s touch my heart so much. I admire you and your family!! Happy 6 years!

  137. Cynthia Farley says:

    It’s been so much fun watching your kiddos come home! I’ve enjoyed all 6 years!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    God is good!!!

  138. Patty Mears says:

    I can’t even remember how long it’s been since I started following you. But I do know that I LOVE your blog.

  139. I’ve been following your blog for about a year now. It always inspires me to love God more as I see HIM doing amazing things in your family’s life! THANK YOU!

  140. Just “liked” you on FB!

  141. New follower here! Not following for the Tshirt (although it’s uber cool!) but for the beautiful photos and cool content that I found!

  142. I started following when I saw your tshirts on facebook, but really became a regular when you were fundraising to bring Poppy and Esther home. Oh, how I cried…and Prayed…and cried some more when Sweet Esther went to be with Jesus. Praying for your friends two Littles to come home soon! Hugs Jo

  143. I clicked the LIKE button for facebook!

  144. I found your blog through Shirlee McCoy’s blog, And Then There Were Seven, maybe about 2 years ago. I signed on as a follower in the past year. One of my heart’s desires is to do the same – bring children home – and so I’m trusting in the LORD with all of my might and leaning not on my own understanding! Happy 6th, and thank you for sharing – you encourage us all! =)

  145. I have been a lurker (reading without following) since Poppy came home:) I signed up today. I also liked on facebook. How exciting that your blog anniversary is on Jan 28th…That is my birthday!!! I turned 30 something yesterday:)

    Our family is very passionate about adoption!! We adopted our youngest daughter and we are currently waiting to be chosen for a domestic adoption. We plan to adopt internationally after that. Your Blog has been very encouraging to me as we walk this journey of faith!!

    Many blessings!!

  146. I began following within the past year & have been so encouraged by your commitment to adoption, your family, Wild Olive, and following Christ. Thank you for this blog and inspiring my walk with the Lord!

    I am already a Facebook follower, too :)

  147. Wow, six years!! Amazing, I have been around since the beginning :) I have your tshirt but havent had a chance to get Amie’s yet….we are adopting again so, it will have to wait….

    Thanks for the inspiring words of encouragement~

  148. Congratulations on six years!!! Woot-woot! I have been following your blog for about 4 years now. For a very long time, just as a lurker. :) Reading your blog inspired my husband and I to switch to the special needs program. We brought our beautiful daughter home in 2010. Through your work at an Orpah’s Wish, Wild Olive Tees, and No Hands but Ours, you have impacted more lives than you will ever know. Keep that blog of yours going my friend, it feeds my soul!!!

  149. I’ve read your blog for a few months, buy I just signed up to follow :)

  150. FaithWalk says:

    I started reading your blog in ’09 when I began paperwork for my Mia. Just became a follower today.

  151. I stated following about a year ago.

  152. I started following you from pretty close to the beginning…..I first started following when you were on My Adoption Website!!

  153. I started following your blog at the beginning of our adoption process last November.

  154. Started following today but have been reading for months- we r adopting SN and I’m so encouraged by your words

  155. I started following your blog back right about the time you started the no hands but ours page. We even contributed our adoption story to the NHBO family stories. I love reading about your amazing little family and love your shirts too.
    Jenn M

  156. I liked the post on FB too!

  157. Hi Stefanie! I started following you right before you went to pick up Jude. We had just completed our dossier for an infant girl. I would eat lunch in my classroom and google for any information on China adoption. My daughter was born with clubfeet and I had researched Dr. Ponsetti, so I was very interested when you had Jude, and then Shepherd, treated by him. As it became clear our wait was going to be a long one, I told my husband and daughter about your blog and how I had followed your trip to bring home two boys in the time we had been waiting. Your boys were a huge influence in our decision to find our brother/son on the waiting child list! He was 5 yrs. old and had a repaired clubfoot. He is now 9 yrs. old and the light of our lives. He loves school, soccer, Jesus Christ, and his crazy mom, dad, and older sister. I continue to follow your blog everyday while I eat my lunch in my classroom. Thanks for being an excellent lunch buddy! – Lisa Sims.

  158. Hmmmm…let’s see. I believe I “stalked” you for quite some time before becoming an official follower. It was actually your blog title that caught my attention. Any southern woman can appreciate good use of the word “y’all”. I became a true follower either shortly before or shortly after Vivi came home and continue to enjoy “visiting” your family every day.

  159. I started following a few months ago through a link I found on a local family’s adoption website. Now I can’t miss a day!!

  160. My friend Brandi introduced me to your blog shortly before you were persuing Esther and Poppy. We have adopted two girls from China, which led to Brandi adopting from China (a boy with club feet), which led to her friend adopting a girl from China (cleft lip) and now Brandi is working on her second adoption from China (another boy with club feet). I am still praying that we will be able to adopt from China again (older girl), but only time will tell. Love your blog, love your encouraging words, love your heart for the orphan!

  161. I don’t remember when I started following you…maybe a little over a year ago. It’s been fun following your journey.

  162. I have been following for a long time! I think for at least 3 years!

    I liked on FB, too.

    And can I just say, that it would be super cool to win, because Tuesday is my birthday!!

  163. In February of 2008, we were wrapping up our paperchase for our second child. In late January I had several very vivid dreams of adopting a child with special needs. In early March I read a post on our agency’s yahoo group about a post that had been written on a blog in response to a rude comment that had been left. I clicked the link over to find “dear anonymous” and was drawn in by your educational and level headed response.
    That same week we filled out our application to join our agency’s waiting child program and our lives were forever changed. Thank you for being part of our story…
    (Can’t believe I had never joined in to follow this blog before tonight. I’ve been reading faithfully for almost four years now!)
    Oh, and I liked on FB too. :)

  164. I wish I could remember how long I have been a “follower” sometime after Sophie and before Jude! I don’t know how you have packed and unpacked all of those times. Wow is all I can say, your life has been very busy!

  165. I started following your journey with My Adoption Website (Sophie) – I clearly remember when you asked who was willing to sponsor a child through An Orphan’s Wish and I was willing and eventually became a volunteer with them AND began following your blog:) Congrats on 6 years and all that God has done!

  166. I love the shirt and love helping families bring home their children!
    I think I started following when you were in process for Sheperd!

    Love what you do! Keep up the great work!

  167. I can’t remember? Maybe a little over a year? We have a child adopted from Korea and I love reading about your kiddos and watching them grow. God bless you for all you do for the orphans still waiting.

  168. I’ve been following for about a year. Love your blog and love you heart! Your children and beautiful! Love the work you are doing for these precious children. I know it makes God so happy!

  169. We first went to China in 2008 and I’ve been reading your blog since about that same time. I think I officially became a follower a couple years ago.

  170. I cannot remember the exact date, but it was probably almost a year ago now. Your blog is such an inspiration and I love keeping track of it! :)

  171. Happy 6 years!! I enjoy following your blog…you are very inspirational. Keep up the good work!! God bless!

  172. I am utterly amazed how many newer Blog followers you have!!! I started reading your blog just before Jude came home….What an incredible journey you have been on. I love coming over here & reading about your families journeys.
    Love the shirt!!

  173. I’ve been following since Sweet Vivi came home. I love your blog and reading about your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. You are all truly blessed!

  174. I’ve been following for about 3 years now – although I rarely comment. I found your link from a few friends who follow China adoption blogs. Adopting from China is something that has intrigued me for several years and I love following adoption blogs. I actually followed your sisters adoption from My Adoption Website several years ago as well. I guess you can say I am a blog lurker. I love how inspiring you are your dedication to the orphan is truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing your stories through your blog. Also love Wild Olive tees!!
    Jennifer (From GA)

  175. I started following when you had just been to the Pioneer Woman’s ranch and she linked to your blog…it’s been awhile but I can’t remember exactly when that was. Now, my best friend is in the process of adopting a little girl from China. If I win, this shirt will be for her :-)

  176. Christy W says:

    I have just been following you a few months, but look forward to what is coming next. You have been such an inspiration to us… we have been considering adoption for quite some time & your blog has been so helpful to us! Thanks! :)

  177. I began following a little over a year ago when my neighbor shared your blog with me! [She adopted two girls from China]. I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with you and your beautiful family. You’ve really been busy since blog inception – wow! God bless.

  178. Hi Stephanie! I started following before you traveled to Vivi but I can’t remember exactly when I first landed here. I love the blog and your give aways. All the kids are simply adorable!!

  179. I first saw your blog on personal Adoption story. When you got sweet Shopie. NHY for about 4 year. My daughter has to see what ViVi is up to all the time. Also love the shirts ya’ll come up with.

  180. I started following in 2009 when we were waiting to bring home our 7 year old from Beijing. Reading your blog gives me the wild idea that we could have more than 4 kids and be OK. My husband raises an eyebrow when I tell him that , though. lol

  181. I don’t know the month or year but it was when you won the day at the Pioneer Woman’s ranch!!!! Been keeping up every since….love the inspiration and love that comes from visiting your page.

  182. i first “met” you when i saw isabelle’s sweet face on myadoptionwebsite. never will forget that short haircut, red shirt and sweet dimple she wore!!!

  183. I started following last January round abouts. It was after you had come home with Vivi but before you had started pursuing your adoption of Esther. You were already in the process with Poppy. You have really encouraged me and inspired me. We had just come home with our daughter from China and I needed to have a network to get support from. Thank you for all you do, and I too love your shirts. Liking the FB link too! :)

  184. My goodness, how much has happened! I’m pretty sure my journey with you began right in between Jude and Shepherd. :) Thanks for continuing to open up your life and shine HIS glory so powerfully!

  185. It had to be about a year after we came home with our first daughter. Someone in our travel group recommended your blog and I’ve been hooked. That must have been 2007 or 2008. In my reading I found that your Jude and my Adeline came from the same SWI and are close to the same age. Wonder if they were SWI brother and sister?

  186. I started reading your blog after The Pioneer Woman linked to it when you went for a cooking weekend at the ranch.
    Fell in love with the adoption stories and cried a lot through Sophie’s. Been attached since then.

  187. Carrie Fox says:

    I have been reading since just after (literally like days) you came home with Vivienne. It was also through your blog I learned about AOW and am about to hit the year mark with being an AOW volunteer.

    I also liked the post on Facebook!!

  188. I started following while you were in China bringing Poppy home. I’ve really enjoyed following your journey.

  189. Congrats on 6 years! I became acquainted with Ni Hao in the summer of 2010 when we were just referred our son Mason and daughter Reagan. I remember the day I became a follower, it was the day you shared Vivi’s diagnosis.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your family’s story with the rest of us!


  190. Gosh not sure when I started following – sometime during our paper chase to bring our precious China baby home … 18 months ago maybe? Love your blog Stefanie!

    Liked on FB too :-)

  191. I love these shirts, so cute! I started following about a year ago. My hubby and I are adopting from ETH, but I love reading about adoption from any country!

  192. I discovered your blog last year, I think – could be a year ago now, not sure.. Started following some time after :)

  193. Jessica Bellinger says:

    I looked around and read some posts a few years ago but didn’t start following consistently until 6 months or so before Poppy came home. Thank you for this blog!

  194. Started following the summer of 2008 after we had committed to our precious Bryson and you were getting Shepherd! Many kids and shirts later between just the two of us!! Love the new shirt!

  195. I started following 4 of your precious children and 2 of my darling divas ago!!

  196. I’ve been following for about 2 yrs. I so enjoy all that you share. Thank you!

  197. I have been following you since before you had a blog — I followed your journey to Isabelle. Amazed at how your family has grown.

  198. i am quite late with my entry….was so busy the past days..lovely images again..i love those black shirts…my fave color!

  199. I hope it’s not too late to enter! I started following … gosh, It’s been so long I cant’ actually remember!!! Before Poppy was home…I think maybe right around when you announced Esther was going to be joining your family as well as Poppy.

  200. i follow on FB too!

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