a little help from my friends

My head is pounding.

And I can’t quite see straight.

And no, I have not been drinking.

You see, I’ve spent the morning – and the bulk of the afternoon – hovered over my laptop trying to re-organize some things over on No Hands But Ours. Since we migrated six blog sites into one WordPress site in the recent overhaul, I’ve run into a few *ahem* navigational challenges. And well, I’m navigationally challenged to begin with.

So it’s been pretty ugly.

But I am committed to getting it all tidied up before I head off to China to bring Miss Tallula home. And so it must get done.

Now I need your help. But I promise, it won’t take more than 60 seconds of your day.

As you might or might not know, over on No Hands But Ours we have a list of blogs, organized by special need, of families who have adopted through China’s SN program. I cannot tell you how helpful this is to families considering a particular special need.

So, here is where you come in…

If you currently blog, and have a child adopted from China through the SN program, would you consider allowing me to link it on No Hands But Ours?

You don’t have to be a great writer. Or a photographer.

Just a special needs parent. Who blogs.

So, to have a link to your blog included on NHBO, just…
– leave a comment here
– with a link to your blog
– and your child(ren)’s special need

We are only able to link sites with the author’s permission, so please only submit a link for your own blog.

Thanks in advance.

Whew. My head already feels better.



  1. Hi Stefanie,
    I blog occasionally, and our 2nd daughter was adopted through China’s SN program. Her need was described as “delayed mental development” in her referral paperwork. Since coming home in August, she has shown little if any of that “need.” So, I’m not sure if you want to link our blog to NHBO or not. You are welcome to, though. :)

    • Hi Stefanie,
      We are so excited about your new addition!
      We would love to have our blog included http://www.everyoneeatsrice.blogspot.com
      You know about our boys:) Our sons (love saying that) Primary SN is Arthrogryposis. I would love to talk to other parents about adopting children with Arthrogryposis or other orthopedic SNs.
      We hope to travel in the Summer to bring our big brother home!
      Praying Tullula home!

  2. Taking a brief break from blogging, but feel free to include me.
    Son was born with a sacrococcygeal teratoma. We are now discovering he seems to have apraxia of speech.

  3. Would love to be included and talk to other parents with SN kiddos.


    Developmental Delay (speech, fine motor, gross motor) Don’t know how much you need.

  4. Hi, my blog was listed before on the prior site. You have my permission to include it again.


    My daughter Ella’s special need is Cleft Lip/Palate.

    Safe travels to Wuhan. Joan, Elizabeth and Ella.

  5. Hey Stef!

    Happy to help. Here’s the link to my blog http://myfourblessings.blogspot.com

    SN: Arthrogryposis and soon to be CHD/ASD (in fact, I am about a week or so behind you, I should get Article 5 tomorrow). :):):)


  6. I have not adopted from China’s program but I just got back a week ago with a son from Hong Kong’s special needs program. My son has three heart conditions and situs inversus (where all the internal organs are on the opposite sides of the body). My blog is http://www.scoopsofjoy.blogspot.com. If you don’t want to add it, I totally understand since China is totally different than HK. I haven’t blogged much since we got home, but I plan to after we get a little more adjusted.
    Thanks so much,

  7. Happy to be linked up: http://www.radicchis.blogspot.com

    My daughter, Claire, is from Chengdu, China. Her special needs were cleft palate and “lagging development”.

  8. Branda McEwen says:


    Feel free to link :)

    SN’s: fibrolipoma, severe delayed development, older child adoption.


  9. Please add me as well. We’ve been home with our daughter 3 months March 2nd. Her SN was Hep C. She tested negative for it when we got her home :)

    My blog is http://www.darrenandmargy.blogspot.com

    Thanks for all you do :))

  10. My child’s SN is Lipomylomeningocele with tethered cord, a type of Spina Bifida.


    I blog about him and our other kids too. It is just our life in general.

    I am always open to helping parents decide if it is a good fit for them. Others helped me when we were trying to decide. It means so much so I am happy to return the favor.


  11. We would love to included in this. We are about to bring home our daughter Mia form Gansu Province and she has growth and developmental delays. Here is our family blog


  12. You can use us Stefanie!


    Asher has missing digits/amniotic banding
    Ashley has spina bifida

    Emily and gang

  13. We have done China SN…our daughter we adopted in 2008 is deaf. We are adopting again a little girl with spina bifida. Feel free to link.




  14. We would love to be included we are adopting our daughter from Gansu Province and she has growth and developmental delays


  15. Leslee Dockery says:

    Cleft lip and palate. Over the age of 5 at adoption

    Cerebral palsy. Over the age of 5 at adoption.

  16. For some reason, I blogged much more before travelling to China!?? :) However, you are more than welcome to link to my blog. My daughter, Ruthie, is from Xianyang in the Shaanxi Province and her SN is VSD.


  17. Hey Stefanie,

    Happy to help!

    Jacob – CL/CP
    Joseph – ASD/VSD/PDA
    Joshua – Pulmonary Atresia & Tetralogy of Fallot


  18. Hello,

    My name is Jamie Wilson and I am a speech language pathologist who is adopting a little girl from the Hunan Province.. Her special need is cleft lip/palate and finger deformity. We are waiting on our LOA..

    Our blog is http://www.ourjourneytooliviagrace.blogspot.com



  19. Happy to be linked. My blog is http://www.likepenand.blogspot.com/

    Adopting two toddlers from China now.

    SN for both: Deafness

    Kind regards

  20. I blog over at the Heritage site. We are adopting from China currently and they both (Dalton and Analina) have Spina Bifida (with Hydrocephalus for one and Club Foot for the other). We are waiting for LOA for both of them so I won’t be able to do in-depth posts until they are here!


  21. I would love to have you post my blog – reading other families experiences has been such a help on my journey to our daughters.

    SN – Tricuspid atresia, hypoplastic right heart, ASD, VSD, Pulmonary hypertension
    – Cleft lip and cleft palate


  22. Occasional blogger here with two daughters adopted from China SN program, one with microtia/atresia and the other was born with a hand deformity (her arm is missing a bone and she had a club hand until surgery three weeks ago). Glad to share what I can…


    Wendy in OH

  23. :) would love to!!!

    our blog is http://www.adcoxfamily.blogspot.com

    we have 3 children with SNs:

    2 Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate
    3 Hepatitis B+
    1 bilateral hydronephrosis (kidney issues)
    2 Developmental Delays

  24. Feel free to add my blog. Cara’s SN is VSD and she was adopted at 3 1/2 years old from Shanghai. the blog address is http://jsabcfunk.blogspot.com.

  25. For some reason, I blogged much more before travelling to China??! :) However you are more than welcome to link to my blog. Our daughter, Ruthie, is from Xianyang in the Shaanxi Province and he SN is VSD.


  26. I’d love to link up! Anything I can do to help parents as they go through this process! Our daughter’s SN is cleft lip and palate.


  27. Stefanie, you can include us


    Sophie & Sage were on the special needs list, adopted at 3 years, 3 months. Sage had Hepatitis B. She doesn’t anymore, but I’ve blogged about the process and great news that her body had recovered and got rid of it.

    Thanks for all you do for these precious children!

  28. I’d love to link up! Anything I can do to help parents going through this process. Our daugher’s special need is cleft lip and palate.


  29. Would love to be included!

    Our blog is http://4boysandalittlelady.blogspot.com/

    Our daughter’s special need was a cleft lip (no cleft palate).

    Thanks! :)

  30. Our daughter’s need is Albinism.
    So far we are only blogging about the wait, but she will be home this month and then we can update more about life with her and her needs.

  31. Hi! You linked my blog last week, but you are always welcome to do so. We have adopted 2 boys from China SN program. Josiah has mild limb deformities (amniotic banding), and Jonathan has limb differences and schizencephaly. He has recently undergone a knee disarticulation and gained a prosthetic leg! It would be a joy to encourage someone else in this journey.


  32. Hey Stefanie!
    We have 5 adopted children, and 3 of them were adopted through China SN.

    Noah- multiple heart defects (2 open-heart surgeries, pacemaker)
    Daniel – repaired heart defect, hypospadias
    Lily Kay – Congenital Adrenal Hyerplasia (CAH)



  33. http://somebodyneedsanap.wordpress.com both of my daughters have/had PDA heart defects. My 2nd daughter also has mitral valve “issues” which will become mitral valve prolapse…it’s not quite prolapsed yet, but it will when her heart gets bigger most likely. 😉 My 2nd daughter also had inguinal hernia…but it was gone by the time we brought her home, so I don’t count it really.

    If you click on the Heart Updates category, you get all the CHD related posts on both girls. One in Oct 2010 was REALLY long and informative for PDA surgeries. :)

  34. Hey girl,

    I would to help you out. :)


    Shea – cleft lip/palate
    Avery – abnormal EEG

  35. Hi,
    Our son came home from China in October. His special needs were right congenital bronchocele and G6PD. We also have a daughter from Vietnam and a daughter from China who came home through the NSN program but has some developmental delays. I blog about our busy family life.


  36. We adopted our daughter two years ago at age
    Two with unilateral microtia/atresia with speech

  37. Hi Stephanie,
    We have adopted three times through China’s SN program and are in the process of bringing home two more this summer.

    Sophia (adopted in 2008 from Sichuan Province) SN: imperforated anus, cleft lip, clett palate and undiagnosed SN selective mutism and ADHD

    Parker (adopted in 2010 from Fujian Province) SN: cleft lip, cleft palate, VSD, undiagnosed SN disruptive behavior disorder (too young to be diagnosed ADHD)

    Piper (adopted in 2011 from Jianxgi Province) SN: complex congenital heart defect:

    Soon to be added to our family Harper is currently living at the Tianjin SWI SN: PKU (amino acid deficiency and developmental delay ?

    Zoe is currently living with a foster family in Kunming City SN: VSD, amblyopia, estropia (cross eyed)

    Our family website is http://www.hosterthappenings.blogspot.com

    Congratulations on your new addition! I can’t wait to follow you journey to China to bring her home!


  38. Happy to add my blog. We adopted an 8 1/2 year old with CHD – inoperable, from Hangzhou China.


  39. Hello! I have a little sweetie (Lilyann) adopted through the special needs China program. Her special need was developmental delay, and she was a preemie.


  40. Our daughter has cleft lip/palate and our soon-to-be son has cl/p and hearing loss. My name here is linked to my blog.

  41. I I am behind on blogging but will catch up soon. Please feel free to add my blog to your list. My youngest daughter was adopted from China’s SN program in October 2010. It was reported in her medical that she had unrepaired unilateral cleft lip and palate, hearing loss and speech delay.


  42. Hey Stefanie… Just started this one a few months ago… blogging here and there right now but planning on posting more when we get the news. :)
    Would love to help, feel free to link it up if you like.

    Jude- Cleft Lip and Palate

    NHBO looks fab, btw!

  43. Yes please include us. I am behind in post on my blog but plan to catch up soon.

    My youngest daughter was adopted from China’s SN program in 2010. It was reported in her medical that she had unrepaired unilateral cleft lip and palate, hearing loss and speech delay.

    Thanks Susan

  44. Hi Stephanie! You are more than welcome to use us! Both our boys were born with bilateral cleft lip & palate. Graysen came home in March 2009 & Jaxen in June 2011.


    Tracey Turley

  45. Trying again…doesn’t look like my first comment posted.
    We do have a little sweetie (Lilyann) adopted through the China special needs program. Her special need was developmental delay, and she was a preemie.
    My blog link:


  46. Feel free to add ours. 1 year old girl with Thalassemia. http://www.adolphsjourney.blogspot.com

  47. I’d love to be linked! NHBO is awesome and I love your personal blog too!

    Rose- unilateral, unrepaired CL/CP. Leaving to get her next Friday!

  48. I’m guessing you know you can include me, but just in case…


    Caleb ~ severe illness as infant
    Darcy ~ glaucoma, port wine stain, Sturge Weber (type II)
    Daniel ~ CHD

  49. Hi Stefanie! I love your blog and was so excited when I saw you are soon to travel for another sweety.


    I have one nsn daughter and one sn daughter home, and one sn son soon to be home.

    Brynlee – VSD – home December 2005
    Willem – Club Feet, Closed PDA – home (hopefully) end of March 2012

  50. Feel free to include our litle brood.

    Kevin was adopted in 3/09 with ABS to his left arm. He is so excited that we have begun the process of getting him a new hand. He calls it his robot hand. Glad to help.

  51. OOpps….www.finishingourfamilyfromchina.blogspot.com

  52. We adopted 2 with SN, and one without.
    Joy – hand birth defect/amniotic banding
    Ivy – cl/cp & hep B.


  53. Hi Stefanie our son has Microtia/Atresia and Anotia of one ear and is Hearing Impaired. Speech Impaired and possibly Developmental Delays can be added as well.

    Our adoption blog is http://www.journeytojacksonkuan.blogspot.com

    Current updates are on our family blog at http://www.bigcrazylove.blogspot.com


  54. I posted on FB also but our 4 yr old had a repaired soft palate cleft when we brought her home – so not “typical” (don’t you hate that word!) as she won’t need any other surgeries. She has had 2 sets of tubes but nothing else with her cleft. We are in the process of bringing home our dd with repaired TOF. Feel free to link me


  55. Our baby girl’s SN is Cleft lip palate. She’s been home for 1 year.
    blog is: http://berrybliz.blogspot.com/

  56. You can add me to the blog list. :-)


    Liam ~ adopted in Dec. 2008 ~ Pyloric Stenosis.

  57. LOVE NHBO! It is a wealth of information!

    You’re more than welcome to link to my blog. I do my best to keep up, but I’ve been lagging a bit lately.

    Kalia’s SN is global developmental delay.


  58. Hey, I would love to help out.

    I have one that we adopted at 6.5 years old who was developmentally delayed, and she is :) Then our other daughter was NSN, but has RAD.


  59. Not sure how much help it will be, but I do have a blog. I blogged all about our adoption and trip to China, but haven’t written about our daughter’s SN since just after we arrived home because it doesn’t require any medical attention or cause her any problems.

    She has an unrepaired VSD (adopted May 2011).


  60. Our daughter was adopted from Shanghai in September 2010. She was born with Imperforate Anus, or as her referral papers stated, “Anal Atresia,” and an extra digit. I don’t update often anymore. Feel free to include it,

  61. Not sure how much help it will be, but I do have a blog. I blogged all about our adoption and trip to China, but haven’t written anything about our daughter’s SN since just after arriving home because it doesn’t require any medical attention or cause her any problems.

    She has an unrepaired VSD (adopted May 2011).


  62. We have Avery, age 3 with corneal leukomas (scarring on her corneas) She is blind in her right eye, with limited vision in her left eye, but we forget she can’t see well, because she gets around fine. Henry is 10 yrs old and will come home April or May. He has mild cerebral palsy affecting his left side. Summer is our 4 yr old we adopted as a “healthy” baby in Jan 2008. http://blog.frogbody.com/chinababy/

  63. You can add my blog if you would like. Our daughter came home from Henan in November 2010. SN- premature birth/low birth weight/low muscle tone

  64. We adopted our little girl, Haleigh, through the Waiting Child list in May of 2010. She was four and a half then and her SN was listed as post-operative hemangioma. Once home we discovered that she also has a language delay and is developmentally delayed. Both were not disclosed on the referral information.
    My blog is: http://www.ourabundantlives.blogspot.com

  65. I would be honored to be listed! Our son’s SN is limb difference (amputated lower left arm above the elbow). Our blog is http://babybellylaughs.blogspot.com/.

  66. You can link to my blog….

    We have 3 SN darlings

    Our first daughter is from Kazakhstan and was adopted at age 2, her SN’s were strabismus, “failure to thrive”, language delay

    Our second daughter is from China and was adopted at age 4, her SN was cleft lip/palate

    We are bring home daughter #3 from China in 15 days and her SN is porencephaly which is an extremely rare disorder of the central nervous system. She will be 3 years and 10 months old on Gotcha Day.


  67. For sure add us!! We adopted Lauren through the sn program last November she has hand and feet deformities.

  68. I know what a huge help/encouragement other families were to us! Our daughter was brought home from China in 2009. She has had 4 surgeries for cleft lip/palate.

  69. My daughter’s special need was listed as Cleft lip and palate to the 3rd degree. She is from Wuhan, Hubei province. Her lip was beautifully repaired in China, the doctors here have remarked about how well it was done. Her palate was repaired several months after being home. She attends speech twice a week. We just celebrated one year home.

    my blog is http://berrybliz.blogspot.com/

  70. We are leaving on March 8th to get our little Janie (3) YAY!! She has imperforate anus and I will be blogging about our experiences!!

  71. please feel free to link our blog. my boys’ sn’s are both albinism which should be under vision/skin (vision is the official determinent for albinism so if you have to choose vision would be the way to go).

    thanks for all you do!

  72. I would love to be added to the list. I am not a prolific blogger and not a great photographer but I am definitely an advocate for China SN adoptions! My blog is http://www.ladybugprincesses.blogspot.com Four of our six Chinese daughters were adopted through the SN program: Annie (Hep B+), Maddie (hemangioma), Ruby (Hep B+), and Lily (premature birth, low birth weight, developmental delay).

  73. Would love for you to put our link one NHBO.

    Our blog is http://www.tomiawithlove.blogspot.com

    Finley- DOB 10-12-07 adopted 1-11 has SPINA BIFIDA (very high functioning)

    Our newest – Emery- DOB 4-6-11 – we should have by June has a heart murmur.

  74. We adopted a then two year old girl who was a special focus child ten months ago. She was listed as cleft lip repaired and had some fine motor delays. She has since been diagnoised with Autism. She is a tremendous blessing to us and we do not doubt God chose her just for us. We blog at http://www.thejourneytojillian.blogspot.com

  75. Loved nohands when we were first starting out. We have two different needs adopted from China.


    Dwarfism (also our bio son)
    Limb Difference (tibial hemimilia) and we will be going through bilateral leg amputations hopefully this summer.

  76. I was in your family stories for microtia/facial palsy.
    We now have a new blog for our new little guy :)

    Special needs:
    Peyton -China ’10- microtia/facial palsy
    Ava -Russia ’08- speech delays,premature,low birth weight,birthmark, VSD,pulmenary stenosis
    Caden -waiting in China- albinism ,nystagmaus

  77. Thanks for the link. We named our blog before we discovered your blog. We named it one night after F came home from China. He and his bro dressed up like cowboys. We kept saying Ye Haw. But he kept saying Ni Hao. So there it is.


    Fisher is from Inner Mongolia China. His special need is Cleft lip/palate.

    We also have Eli who was adopted from Guatemala. Special need is premature birth/low birth weight.

    We also have 3 bio kids. But they are healthy and boring.

  78. I have two girls from China with special needs. Laura has microcephaly, seizures, cataracts (now corrected), lead poisoning, and global developmental delays. Jenna has cleft hands and feet.

  79. We have two daughters who were adopted through the China SN program: Maimie in Feb. 2007 (at 15 months) with CL/CP and Saidie in Dec. 2010 (at 3 1/2 years) with facial cleft/ hemifacial microsomia. Our blog is located at: http://www.6daysweek.blogspot.com.

  80. I am not an adoption parent. Biologically, my children are mine…or however that should be worded.

    However, my son has

    Neurofibromatisis Type 1 (NF1)
    Sphenoid Wing Dysplasia
    Plexiform Neurofibroma
    Psuedoarthrosis of the Tibia and Fibula


  81. Feel free to link me! I have a son with Cleft Lip/Palate and am in process for a daughter with (complex) CHD. She should be home sometime this Summer! :)

    My blog address is http://followingourleader.blogspot.com

  82. ohhh my head hurts just hearing what you have been through!! I’m still trying to learn how to make a button for my blog! HAHA!
    Our kiddos from China are
    Cleft Lip/Palate
    Hep B ( diagnosed at referral but showed cleared at home)
    our blog is: http://www.headsup07up.blogspot.com

  83. Hi there,
    Feel free to add my blog
    Mason’s special need is bilateral club feet.

    Jen Wescott

  84. Love having a place where we can research SNs- what a great mission!

    We have 2 adopted children- one with ADHD/RAD from foster care
    One from China with Spina Bifida

    Also, a bio child with Mental challenge Low IQ/autism/physical handicaps


  85. Hey Stefanie,

    I see you have received a lot of responses, and I wasn’t going to add my blog to your growing list. However, I didn’t see my son’s SN listed.

    Caleb has a brachial plexus injury.
    Also, Madeline has a limb difference (missing her left arm below her elbow.)


  86. Hmm…not sure where my comment just went. So I’ll try again.

    I didn’t see my son, Caleb’s SN, listed among all the comments. So feel free to share our blog. He has a brachial plexus injury.

    Also, Madeline has a limb difference (missing her left arm below the elbow).


  87. My daughter Meredith was born with CL/CP

  88. Woops.

    That was a typo.


  89. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea and we would be honored to be a part of this project. We adopted our daughter through China’s SN program. She has amniotic banding of her left hand. We are hoping to start another adoption in a year or so.

    Our blog is http://www.acadiafamily.blogspot.com

    What a great way to connect and support other families!

  90. Typo. I meant to say


  91. Feel free to link http://www.from-this-moment.com
    Our little girl has CHD – ASD/VSD, Tricuspid Artesia, pulmonary hypertension, and deformed thumb.
    We hope to be traveling in late May to get out China doll!!

  92. Love this idea! BUT, one question….. I am a 13 year old blogging about my little sister…. Does that still count? If so, we would love to help out! My sister’s special need is ichthyosis.

    My blog is http://www.joymontague.blogspot.com. (Journey with Joy)
    Thanks so much!

  93. Hi Stephanie,
    Just wanted to say that I, for one, found your NHBO website an invaluable source of information during the time we were pursuing our second adoption which was SN. We are now in the process of bringing our 3rd little starfish home! Our homestudy should actually be completed this week! Feel free to link to our blog. Our daugter had a repaired CL/CP and a congenital heart defect (Pulmonary Valve Stenosis). Both of these SN have been very manageable……we actually tell people all the time that her only true special need was that of a family to call her own!

    Our blog is:

    Can’t wait to follow your journey to bring Tallula home!

  94. I have adopted a daughter with an unrepaired cleft lip and cleft palate from the China SN program. We are currently pursuing the adoption of a little boy from China (beginning stages, no referral yet).

    I loved seeing children who happened to have medical quirks thriving in families. Seeing kids in family settings, just being kids takes away so much fear, especially for the children at home waiting for their new brother or sister.

    My blog is tryingtocontrolthechaos.blogspot.com

  95. We will be home with our daughter from China on 3/29 (woot!!) Her SN is spina bifida (unclear as to which specific diagnosis at this point) & limb difference.


    And on a side note, I think that passport & TA need to hurry up b/c I happen to be traveling with my dude that’s the same age as your dude!! :)

  96. http://www.anythingbutlokey.blogspot.com

    Daughter-cleft palate, son coming soon-Level II Spina Bifida

    I will be changing over to wordpress soon as well but I will just give you an updated link at the time. :)

  97. Would love to link up!


    Kerry’s special need is VSD, and since coming home she has also been diagnosed with eye entropion (lower lashes in constant contact with cornea and causing abrasions, will probably be having surgery sometime this year)

    Gin =)

  98. You can add me too!
    I have 3 adopted children from the China SN program
    1- sacrococcygeal teratoma
    2-sacrococcygeal teratoma – (and speech and processing disorders found once home)
    3- Hep B and facial (neck) scar adopted at 5 1/2,
    Thanks for all that you do!

  99. http://www.handsful.com

    Lainey adopted in 2008, cleft lip/palate

    Dylan adopted 2010, limb difference (had amputation, is now waiting on his 2nd prosthetic leg!)

    Donna :)

  100. Hey, I would love to help out!


    We have 7 kiddos, 5 SN from China. And, are waiting for our LOA for our newest son with CL/CP, finger banding and anemia.

    Our kids in order from who came home first…… Mia with ASD, Logan with Hep B., Sophia with Beta Thalassemia Major and transfusion dependent, Hudson with Beta Thal major and transfusion dependent also, and Kira with cleft hands and lower limb length differences. Kira now has a prosthetic right lower leg.

    Hope this helps many more children to come home!

  101. I don’t blog but I would be happy to talk to anyone about our experiences. My child’s SN is/was Lipomylomeningocele with tethered cord. Born 8/22/2006 Chengdu, Sichuan. Was 15 months old when we left China and 3 weeks home had the surgery to repair her back with 100% success. E-mail me @ jhorn1344@wowway.com

  102. Hey Girl!
    Assuming you have me dialed up but if not, add me to your Thalassemia, Tethered Cord, and Congenital Heart Defect sections!!!


  103. http://love-like-crazy.blogspot.com/

    Daughter, Karleigh Mei, adopted at age 3. China diagnosis was Corneal Staphyloma.

    Once home, was diagnosed as abortive cryptophthalmos. Basically she had only half an upper right eyelid. She also had a small cleft in her nose.


  104. What a wonderful idea! We blog! We brought our daughter Kate home from Guangxi province in December. Kate has Beta Thalassemia Major – Transfusion Dependent. You are welcome to share our link:)


  105. Whoops! Here is our link: http://usmcfamilyoffive.blogspot.com/

  106. hi steph,
    i’d love to be included. i adopted my daughter, molly in 2010. her special need is hand/foot deformity likely caused by amniotic band syndrome.

  107. Four kiddos from CHina’s special needs program…7 year old son not home yet~ All four have different special needs.


  108. forgot to mention our kids special needs.

    Club foot, sensory disorder
    cleft lip/palate
    limb difference, strabimous

  109. We have been listed before, and would love to be included again…our blog is:

    our daughter is almost four, and has CHD (tetrallogy of fallot, and double outlet right ventricle), microtia, and speech delays.
    Thanks for doing this, I have had fun just looking at other blogs in your comments!

  110. Hi, Stefanie! Of course you can link me.
    We have 7 children from china and 5 are SN:
    Hep B
    Older child
    Spina Bifida
    Cleft lip/Cleft Palate

  111. I blog about our daughter, Ella Grace, from China… adopted in February 2011, born with Down syndrome. She also has Celiac Disease. Would love to connect with other families!

  112. What a great thing you have going! I send friends there all the time!

    1 Tetrology of Fallot heart ~ ShayleeJoy came home at 3 unrepaired and since repaired is completely healthy
    1 Bicuspid Valve heart ~ Will Perry came home repaired and perfectly healthy



  113. Hi!

    Don’t know how common, but our little one from China had her special need listed as “Complex Special Needs” – which translated into a Diaphragmatic Hernia – this led to both Heart and Lung complications. My daughter’s surgery was performed at the University of Beijing, funded by the Tomorrow Plan Charity when she was about 2 years old. She was 3.5 years old when we first met in Xi’an, China.

    This was our second adoption as a family – our first being from another country.

    Also – as active duty military – we completed both adoptions while stationed overseas – in Indonesia, and Australia. So… if there is anyone that needs help with that craziness… I can share my experiences and the “extra” steps required.

  114. I would love to share our blog. My 14 yr old daughter blogged our adoption. Here is the info:

    We adopted a 2 1/2 yr old boy from Inner Mongolia, China. He has missing ribs and carianostrophe (scooted heart).

    Our Journey to will- ourjourneytowill.wordpress.com


  115. We would be honored to be linked to your site, Stefanie!

    We have angel Daniel from Nanchang who came home in 2010 at 2 years and went to Heaven at 2.5 years. He was Tetralogy of Fallot.

    We have Charlie from Shanghai in 2011 (2.5 years now) with ASD


    God bless,
    Lisa Murphy

  116. Our two older sons were adopted from China in 2011 right before aging out.

    Colin- age 14- SN: age, healthy; adopted in August 2011
    Cameron- age 14* (on paper)- SN: Clubbed feet (corrected in China) -adopted in December 2011

    * Actually looks to be closer to 10/11 in age according to the medical reports.

    Our family blog is: http://www.rylandsfamily.blogspot.com


  117. Hi Stephanie! We were in Guangzhou at the same time last summer–you bringing home your darling Poppy and me bringing home my Johanna.

    I blog at http://www.bergeybunch.blogspot.com

    We have adopted THREE girls in the last 14 months from China’s SN program

    One preemie girl with a birthmark

    One Cleft lip/cleft palate Hep B girl who would have aged out TWO days later (so teen adoption)

    and One 2 year old girl with an Arachnoid Cyst (cyst in her head)

    Happy to be linked to No Hands But Ours

    And also happy to share if you ever need my perspective!


  118. My 2 girls are from the sn list…
    Complex hart disease for Zara
    And svd for Oceane
    You can link to my blog but it’s in french.

  119. Hi Stefanie! My daughter is 1 year old – adopted 10/2011. She has microtia, atresia, and conductive hearing loss of the right ear. I’d love to be linked to NHBO.


  120. Hi Stephanie, what a wonderful resource…….www.jesuslovesorphans.blogspot.com Travelling in 8 days to pick up my sweet little Faith who is 2 and is on the SN list with cerebral palsy Every blessing to all of you!

  121. Would love to help out. I know I have referred to the blogs currently listed when considering various needs.
    Our son’s need was hypospadias.
    Our daughter’s need is cerebral palsy.
    Blessings to your family as you prepare to bring Tallula home!

  122. Hi Stephanie, yes I have used this myself and would love to share with others. GREAT resource!!! We have 1 NSN and 2 SN. Our son had cleft lip/palate and VSD and our daughter has limb difference due to Amniotic Banding Syndrome-missing fingers, toes and feet….not yet determined(possible clubbed)…home only 3 weeks with her. Our blog is http://www.popsiclesandpopcorn.blogspot.com. Blessings to you all and prayers for your upcoming travels. Amy Hatcher

  123. AdoptionRoad.com
    microtia / aural atresia

    Have a great trip!!

  124. I was on the old but have since added a few more kiddos :)

    Blog is Straight Talk at http://www.myshelbybaby.blogspot.com

    DD1 cleft lip/palate
    DD3 Repaired VSD and missing left hand (like your Poppy!)
    DS1 Limb Difference fingers missing, Hep B, hernia

  125. You are welcome to link to our blog. We are parents to seven children, 4 of which were adopted through China’s SN program.
    Mia (age 7, a.4/5/06) has bilateral CL/CP
    Mandy (age 11, older child adoption at 7, a.7/30/07) has microtia/artresia,hearing loss of left ear and hep B. We have since discovered that she has and does have miclonic seizures.
    Levi (age 7, a 8/13/08) has CL/CP
    Toby (age 2,a. 11/28/11) was diagnosed with Malnutrition and developmental delay

    Our blog is http://fivechilipeppers.blogspot.com

  126. Donna Dear says:

    We would love to be included. We came home in December with our 6 year old daughter thru the China SN program from Zigong, Sichuan Province. She was diagnosed in China with ITP and strambismus. Since coming home it was determined she did not have ITP, but currently an unknown reason for low platelets. Our daughter is working hard to find out the reason. She did suffer from severe tooth decay, and we are currently waiting to see the ophthalmologist to check her eyes. So I am not sure where you would put us. We love to share our story and help anyone we can.

    Our blog is http://increasingheartandhome.blogspot.com.

  127. You may link to our blog at http://fivechilipeppers.blogspot.com. We have adopted 4 SN children from China.
    DD1 (a.4/5/06) age 7, bilateral CL/CP
    DD2(a.7/30/07), age 11, older child adoption at age7, microtia/artresia, hearing loss of left ear, Hep B+, and since diagnosed with Miclonic seizures
    DS1 (a. 8/13/08) disrupted adoption, SN CL/CP
    DS2 (a.11/28/11) malnutrition and developmental delay

  128. Our blog is http://yiandmeitogether.blogspot.com. Our seven year old China daughter’s SN is CHD..

  129. Hi Stefanie,

    We have 3 children, all adopted through China’s SN program

    Ava Laurence, adopted at 4 1/2 years (Oct 2009): Deaf and repaired cleft lip/palate
    Sophie, adopted at 4 years (Nov 2011): Unilateral microtia
    Will, adopted at 3 years, 9 months (Nov 2011): Congenital microcornea

    My blog address is http://earstohear-vicki.blogspot.com

  130. We have 3 kids from China. Our two boys were listed on the SN list as older and were adopted at 10 and 14 yrs of age. Both boys are healthy. http://Www.afamilyofsix.blogspot.com

  131. We adopted our little youngest daughter through the China SN program in 2010. Her special need was tricuspid atresia, hypoplastic right heart syndrome. I would be happy for you to link to my blog at http://www.suzettejones.blogspot.com/

  132. Wow! You probably don’t need me; you have a gazillion already, but you may link my blog.
    Our son’s special need is club feet and hip displaysia.

  133. You are welcome to post ours although I am not the most prolific blogger. We have adopted three boys through China’s SN program and one daughter from Ethiopia who was a preemie. Our boys needs fall under “age”, CHD/ASD/PDA, and a malformed right hand, aka they know what it is not, but not what caused it. Our blog address is andchinamakesfour.blogspot.com

  134. We have a child from China with repaired cleft lip & palate. We are in the process of adopting two children with Down Syndrome. We also have several children from Ethiopia with special needs.


  135. I don’t blog as much as I used to pre-toddler but please link my blog. reading others blogs really helped us make the decision to go SN. My daughter has unilateral Microtia/Atresia and Hemifacial Microsomia. littlemisswhatshername.blogspot.com

  136. Our youngest two were both listed by China as special needs.
    Hannah now almost 8 – amniotic banding of her right hand. Adopted at 18 months.
    Lauren almost 7 was older child, 6 when she arrived last year. Born with congenital syphilis she spent years in and out of the hospital with urinary tract problems, bladder and kidney infections. So I don’t know what category you would place her in on your list. All of which she’s been free from since
    joining our family. Malnutrition has been the main health issue we’ve contended with.
    Our blog is called Life is a Journey and is listed at http://www.journeytolaurenmei.blogspot.com

  137. We have a blog and 4 children born in China, 2 are special needs.

    5 year old – supracristal VSD – open heart surgical repair.

    2-1/2 year old – waiting for LOA – left hemisphere atrophy (brain), right side hemiplegia

    Our blog is http://www.eastheadswest.blogspot.com

  138. Hi

    Our blog is http://www.prichardsix.com/

    Andy has been home three years and has cl/cp.

    Feel free to use our blog.

    Thank you Teri

  139. Would love to be added to the blog list. Emanuiel was adopted in July of 2008 from the SN program. He had cleft lip and palate along with a VSD.

  140. http://www.isoinsanity.blogspot.com/

    You can link to my blog if you want…
    The SN that comes up most (and we specifically adopted as SN) is our daughter, Big Girl. She was diagnosed by China as having “limb agenesis”, and she had a shorter arm and leg. What we ended up with was a child with a RARE syndrome – Conradi-Hunermann Syndrome – less than 100 in the world probably. From that syndrome she has cataracts, alopecia of the scalp, icthyosis, scoliosis, limb differences, and a disjointed elbow.
    We are also in the process of adopting our son who by his file is Thal Minor (like our first daughter), had rickets, and was a preemie.
    -strawberryshortcake on RQ

  141. We will bring our daughter home this summer. I blog at http://www.mylifeingodsgarden.com. She had a PFO and an AFO, two holes in her heart which have been repaired. She is also an older child. She will turn fourteen very soon after we arrive in China.

    I’d love to be be included as well.

  142. Courtney Johnson says:

    Certainly! Would love to be a part of this great service that you provide to parents!
    It is http://www.digging-to-china.blogspot.com . My son has had a unilateral cleft lip and palate repair.

  143. HI, mom to four SN kids from China and one from Ethiopia. Would love to be linked. Here you go


    cleft lip/palate
    repaired spina bifida
    older child adoption 10+
    toddler adoption

  144. We have three beautiful children from China’s SN program. Philip, who came home in June 2008, has a cleft lip and palate, Elijah, who came home in February 2010, has a cleft lip and palate and a heart defect, and Sophia, who has alternating esotropia and is older, came home last August.

    Our blog is http://threefingerprintsofgod.blogspot.com

  145. I bet your head is pounding a little more . . all these amazing families and kiddos!!! 😎

    My 6 yr old son brought home in March 09 from Suzhou China with Microtia Atresia and Hemifacial Microsomia. He has also been diagnosed with RAD, PTSD, Anxiety and Autism.

    My 5 yr old son, though adopted domestically is from Henan China in November 2010. He has Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy and right frontal lobe brain damage, as well as sever anxiety and delayed development.

    My 5 yr old daughter brought home in August 2011 from Hangzhou China with severe CHD (large VSD, underdeveloped aorta, PDA and interrupted aortic arch along with severe pulmonary hypertension.

    We would love to be included and help any family considering any of these special needs! Our blog is

    Btw . . the new site looks amazing! Congrats on your new bundle of love!!

  146. Would be honored to have our blog included: http://www.livinginarainbowworld.blogspot.com

    Our two youngest, adopted from China:
    One with Spina Bifida
    One with Spina Bifida and bilateral clubfoot

  147. Mason-Kate has been home almost 4 years…..Maddox has been home almost one year. Both of our girls were born with unilateral cleft lips and palates. Our site is http://www.mk2usa.blogspot.com

  148. Hi Stephanie,

    Feel free to link up our blog too! http://kittensandladybugs.blogspot.com/

    We adopted our daughter, Lily, in 2007. She had an unrepaired cleft lip/palate and some undiagnosed needs that have required major care (a neurogenic bladder).

    We adopted our son, Jaidin, in 2011. He also had an unrepaired cleft lip/palate.

    Love that you are doing this!

  149. Hi-

    We I am Jamie Steele. We blog at micahsteele.blogspot.com. We have one son from Zhejiang with cleft lip/palate and we are waiting for TA for our daughter from Fujian with CL/CP as well. Feel free to use our blog on your site. Thanks for working so hard to set up such a great resource for families!

    Micah and Jamie Steele

  150. You can list my blog. I have two girls adopted from China NSN and will leave soon to adopt my third daughter who has unrepaired TOF and repaired vaginal vestibule fistula. She is 2 1/2 years old.

    Thank you for your committment to NHBO!

  151. Our daughter has a facial hemangioma.

  152. You can list our family blog, Olson Family Matters: http://www.olsonfamilymatters.blogspot.com
    Our daughter is from the Fujian province and had cleft lip and palate.

  153. You can use ours too. We adopted a girl through the SN program who has a deformity of her left ear & closedown of acoustic duct, and also CHD (VSD). Heart surgery was done in China.


  154. cleft lip/palate, albinism

  155. Thank you for all you do!!!!! WOW.
    Our daughters are 9,6,4
    (adopted at 9, 3.5 and 3)
    Lena was listed as cerebral anoxia but shows NO “special need” at all.
    Ava was born with III degree cleft lip and palate
    And Josie is 9 with moderate CP.
    Our blog is http://www.hamelothjourney.blogspot.com
    Have a great trip and praying for that passport to come in time!

  156. We’d love to be linked to NHBO, it was so instrumental to us when we were looking over Cooper’s file (ToF)!


    Praying for you and for Miss Tallulah!

  157. Stefanie,

    Our blog is http://www.hendersonhomeonline.com

    We adopted a 2-1/2 year old daughter from Baoding, Hebei in 2007 diagnosed with a rectovestibular fistula. Turned out to be a non-issue. She just turned 7 going on 17.

    We adopted a 13-year-old son from Dalian, Liaoning in 2009 who was about to age out. He just turned 16 and is a fine young man.

    Thanks for all you do!


  158. You may link to our blog if you like, Looks like you have tons already but we’d love to be a part if you need ours.
    We have 5 children, 3 adopted from China. 1- daughter NSN (age 7), 1 Cleft Affected son (age 5 1/2 now, came home at 2) and 1 daughter with a limb difference, missing her left hand- (came home at 15 months.)


  159. oops, my blog link didn’t post:

  160. You may link my blog: http://www.westhavenkids.com
    I have a DD adopted in 2009 cleft lip/gumline
    and a DS adopted 2011, radial dysplasia (radial club hand) and VSD

  161. ABS for dd#1
    Hemangioma & imperforated anus for dd#2



  162. I’d love to join your blog list.
    Our daughter has Fibular Hemimelia, causing a limb length discrepancy.
    My blog is http://www.CompassionMama.blogspot.com
    What a great idea to put all these blogs in one place!

  163. Our Daughter has Ichthyosis, a skin condition.

  164. Hi, I would love be of help to any person looking into special needs adoption. We have 3 adopted Chinese children. We have 2 upper limb difference kiddos, immune compromised, Strabismus, Cleft lip and palate, minor spina bifida/tethered cord. Plus a girl from Korea who was born at 33 weeks with an abnormal brain scan. My blog is coulditbetoday.blogspot.com

    Thanks Jenne

  165. http://thetalesoftwo.blogspot.com/

    Let me know if you need anything else. I love to help where I can and could talk about adoption day and night:)

    1st daughter home-referring SN 6.6 ASD. Current medical needs: 1 cm ASD that will require open heart surgery, severe infantile scoliosis she wears a brace 23/7, chiari malformation, growth on forehead under the skin, major allergies.

    2nd daugther waiting for us in China; We don’t know the full picture yet but she has G6PD, CHD-we think a VSD. She did have a heart attack at age 1. Hoping and praying her hole has healed.

  166. I don’t blog as often anymore.

    I have one daughter that was adopted through China’s NSN route, but turned out to be deaf.

    My second daughter was adopted through the China’s SN program & has polydactyl & webbed toes.

    Our blog: http://www.landjupdates.blogspot.com

  167. Stefanie,

    Our second son had three undiagnosed special needs when we brought him home in 2010. He has epilepsy, bilateral hearing loss – moderate to severe and ataxia, which is a condition of unbalance and instability. He walks around like a drunken sailor. He receives lots and lots of therapy for all his conditions He also had no enamel on his teeth which is most likely from bottle mouth. His special need on his referral was external hydrocephalus, which ironically he doesn’t appear to have.

    We would love for people to follow our journey of the most hard working little boy who is overcoming so much in his early life.

    Our eldest son was also adopted from the special needs program and had open heart surgery for VSD in 2008. He is in perfect health now.

    Warmest Regards,



  168. Sorry if you received this already but it doesn’t look like my first comment went through. I will make this comment shorter than my first comment.

    First Son – VSD – Open heart surgery – Suzhou, Jiangsu

    Our second son had three undiagnosed special needs; epilepsy, bilateral hearing loss – moderate to severe and ataxia which is a condition of unbalanced and instability…think drunken sailor. He also had no enamel on his teeth, which may be from bottle mouth. – Wuyishan, Fujian

    Warmest Regards,


  169. You are very welcome to link up our blog. I did not see our kiddo’s special needs listed. We have adopted twice from China SN list…. Our son, Reed, was adopted in 2008 at age 5 with congenital scoliosis (also tethered cord diagnosed at home) and our daughter, Cate, was adopted in 2010 at age 9, also with congetial scoliosis and a tethered cord. With also have two older biological boys at home!! Thanks so much! Robyn, http://www.cunninghamkids.blogspot.com

  170. Forgot my blog name http://www.myboybei.blogspot.com


  171. Hi Stephanie, we are bringing home two special
    Needs children from China. They both have severe
    Congential heart defect. The little girl also has
    Hearing issue and developmental delays. The little boys
    Heart defect is more severe than the little girl and it crucial
    he comes home as soon as possible. Thank you
    for including my A Journey of Love blog

  172. Stacy Shine says:

    Our DD Sophie was brought home in October 2010. Her blog is http://www.stacyandjasonsadoption.blogspot.com

    Our DD Lucy will hopefully come home this Summer. Her blog is http://www.stacyandjasonssecondadoption.com.

    Both are heath babies. Sophie is TOF and Lucy is PFO with Aortic Stenosis.

  173. I would love to be linked! Our family blog is thekownfamily.blogspot.com and our daughter is coming home from China in a few weeks and her special need is limb difference. Specifically PFFD of the left leg. Might be helpful because there isn’t a whole lot out there on her need.
    Not a ton of info yet because she isn’t home yet :) But give us a month or 2 and we will be good to go!

  174. Our blog is http://www.theocaincrew.blogspot.com/?m=1

    Older child adoption
    Mild osteogenesis imperfecta
    Small head circumference / growth delayed

  175. You can add our blog:

    Our youngest daughter has been home from China for 1 month. She is 3 1/2. Her special needs are that she had a tumor on her chest wall when she was found. It was removed in China. She also had a cerebral hemorrhage as an infant and was having seizures when she was found. She seems to have no lasting effects from the hemorrhage.

  176. Tammy Williams says:

    Great idea! Thanks for organizing this!

    Our blog is http://castingastone.wordpress.com

    Adoption 1 – daughter at age 4 with a VSD
    Adoption 2 (in process) – son 18 months – limb difference. left leg amputee & right clubbed foot.

  177. My blog is http://brennynyi.blogspot.com/
    I have one daughter adopted from China’s NSN program in 2006
    and a second daughter adopted from China’s Waiting Child Program in 2009. My youngest daughter’s referal indicated that she had syndactyly and extra digits. In reality she has cleft hand, syndactyly and has been diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome (a rare form of ectodermal dysplasia).

  178. Hey all. We got back late October of 2011 with our SN daughter, Elis Rey. She has external hydrocephalus. My blog is more of a humorous family and adoption blog, as opposed to one that focuses on her need, but you are welcome to use it (although since I am comment 177 I am wondering if you will need it at all. Hahaha….)

    http://www.thesweetfamilylife.wordpress.com Thanks and good luck!


  179. I would love to be linked. My blog is very open and honest about our journey with our adopted daughter from China. SN is complete bilateral cleft lip and palate, she was adopted at age 5, and other issues I blog about include PTSD, Neuro development, attachment, and sensory integration disorder.


  180. Our daughter was born with cleft lip and cleft palate. Her lip was repaired in China. Her palate was repaired here!

  181. We arrived home from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia with our daughter, May 19,2011. She had a repaired cleft lip and a unrepaired palate. Life as been great!

  182. Hey Stefanie, if you need any help doing site maintenance/posting I’m happy to volunteer. I’ve got a little time back in my schedule now that the girls are in school full-time. Anyhow, give a yell if you have a need for web help.

  183. Hello! We are currnetly in the process of adopting through the China WIC program. We are awaiting our LID. Our dossier was sent to China on 2/17. Just wanted to say thank you for compiling so much invaluable information and for everyone who shares their journey to bring home their child. My husband and I have gained so much from your blog and the blogs of so many others. It has been such a blessing to us.Thank, thank you!!
    (Hoping to get our blog up and running soon! :) )

  184. HI Stefanie,
    Please feel free to use my blog.

    I have 2 kids with bilateral cleft lip and palate.


  185. Of course you can add us, too, as another bilateral club foot family!

    growingournest. blogspot.com

    And here’s my rhetorical question of the day — When, oh when, will Gracie walk again? We’re out of the casts for one week, and my girl is wiling to walk less than when she had the casts on! Patience, patience, patience, I know. :-) Can’t want to read the journey to Tallulah!


  186. Wow- look at all of the great responses! I will be checking out all of these wonderful blogs myself.
    If you need more, my blog is: http://celebrateourlife.blogspot.com/
    Our daughter’s SN is uncommon as far as China SN are concerned- bacterial meningitis as a newborn.
    I am traveling in April to bring her home- right after you!

  187. Hey Stefanie… we adopted our daughter through the China SN program in 2009. Her SN is Microtia. You are welcome to link our blog. NHBO was very helpful to us when we were researching need! Congrats on the new addition… can’t wait to follow your journey!

  188. We love to share–
    We have 4, soon to be 5 SN China treasures.

    First adopted at age 3 in 2006 with a limb difference,webbed toe. (Kat, now age 8)

    Second adopted as a teen SN age in 2009. (Chloe now 15)

    Third and Fourth adoptions done at same time were BROTHERS (bio) of Chloe that we learned about on her adoption day (took us 14 months to go back for her brothers) 2010

    So we have twins (Chance and Chloe are twins) and Chase (older brother)- all teen treasures

    We are returning a last time for Phoebe, almost 8 with albinism, will travel later this year

    My blog focuses on our family and on older child adoption/blending.

    My blog is http://wwwourchinagirl.blogspot.com

  189. Hey! My name is Libby. We are a couple months away from traveling to get our son in China. His diagnosis is Nevus Sebaceous, which is a congenital skin disorder that may or may not be affiliated with a syndrome including neurological issues. We’ll know more when we get him! We are fervently praying to get our LOC right now.

    I blog at:


    Thanks for all of your support through this blog and the NHBO website! We are praying for you all and lil’ miss Tallula.


  190. You can add us to your list. We brought home our little guy from China in September 2011. His SN is unrepaired VSD and he is from Xuzhou SWI in Jiangsu.



  191. We just returned home with our daughter in November 2011. She had a repaired cleft lip and palate from Gansu province.

    Would love to have you link to our blog.

    When we were researching special needs we used the blog list on No Hands But Ours…and it was invaluable to us! :)

  192. Wow, you only have about 200 to link. :) haha
    You are welcomed to add ours.
    Benjamin Limb Difference missing fingers/left hand

  193. NSN & a SN heart baby, made our own twins! (20 days apart)Though heart seems the least of what we have dealt with! 😉 Her diagnosis is TOF with ongoing repairs.
    Also, I have a team that goes in to work in at an orphanage, and that blog is at www,teamchenzhou.blogspot.com
    Excited to see the new site! and meet the new little Ms!

  194. Thanks so much for all you’re doing! We have one adopted daughter who came home just over a year ago. What a pistol she is! Elaina is 8/9 (long story there). Her special needs are pulmonary valve stenosis, scoliosis, crossed eyes and older child.

    She’s had her eyes successfully repaired, first heart surgery was successful and scoliosis is so minor that nothing needs to be done at this point! She was undernourished and had not been to school. After a year of cuddles and loving, not to mention an endless supply of chicken and veggies, she is a very active, very intelligent, beautiful girl! I’m so very thankful I moved past my fears and brought my sweet girl home! Now we’re on our way back to bring her foster sister home to be our precious daughter. We are told she has cognitive delays and of course older child. Can’t wait to love her up too!


  195. WOW! You have a lot of submissions. You are welcome to use mine, http://www.cornbreadandchopsticks.blogspot.com . Great job Stephanie!!!!!

  196. Hi!
    What an amazing thing you are doing! Reading blogs is a great way to know that all will be ok! Or that the not ok is normal! I have 2 blog sites!

    One for our first son who has been home 1 year now. He was China SN program. He is 11 years old and Deaf.

    We have a second blog for our new son who we are working so hard to bring home. He is also China SN program. He is 8 years old and Deaf.

    So exciting what you are doing!
    Tracy Worrell

  197. would help if I left the second blog site huh?


    this is for our 8 year old that is Deaf.
    Tracy Worrell

  198. Hey Stef…you can link mine again :)


    My girls SN’s were two with club feet, one cleft palate and one with micropthalmia (missing eye). You should add a category for this need….I could do a write up for you (in my free time :)

  199. We are leaving for China (Chengdu, Sichuan) tomorrow (March 3) to meet our baby girl, SN= Tetralogoy of Fallot (repaired).
    This is our 2nd SN adoption.
    Our oldest daughter had a cleft lip & cleft palate (Baoji, Shaanxi)

  200. Our daughter’s SN was imperforate anus, and our blog is http://www.kirschfamilyadventures.blogspot.com.

  201. Hi Stefanie….you may have what you need but you are welcome to use our blog http://www.1lessbroken.blogspot.com. Our daughter has bi-lateral cleft lip/cleft palate. If you need any additional stories for this type of SN I would be happy to submit something for you to use. This was our first adoption and has been such an incredible blessing! Thank you for all you do to help other families act on the things God is stirring in their hearts. Such a valuable resource and so grateful for the time you have taken to establish this resource.

  202. Our dd has upper and lower limb difference. We have experience with amputation surgery and prosthetics.

  203. Our son is Deaf. I’m just starting a blog about our transition and journey. He has been home two years now. I have a family blog but it is password protected so I’m not sure if that would work. If it would I’d be happy to share it as well.

  204. We have 5 girls from China. 3 with special needs. Would love to be added. Our webite is:

  205. I have two daughters who were adopted through the special needs program. Eleanor is missing her left hand and Margaret had two holes in her heart. We are currently living our dream in Nanjing, China! Our blog address is: islandschoolhouse.com .

  206. My post disappeared! We have 5 little girls from China. 3 of which are special needs. http://www.onthewingsofmorning.blogspot.com I would love to be added and share whatever info. I can to help others.

  207. Our blog is http://ourladybugadventures.com

    I stopped blogging when our daughter started kindergarten (and regret that) but I am working on revamping it and starting again. I’ve lost nearly two years of memories by not blogging. I do not want to loose more.

    Mama to Little Miss Ladybug
    3rd Degree Cleft Lip/Palate

  208. Haven’t updated our blog in a while. Need to do that soon. Our daughter was adoprted from Chongqing in 2010. She has pulmonary stenosis. She was 17 months when we adopted her and very tiny. She would go in the CHD group. What a great idea!!

  209. Stefanie,
    You can include my blog about our daughter Maggie. She had a dislocated hip and knee–a need made more severe because she was four-years-old before having surgery to correct it. It would be my pleasure to encourage others if I can. http://www.letterstomaggieling.blogspot.com

  210. My Blog is


    We have 3 kids adopted from China, 2 of which are from the Special Need program
    Andrew was adopted in 2010 from Beijing and has Cleft Lip/Palate
    Ainsley was adopted in 2012 from Xi’an and has Cleft Lip/Palate and several other needs we are still visiting doctors to properly name

    Thanks! :)

  211. You can link to our blog. http://www.letterstomaggieling.blogspot.com

    Maggie had a dislocated hip and knee, but recently had surgery to correct both. I love NHBO and send people there anytime they have questions about SN adoption. Thanks for this amazing resource!

  212. We have Benjamin who has been home for 6 months. He has CL/CP and we are learning that he might have a heart issue. He has an abnormality of his left pulmonary artery. We will find out at the end of the months what is going on there. I am excited to connect with other CL/CP families.

  213. Wow, you have gotten lots of responses. I’m not super good at posting recently, but we have adopted three from China’s SN program. Two with cleft lip/cleft palate, and one with limb difference (he was born without arms).



  214. Hello,

    You are welcome to link to my blog if you’d like. We are parents to 4 kids, 2 sons by birth, 2 daughters through adoption. Our 13 year old is deaf and came home 2 years ago. She is now bi-laterally implanted with cochlear implants and learning to listen and speak (ENORMOUS TASK!). Our littlest just came home in October and has a rare form of spina bifida (able to walk, surgery later). She is 3. :)


  215. Thanks for including us again.

    We have one (so far!) from China, with unilateral hearing loss due to Microtia/Atresia.

    Will update when we know who Brynna is :)

  216. Mine is kaijinsbigsis.blogspot.com. Reese has port-wine stain, congenital glaucoma, and Sturge-Weber Syndrome Type 2.

  217. We’re in China now getting our little boy — met him yesterday! He has limb differences (born with no right arm and a partial left). Haven’t been able to blog since we left Hong Kong, but here’s the blog if you want it. http://www.beamteaminc.blogspot.com

  218. We’d love to be included.

    We have one blessing from China with a visual impairment due to congenital glaucoma and corneal scarring. The condition is known as Peter’s Anomaly.

  219. Hi Steph!
    222 comments leaves me thinking you don’t need anymore however just in case….
    Ivy (home 9 days) has complex Congenital Heart Defect. Open heart surgery should be happening later this week following Wednesdays Heart Catheterization.
    We would love to share our blog with NHBO as we begin this part of our journey to Ivy’s complete healing.

  220. Our son is aging out…began HS Dec 5th…LOA March 2nd…travel March 12th! Our son has atresia/microtia. I would love to know of other parents with this SN. Would also be willing to encourage other parents who are doing a super expedited adoption!

  221. I know you already have a lot of links on the NHBO site but here’s ours:


    Will has bilateral cleft lip and palate (grade 3).

    Thanks my dear for all that you do!!

  222. Hey – you can link my blog. http://www.DeEtte530.blogspot.com

    Two girls – 1 with cleft lip and palate, the other with radial club hands / missing thumbs

  223. Wow! You have a lot of comments! So you may not need our info.
    We have three beautiful daughters from China.
    Jaden came home in 2006 Minor SN Raised Angioma on her back. (now gone)
    Sarah in 2009 SN movement disorder and aging out.
    Chloe in 2011 SN repaired CL/CP and poorly developed thorax from malnutrition.

  224. We adopted our first Special needs Child Jazzy at age 2.2 in 2008. She had an extra toe on each foot. The irony is that she reads at a 3rd grade level in Kindergarten so she is “gifted”. We will travel this June 2012 to bring home a little girl from, Baoding, China who has a left club foot and is missing 3.5 fingers on her left hand. I am 52 and my husband is 57. I am an Middle School Principal and I am also the District Special Education Director. My husband is an Emotionally Impaired Special Education Teacher. If it would be helpful to additionally know I have a BA in working with Mentally Impaired Children, my first Masters is in working with Emotionally Impaired Children and my 2nd Masters is in Special Education Administration. In my Special Education Directors role I write IEPs for children of all disabilities and know how to tap into any service imaginable.
    Our 1st Adopted Daughte’rs Blog: http://www.jazzyrose.blogspot.com
    Our Daughter’s we are adopting now, her blog: http://www.tothechinamoon.blogspot.com
    Kathy Rees

  225. I have a beautiful little boy adopted from China in 2009 with congenital absence of the hand :)

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